GOD is a PERSON who is COMPLETELY LOVE — but a “different kind of love” that only comes from Jesus Christ … out of Heaven.


GOD is REACHING OUT to you, right now.

All day and everyday, God is reaching out to you. He created you! So, He loves you.
God knows your every thought. He has seen your every behavior, both the good, the bad, and even the exceptionally wicked evil. Still, He loves you.

Today, He hopes for a new beginning with you — all your pains, all your sorrows laid in His lap. To do that He needs you to be willing to accept His words about your needs, situations, hopes, and attitudes.

His words are his heart — sometimes gentle, sometimes grieved, sometimes angry, sometimes happy — just like us. His actions confirm his heart in kindnesses each day, nature, people. If you take some time, you will hear Him loving you with his heart.
So … start.

Go to Church Welcome!