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Updated October 31, 2023



I met a man while I was shopping and using the restroom facility at one of our Freddie’s (Fred Meyer) last month. When I was coming out of the women’s stall to wash my hands, he was in there at the sink. Yes, a man was IN the ladies room. He darted out quickly when he saw me and I, instinctively, went after him to alert him not to do that for any reason. What he, ultimately,  said about the entire matter of him being in the ladies restroom is what made my heart sink for the condition of our nation in capitol cities all across America.


Satan desires to influene leadership in capitol cities of our nation and other countries because the invisible spirit Being that is behind a man or woman in capitol authority leads the way of the entire “general” population. Thereby, Satan can take control of entire nations from the mindset he instills in one man or woman. Dangerous? Yes! However, it never starts at the top — the capitols. It starts with little kindling sparks in homes here and there, until neighbors think the same, neighborhoods think the same, subdivisions think the same, counties, cities, regions, etc..


He said, “I didn’t do anything wrong”.

“I did nothing wrong” is the new mantra among young and old. Our Creator Jesus Christ said that it is a pitiful, helpless, and irreparable condition when a nation has no sons to lead her by example and her older men and women are become so lustful to be young again that they have no wisdom that agedness should bring to sustain the nation. Are we there???


I did nothing wrong was the man’s committed phrase. He was like those who are guilty of something, but rather than admit it and fix it will pre-plan to a story so they can get by with “that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!”

They think and feel that it doesn’t matter what you show me — I refuse to see it. It doesn’t matter what you tell me — I refuse to hear it. It doesn’t matter if you’re showing and speaking truth only because you care about my future. I’ve mapped my own future and the actions I do today are intended to make me the kind of person that I want to be. So, get away from me because “I did nothing wrong”.

In his own parallel universe, the man had his own reasons for why he was in the women’s restromm and demanded that he did nothing wrong. In his own small world HE is his truth and his righteousness.  God speaks of this condition, also, through Paul who is the apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, ordained to teach and train non-jewish Christians in particular:


Romans 10:3
For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.


Paul (speaking from jesus) means, To Some Individuals there IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG — ONLY WHAT YOU WANT DEFINES RIGHT and if you want it there is no wrong.


God has another term for this attitude: Rebel

There is nothing good or to be admired and emulated in the very heart of anyone God judges as a rebel against His righteous ways and Jesus’ kingdom ways. The nature of Lucifer (now called Satan) got him kicked out of Heaven and, now, tormenting all of us every day.



Satan’s nature was and still is “rebel” against God’s authority and righteous kingdom ways. Satan is the source and power upon … “I didn’t do anything wrong” … which is the voice of a rebel who hates to be corrected when he or she has done anything wrong.




IF you are a man or woman worthy to be followed, confessing that you DID DO SOMETHING WRONG is the first and highest mark with God of being a man and of being a woman . Only then does God consider you fit and capable of leading people into the blessings of God, our Creator, and a into developing a peace-filled, God-loving and solid society around you — your neighbors, neighborhood, subdivision, and all the way to the uttermost parts of the world.





Be a man or woman who is always quick to admit “I was wrong” and, equally, quick to seek means to undo what you have broken with that attitude and your corresponding actions.

His son (about 5) was with him and he insisted on the boy being in the midst. I did not want him to lose face in front of his boy, so I left it at “I did nothing wrong”.


My hope was dead for a boy to see in his father a man who would be teaching him the honors and dignities experienced in saying  — “I’m sorry, I was wrong. Our nation , if we don’t restore simple respect for dignities and boundaries is on the same fast track to being dead when it is filled with old and young who worship themselves in the muse of “I did nothing wrong”.


Sadly, much of the organized Christian religious system (where righteousness is to be exampled and taught) is the source. Pastors of fer a proud “scholar-trained” attitude that leads the way in  “I did not do anything wrong”. So many who function in the office of pastor (but were never called or sent by Jesus) have blinders on from their book-learning and cannot see the Lord Jesus shouting at them — “Come back to Me. Stop. You are wrong”!


So many pastors are behind the politcal powers and clashes of government elected officials. So many pastors uphold the status quo that hurts the weaker members of our cities and our society even while doing multiple “programs” to help (Jesus said). Like King Saul from Kish, we cater to the community around us to win their admiration and approval, but have we done WHAT “JESUS” WANTED DONE to the weaker in society, exactly as He would have it done? Therein lies our dangerous condition. If Jesus comes today, will HE approve you — it is completely irrelevant what you think of yourself or what others in the Christian religious system enable you to think of yourself. Selah.


We don’t see these contradictions because we believe, “I’ve done nothing wrong” …. since we are doing so many things to help!

However, Jesus Christ has said that in His next move in the earth He is judging, specifically, pastors and it is because we have led the way in much of the putrid attitudes of our current society. This hour in history is filled with the attitude “I did nothing wrong” when the results of our thoughts and actions lay like corpses all around us, too gruesome to be overlooked. 

Isaiah 51:18
There is none to guide her among all the sons whom she hath brought forth; neither is there any that taketh her by the hand of all the sons that she hath brought up.
Another thing Jesus has said
“As goes the church, so goes the world”.

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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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