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Can Jesus Be Trusted?


How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

According to Romans 10:14, the question by people is Can Jesus Be Trusted? Questioning it does not come from Jesus’ representation of himself, but from how He is represented through the attitudes, beliefs or biases of the person(s) teaching you about Jesus. This is serious, sober and dangerous ground.

Can Jesus Be Trusted? Is Jesus “Christ” a person to trust?





The person teaching you Jesus


“The person teaching you Jesus” explains how the question can emerge “Can Jesus Be Trusted?”?

Innumerable persons will not tolerate listening when we try to convince them to be saved by Jesus Christ because our public alliance with destructive people and events in society turns them away. They are convinced that the Jesus we preach cannot be trusted to care, genuinely, about them or to want justice for them in their private lives. In our preaching and in our lives (which adhere to our teaching) they see hidden hatreds and racism, personal biases and favoritisms, profanity and debauchery in our entertainments, and posits layered into our message about Jesus. Some persons have formed their own religion, decrying that Jesus is “that group’s God. He doesn’t love me”.


Thinking “Jesus is that group’s God … He doesn’t love me” is a miserable life and an almost unforgivable effect we may have had upon people that Satan wants to keep in dark bondages. Satan has made their lives a grave by convincing them that Jesus Christ (the only One with power to save them and give life) only loves certain groups — and you are not in the group of people that He loves. Yes, persons do stay away from the Jesus Christ we preach for that reason.



Jesus shared His thoughts with me about …

“what’s happened to the Gospel via the persons teaching you Jesus”




The person teaching you Jesus …

Systemic Racism Through Schools

“The person teaching you Jesus” — explains how leaders of “Christian churches” and “Christian schools” will frighten you that public schools are bad places to be. Instead, you must put your child into a private paid “Christian school” if you want them to be successful in life. Who doesn’t want that? This denigrates an environment that JESUS has chosen to place many into. The person(s) teaching you Jesus may have never lived in a public school environment where teachers sacrifice to train character as well as knowledge in the children whom they love. Public school teachers do so enduring lower pay. Jesus does not put everyone in a private, paid school. He needs you in many other educational environments because people are everywhere, not only in private (maybe cloistered) circles. People are mightily skilled everywhere, not only in those circles and people are mightily knowledgeable in multiple other educational environments than private paid education. It’s all about the heart and the heart for God — everywhere. In some private, paid school environments, the apathy and disloyalty to Jesus Christ feels like “sickness or death”.



There is a worse thing.

In effect (or in actuality) people are being brainwashed that Jesus is not in, does not come to, and cannot be found in a public school. That would mean Jesus is not a person to trust — He does not love you, His power is not coming to you, and your education is worthless to Him — He is at the “private Christian” or religious schools.



Jesus is a person to be trusted to tell you that he does not feel that way even though some persons teaching you Jesus do feel that way and embrace multiple strategies to enforce that mindset.


The reality is that this quality of teaching builds a society of arrogance in K-12 and its creates a religious caste system that touches how students are being trained to think about people for the rest of their lives unless the real Jesus (not the one they are taught) intervenes. This closed education environment can create and perpetuate the systemic biases against African-Americans, women, Native-Americans, Asians etc. that Jesus would tell you still exist in America because the human heart can only be cleansed by direct encounter with His power. No philosophical treatment of the subject matter of Jesus  (theology) will do it.




The person teaching you Jesus …

Systemic Racism Through Missions


“The persons who teach you Jesus can exalt and glorify the practice of sending students and church members thousands of miles away from home to bring their Jesus to “those poor needy people in Africa”. The goal becomes having a part in the status of being financially able to have a sending program. It’s not (genuinely) about saving souls —  plenty of preachers have already been there saving souls (Jesus once commanded me). It’s about saving souls for your particular denomination to expand! It’s about being able to say your group was there. It’s about being able to say “you’ve been to Africa” as a kind of “badge” or even a status symbol. The proof of this is how persons teaching you JESUS and their students and supporters are treating African-Americans right here at home while boastfully going away from home to the people they avoid “back home” (Jesus once commanded me). Jesus is a person to trust to tell you tabout this reality and that He does NOT like it.


The person(s) teaching you Jesus can forsake people and students who want and need Jesus from from their witness of Him right here in our own cities and neighboring cities. Jesus said:



“My pastors are such hypocrites. They will spend thousands of dollars to send someone all the way across the waters, to say “I’ve been to Africa, or I’ve been to Haiti — when the need for my Word and my power is right here in your own backyards”.

That’s a QUOTE from the lips of the Master. Sometimes, he has spoken audibly (rarely). This time was quietly, inwardly, but strongly from the Holy Spirit.


He is needed right here in our own backyards (our own Jerusalem, Samaria and uttermost that Jesus spoke of) in the schools and neighborhoods that we reject — then castigate as having poorer quality than the ones we have jubilantly supported with private funds and our skill sets..




The person teaching you Jesus …

Diminishing Parental Duty and Responsibility


I was raised in public AND private schools (the best) and can tell you, firsthand, that the same profanities, crimes, sexual harassments and assaults, disrespect for teachers and their elders, and violence that you “hear” about as public schools is actually done — in your private Christian schools on the hush-hush. Jesus is a person to trust to let you know this reality.

