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Christ OR Mormon? Christian AND Mormon? You cannot be both. If you consider yourself Christian and Mormon aka LDS — you are Mormon because Jesus Christ describes you as a Book of Mormon worshiper.

Jesus Christ commands you to come out of that sin and separate yourself (sanctify) to Him. You must repent for your own soul and spirit survival. Choose exclusive loyalty to the Holy Bible — nothing added.



Walk through this Questionnaire

Put yourself in each example. Learn or investigate where you are. Finish a few and pick up where you left off or finish all in one visit. Make it a Church or family project.

Be honest with yourself. Your life depends on it. Your answers may surprise you!




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If Just One Of These Questions Describes You …

You Are Entangled In The Sin of Mormonism-LDS







FOUNDATION: Are you Christian and Mormon? Being both means you are Mormon. It is impossible to be both.

BACKGROUND: What is the Christ’s definition of Mormonism?


ANSWER: A Book of Mormon worshiper



1. You think that placing the Holy Bible next to the Book of Mormon will make it okay to display the Book of Mormon — which is an instruction book in the worship of devils/demons and in the worship of devils’ names. Do you remember how provoked God was about Dagon, in Judges chapter 16?

2. When you were born again from sinner to Jesus Christ — you did not believe Mormonism at all.  Now, you have changed and are considering it may be “another testament of Jesus Christ”?

3. You don’t know what it is to be “born again”?

4. You defend Mormon-LDS beliefs and practices when you hear a Christian point out the wrongfulness in them?

5. You feel a tinge of offense, when Christians point out the sin of Mormonism. You try to walk with both. You try to accept ALL “religions” to get along with everybody?

6. You try to make peace by respecting and even reverencing the false god of Mormonism-LDS which is the power on the Book of Mormon. For the true Lord Jesus Christ (who is GOD), you feel no love or jealousy for Him concerning the altars, groves (“temples”) and icons and idols (statues) using his Name?

(The question of #6 does not mean you are to insult people, make jokes, or ridicule. There is great difference between rejecting a false god and bullying people whom Satan has deceived into worshipping a false god. Bullying is sin and you are NOT representing or glorifying the “Bible Lord Jesus Christ” if you are a bully! You, also, will be in Hell with the very people you claim to be trying to save! Romans 1:31.)

7. You pre-empt, prevent or protect Mormons-LDS persons from being reached by the Gospel?

(Due to the love of Jesus inside you for souls, you would not hesitate to tell a Satanist or Wicca that he or she is a Satan-worshiper and the horrific danger he or she is in for their eternal soul. Why do you feel wrong to tell a “Book of Mormon-worshiper” the same  thing, but prefer to “just get along”?)

8. You fear to acknowledge the real Jesus Christ — the “Bible Jesus” — by accepting use of the term “saints” within Mormonism (Latter Day Saints)? Thereby, you help them remain in sin and their soul is endangered. Acknowledging the real Jesus Christ, you would be compelled to explain what a “saint” is and that it could never be possible that Book of Mormon worship exists in a saint of the God that the Bible Lord Jesus Christ preached (2 Thessalonians 1:10, 1 Corinthians 6:2).

9. You do not reverence the term “saint” nor the sacredness of it being created by and given by the Bible Lord Jesus Christ to only His Christian family?

10. You, blatantly, disobeyed Jesus Christ — your Lord — by “dating” a Book of Mormon worshiper and thus, became a part of Mormonism?

11.You, blatantly, disobeyed Jesus Christ “your Lord” by marrying a Book of Mormon worshiper and thus, became a part of Mormonism?

12. You are a Christian, but gave your son or daughter, whom you sanctified to God through their relationship with you … to date a Book of Mormon worshiper? Would you allow them to date a Wicca or occultist?

13. You are a Christian, but gave your son or daughter, whom you sanctified to God, through relationship with you … to marry a Mormon?

14. You think a Mormon-LDS member (Book of Mormon worshiper) is just an immature Christian who needs more teaching and development in “the Faith” of Jesus Christ?

15. You think that a member of Mormonism-LDS — aka the worship of The Book of Mormon — is saved from eternal damnation through Jesus Christ and going to Heaven with the Bible Lord Jesus Christ?

16. You admire and esteem Mormons-LDS as “good” persons who are going to Heaven with the Bible Lord Jesus Christ because they DO have outwardly appearing good morals in areas and good deeds — but so do most religions all over the world who worship idols which Jesus calls devils?


So, you have replaced salvation from the Bible Lord Jesus Christ with keeping a moral code or moral law (just as Paul warned the Jewish law keepers). You don’t know Jesus Christ and even you are not saved from the damnation pending upon all mankind. You are NOT a Christian because you don’t know what salvation is.

18. You think, at all, that Mormon (LDS) is the same as Christian and Church?

19. You allow Mormons (LDS) to tell you that we (Christians) and they (Book of Mormon Worshipers) are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ — and you believe it is truth.

20. You think that Mormonism is just another “denomination” of Christians, and do not know it is a completely different “worship” of a completely different god, in a completely separate spiritual world of spiritual “beings”.

21. You are a Christian …  but DO NOT KNOW THAT MORMONS ARE NOT BORN AGAIN and rely on a “religion” of doing good deeds and generosity performances for their own created salvation plan? Mormonism has its own invented and separate “Plan of Salvation” from the Bible Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

22. IF you are afraid to, with love and devotion for their souls, tell a Mormon about the Bible Jesus Christ and His Gospel of salvation?

23. IF you left Mormonism, BUT STILL EXAMINE CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS BY WHAT YOU LEARNED FROM MORMONISM, because in your secret heart you, still, think that what you once learned from Mormonism is the truth?

24. You attend services of worship to the false gods in Mormonism-LDS … in their temples, meetings, houses, etc. and feel no wrong is being done by you or them to Jesus Christ?

25. You think we are all worshiping the same god so you PARTICIPATE in Mormon worship at public, civic, and other ceremonies?

26. YOU HAVE A BOOK OF MORMON IN YOUR HOUSE? No human loyal to the Bible Lord Jesus Christ would have an instruction book of Wicca, Satan worship, or any false god in the home that Jesus gave them. No “loyal” Christian would expose tender hearts to being perverted away from the Lord with instruction, exploration, or worship in a portal called The Book of Mormon. Why would you think God feels any differently about a Book of Mormon in your possession?



29. IF you don’t know that the Holy Bible says a person is “cursed” to have a Book of Mormon or any other “curious arts”  in your possession? Curious arts are things that attach you to the Devil’s spiritual power and kingdom. See # 26. Read Galatians 1:6-9 and Acts 19:13-20. 

30. You ignore that The Book of Mormon is physically being used and placed as a REPLACEMENT of the Holy Bible and of worship due only to the God who wrote the Holy Bible  — Jesus Christ — The Word of God made flesh.



Results of Questionnaire and Your Private Answers


If any of these character traits and situations in the survey describe you AND you consider yourself to be a Christian naming Jesus Christ as your Lord … YOU ARE ENTANGLED in the SIN of MORMONISM! Satan is very craftily sucking you into being a Book of Mormon worshiper and all that goes with that instead of a worshiper of the one and only God who the Bible Jesus brought to the  world of people. The love Jesus has for you makes it simple to fix your sin against Him. REPENT.  Repent in simple words means: Stop – Turn around – Do the right thing . 

Cut off from your prior friends in sin. Return to the Bible Lord Jesus Christ and ONLY His Holy Bible (66 books). Return to His worshipers for new friends and the family of God. That is the right thing you must do.


Make A Change! It’s Survival.


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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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