For JESUS: Spread His Words!

For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

Romans 11:36

The reality that will cement your marriage, happiness in the marriage, and your soul’s eternal survival is

   “Jesus Owns Marriage”





For years I had been hurting over something the Lord put in Scripture as it applies to marriage … and He cannot lie.

The Devil was mocking Christians in front of an unbelieving world because “Christian” marriages were not working, ending in adulteries or divorces. Marriage failures in churches throughout the country bewildered and befuddled Christians in the heat of battles to keep their bond and their love alive while asking God over and over — how can this be happening?


The gift of God makes rich and adds no sorrow with it, right? Proverbs 10:22

It is not possible, therefore, for Christian marriages — which GOD joined — to have pain and suffering that ends with adulteries, fornications, divorces. Right? The gift of God Scripture is the glue.

I have witnessed beautiful marriages that were confirmed and proven to have been formed by Almighty God through Jesus Christ, Himself. No man-made reasoning and decision process formed those marriages. I have seen those same marriages shredded like wolves tearing apart flesh. What happened? How could it happen?


The Lord gave me His answer in recent weeks, for I had been faithfully waiting on the answer since I prayed for it years ago. Anything the Lord does is complete. We are complete in Him and He has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness.


2 Peter 1:3

According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:


Everything pertaining to life and godliness includes a satisfying marriage — marriage that is sound, whole and happy. It is sound, whole and happy within the confines of Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and within the confines of Scripture is what makes it so. Jesus leaves nothing out. The following Scripture is the answer and source for a sound, whole and happy marriage because it is the truth:



The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

— Proverbs 10:22




So, how could it be that what God formed is met by so many in America experiencing ongoing strife, mistrust, disinterest or adulteries … then divorce?



The Lord Jesus, gently, spoke to my heart:

Notice what I said: The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and HE addeth no sorrow with it.”







This gentle, firm, truthful and rebuking revelation from Jesus’ heart to ours is enough to digest for now. Pray to Him about this. Search your Bibles. Do some study. Then, if you are experienceing sorrow of any kind in your marriage, confess the truth that there is something you, your spouse, and at some point it must be both of you are doing wrong to the Lord — and to one another.


NO, it’s not that you married the wrong person. NO, it’s not that you did not get led by God. NO, it’s not that the Devil tricked you into marrying a different person than you thought. NO, it’s YOU. It’s you (the persons in the marriage) as you live out your love and faith toward Jesus.


You both really love each other because God put that in you FOR the marriage, for every marriage.  When you both married, fom that day, you were bringing Him the greatest glory! You were bringing Him the glory in the face of Satan and all Satan’s principalities. This is what He joined you for.



Ephesians 3:10

To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,





In the face of His enemy — Satan — you both, as part of a church, reflect what God can do in every human heart. You are sowing forth the power of the same love by which the Godhead, through unity, created the worlds.









JESUS owns your marriage. It is all about Him. He joined you for HImself and that is the major point He wanted me to get to all reading this message from Him today. The Devil has accomplished a masterful con in our hearts and minds in America. Starting at childhod, Satan plants his ideas about what marriage is “supposed” to be for you.


Mostly everyone enters marriage thinking about themselves — be honest. Why did you marry? Yes, you loved them, or God led you to marry, or you had other reasons … but bottom line you had in your heart some kind of wish and expectation of a fulfillment  — (I don’t care what kind ) for yourself  — and this way of thinking is a Christian stumbling stone that hinders God’s plan for your life in Christ Jesus.

Once you see this and admit that turmoil is you, your spouse, and both of you at some stage, JESUS will begin destroying Satan’s work in your relationship and destroying his yokes to habits of behavior that are hurting God, His glory, and both of you. The Lord intends joy unspeakable for you and things to marvellous for you to imagine. Job 5:9, Psalms 98:1, Psalm 103


The moment Satan starts whispering in your mind that you are not getting what you signed up for, there will be trouble. The sorrow comes because marriage is not about you, it’s about the Lord and HE adds no sorrow with His blessing. Marriage is by the Lord, to the Lord, for the Lord … and the Lord is the creator and keeper of it. The Lord ONLY does wonderous things




Romans  11:36

For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things:

to whom be glory for ever. Amen.

Jesus Owns Your Marriage! Make a change. It’s Survival!

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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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