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JESUS says we are bringing to Him the same attitudes, apparel, atmospheres and lusts with which we served His enemy Satan.

This is whoredom and it is upheld by nakedness. If you are unashamed of nakedness, you will be bold in other forms of whoredom.

See Isaiah 66:1-4, 15-18 and James 4:4.




There are many things the Lord has on his heart for this hour in the churches of America, but Jesus is FOCUSED TODAY, on ridding Himself of suffering this particular hurt — our whoredom “nakedness”a complete departure from the glory and reverence in Christians that JESUS calls “modesty”.







We are seduced into slumber by not realizing that many evils straining our nation came from when we began to accept nakedness/indecency/whoredom into our homes, church worship and church activities. When we are no longer salt and light and our churches are, therefore, no longer a candlestick ( Rev. 2:5), the people in society are left in supernatural darkness and under the power of the Prince of darkness, they follow what we start or accept from them!



Therefore, the Lord keeps loving us by alerting us, in advance, that He IS going to judge pastors in His next move by Holy Spirit. The new move JESUS will do by His Holy Spirit wil bring blessings, rewards, refreshings, and judgments en masse toward people throughout the earth, but beginning in the churches.


1 Peter 4 :17

17For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? 18And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?



Pastors must repent of leading Christians into things that JESUS finds abominable and blasphemous. It is understood that we can’t teach from Jesus what we don’t know from Him and we can’t lead where we don’t go in Him, but we are absolutely accountable to the Gospel already delivered in the New Testament.



Pastors are the source of what Christians are doing against God IF we are not living, teaching, and administering discipline to avoid God being mistreated. We are the blame. Our duty is to the Lord and how He is treated, not to the people and how they feel.




Discipline is the only thing that can make a “disciple”. Discipline is implemented by reproving and rebuking behaviors publically done by anyone calling themselves Christians. Sometimes reproof is private, but other times we MUST publicly help a person see the damage they are doing to themselves (and others). It doesn’t matter that they are not under your direct pastoral membership. YOU ARE A PREACHER! In that context , everyone is “under your authority” — JUST AS EVERYONE WAS UNDER JESUS’ AUTHORITY!



Concerning Nakedness or anything else, we have a duty to God as STEWARDS of His Gospel — not to the people. You are forbidden, by God, to allow “Christians” to sin directly in front of your face, whether members in your local church or not. We lead them into sin by standing by and saying or doing nothing — and we shall receive the greater danmation for that (James Chapter3:1-). The most obvious sin today in Boise is “NAKEDNESS’ and PROFANITY. Both lead to so much more!



Don’t think that God will omit judging us when He has judged every leader since the Garden of Eden. We must repent of claiming that our worship times are of God with whoredom and nakedness brought, boldly, before Him during church assembly … as if he should accept our worship. If pastors are doing it in the worship and their children do it in daily life via school, sport and recreation, it is no surprise that people throughout the Boise and the country have adopted whoredom and nakedness as a right and is their preferred way of living (Jeremiah 5:31).



We must repent of claiming we are preachers sent by God, when we do not alert Christians who are sinning in public about their sins and about Christ’s loving call to repent so he or she can be lessed and rewarded as well as avoid the judgment pending upon them. We can and must do so with meekness (no strife, arguing — 2 Timothy 2:24) — but with firm and gentle sincerity when we know a brother or sister to be in harm’s way.


There are many ways to help righteousness prevail in the earth


  • You can speak up to a brother or sister.
  • You can kindly ask them not to do that at your home with clarity that they will need to leave if they have a problem with that.
  • You can gently and firmly “tell” them, I’m sorry but we don’t do that here (God holds you responsible for what you allow in the home He gave you — and His Holy Spirit will stay or go from your home, accordingly).
  • You can kindly ask them to change into something and come visit later or another day, please.
  • You can leave immediately with graciousness from their home if you stumble into such a situation.
  • God will always give you some kind of way if you want to be loyal to Him. Yes, I have done all of the above and continue to do so every day around Boise and the Treasure Valley.







The Lord Jesus has asked me to make myself available to pastors for helping to strengthen you and the brethren through teaching sessions and preaching events. It doesn’t matter which Christian denomination you are in if you have no sin you practice and will obey Jesus.


 I exited the organized Christian religious system Sunday, August 27th 2023. Any pastor with a heart to know the Lord’s “right now” words for us to survive the extra temptations of this age are the type of preacher He would command me to help. Please, call or email to discuss.

Jesus’ love to you!


Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ 
Truth Seekers Church


Minister Clark
One of Jesus’ authorized and sent prophets, evangelists and pastors to love you in His name!
(Ephesians 4:11-16)






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Registered Physical Address, plus Mail

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Since Jesus had no office for meeting with anyone and none of the apostles had an “office”. Money will no longer be received and paid to investors of commercial property for a “physical office” of Truth Seekers Church. Money has been paid for a registered agent physical address. Jesus turned the entire world without most of the things we think are needed today “to do church” . When needed, Jesus always met with persons anywhere and He has wisdom and power today to guide “in the moment” a location to meet with any sincere and precious soul seeking spiritual counsel. The Ethiopian eunuch was sent by Jesus to bring His Gospel to an entire nation from counsel received while riding on a chariot! (Acts 8:25-40)




  •  Pastor @ for spiritual counsel and preaching requests
  • Business @  for all others

ANONYMOUS PRAYER CLICK HERENo one asked Jesus “pray?” They sought a SOLUTION!



Every human being has the right to seek God Almighty, but not to visit our meetings. IF the person is not faking, spying, or gathering for a cause   — see Acts 9:26 — then Truth Seekers Church welcomes you to accompany a member as guest. There is no seeking you out to join this church (recruiting).

Visitor requests are screened through the Holy Spirit inside each member. Members can bring a guest to meet with JESUS in our homes and other meetings. Whether in  prayer or in person each wants to cooperate with whatever Jesus is doing in your life.



Non – Proselytizing Educational Classes Held At Public Venues


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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
No Thoughts on John 19: 23 -24 Nakedness — Breaking My Heart

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