Jesus is about justice and He wants your children educated in skills that will eventually be used to bring about His glory and His goodness to the society around us before He returns. That can be anywhere He needs to place you and where He opens the door for you, when your whole life is about JESUS and his heart for people.

You must know this — God holds no one but the parent responsible for some things ingrained in your child. No teachers can override your home environment and that is where personal development begins. Jesus can be trusted to tell you that while certain behaviors are not allowed, according to your agreement with enrollment documents — students and teachers do them anyway  — and that will influence your child if he or she is not grounded by YOU.



Proverbs 22:6
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.


In public schools my teachers trained me (1) manners (2) respect (3) critical thinking — for which I am extremely grateful (4) core skills — reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling (I was Illinois State first place winner, or placed, in all my core subjects competing among quality schools throughout the entire State over several years) and, yes, our city had gang members and I was always bullied in school. So, is JESUS a person who can be trusted for a child who loves Him? Parents who love Him? YES! Jesus is a person who can be trusted … but maybe not some persons who are teaching you Jesus.




The person teaching you Jesus …

Unwary Caste Systems

Proud and haughty “Christian” persons try to make you feel that your public school and your child is inferior to theirs. If they were, truly, a Christian person and believed that about your school they would be trying to get Jesus’ love and power to you as He came for all — not despising you in His name. I can guarantee you that some of the worst adults you ever meet were spoon-fed all their lives on quality private education. Yet, there is an invisible caste system that self-sustains through exposure and connection to other persons in their circle — which outsiders are intended to never even know exists. Through this unwary caste system, African-American MALES are (still) methodically kept out of high-wage trades while other nationalities are “sought out”, even imported (immigrated) from other nations to train them for our American high-wage trades and professions. Similarly, African-American males are being incrementally removed from marketing, advertising, promotionals while females are (deliberately)  plastered in every public media. This removes the African-American male as the strength of our families and commuities and it is not accidental.

Jesus is a person to trust to not lie about this ongoing, methodical situation that He does NOT like.




The person teaching you Jesus …

Systemic Racism In Civic Events and Employment

“The persons teaching you Jesus” is a sober, serious and dangerous thing. It explains how you can have entire cities flying flags honoring Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day and erecting walls, photos and displays for honoring persons. Obvious in these displays, parades and honor walls are the missing and massive numbers of African-American males (in particular) who served as Air Force, Navy, Army, Marine, police officers, Army Reserve, and P.O.W.s!


“The person teaching you Jesus” explains how you can have Christian leaders in churches, schools, government, and business owners, HOAs and civic groups spitting at Jesus and His work at home in America through a lowly Baptist preacher right here in America — by ignoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day or by, still, finding ways to conveniently not apprentice, hire, or train African American men when they have position and authority to do so. Often cries from unrepentant hearts say reverse discriminations while taking full advantage of the money stipends for hiring women, hispanics etc. — which is why there is a forced question on every legal form: Are you Hispanic or Latino?


This federal holiday came through great love, shed blood, martyrdoms and devoted worship to acknowledge the high and noble transformation JESUS did of an America filled with  hypocritsy about “In God We Trust” to a better and more noble America that really shows meaning behind those words for every person, not just toward African-Americans. Yet, with due reverence to God for those African Americans born, killed, and who sacrificed in wars to love and save our America.


Additionally, this federal holiday came as an honor to America for the reverence of God who knows the human heart and, in time, brings out its best! This has been America’s distinction among all nations. No matter how low Satan tries to take this beautiful God-idea called the United States of America, we see God working to raise her up! Thanks to Jesus for the truth of “BUT GOD” in the face of apparent efforts of darkness. BUT GOD is always working to bring out her best!


Above all, this federal holiday came as a reverence for “the” God whom Americans have always had a reverence for in past decades, even if all Americans did not believe in the God that Jesus Christ proclaimed.  Due only to Jesus’ life, people respect God who don’t believe “in” God. The reverence for God is that only a miracle by God (like with Israel and Egypt) could have pierced the hearts and attitudes that once prevailed in so much of the nation against African-Americvans — the people who made the nation and built its wealth with their very lives, unpaid labors and faith.


So, concerning Martin Luther King Jr Day as a federal holiday, is Jesus a person who can be trusted?

Jesus can be trusted to uphold justice, humility and mercy. Jesus can be trusted to never lie or seek to “erase” history — because history is the story of what GOD has done. History is higher than us. It’s about “The Christ”.

No “Christian” will dare to blaspheme God by robbing Him of His glory through not acknowledging what He has done to rectify man’s evil toward one another throughout history.

Faithful Christians want the entire world to know, acknowledge and even honor that our God is the God of justice and mercy and who is more than enough for all the world’s pettiness and strifes.




Micah 6:8
He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?




Yes, this Jesus is a person to trust.




So, we acknowledge, thankfully, the better nation JESUS has made through a lowly preacher to whom we ever owe thanks in Jesus’ name:



Pastor (Rev.) Martin Luther King Jr.



and the innumerable Christians throughout history who taught Jesus as He is, without their own human prejudices, patriotisms, cynicisms or biases.


Thank You!

Minister (Pastor) Clark


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