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The Moral Shambles — JESUS makes us free!



For years I have tried, with others, to show my loyalty to our Lord via the choices I make in daily transactions involving business — buying and selling. There are many who choose to put their stock purchases only in funds that “they know” rule out liquor, tobacco, trafficking, aboortion, gambling, etc..


Today, the Lord has put right in my face the foolishness and satanic bondage that can come with trying to research to the millionth-degree if something you are putting your money into is “pure”. Generally speaking, it cannot be done. The entire world, outside of Jesus Christ, is sin-led and sin-minded.


Today, I was narrowing to the payment gateways for you who want to be giving-investors for the Lord in this work. In November 2022,  I announced on this site that the contract with was shut down when I saw their clause on “owned persons”. Today, I learned that VISA runs or owns  Where can you go? How can you live or transact business that is “moral” when you, truly, do not know if the mutual fund you believe is clean has inroads that are NOT?


This means all my VISA cards are binding me to anyway! This scenario repeats for many of the things I do and that you do if you are one of the conscience-driven doing everything you can to continue upholding the Gospel. You want to distinguish between holy living in a reprobrate society surrounding us — so your light shines and people get saved!


A brother in Truth Seekers Church and I mapped out every “family-friendly” restaurant or recreation center we could find in Boise/Treasure Valley so we could help others when they wanted to know where they could take their little children with them for a clean-living experience. We were strict on “no liquor bars” at the entrance or near accessible to the kids. Now, the grocery stores where you shop for your food have “liquor bars” as part of their food purchase experience. Where can you go? How can you live or transact business that is “moral”?


I won’t get rid of my VISA cards which are attached to all the banking infrastructure in the entire world. I am sure there are issues that I can search and find with its competitor Mastercard …  I just haven’t been “directly in my face” exposed to them. Where can you go? How can you live or transact business that is “moral”?


Did you know that some bamks are owned or highly infiltrated by religion organizations that a Christian absolutely must not “fellowship” with? Did you know that some financial institutions require you to agree to their religion beliefs to be a member, but their beliefs are against Christ? Where can you go? How can you live or transact business that is “moral”? Did you know that some religions have front-facing “charitable” works and organizations, but behind the face they are money machines for an idol god through their creeds, belief statements, tenets, bylaws or other practices?




JESUS understood this dilemma way back then for new Christians. He gave us commandment through our brother and His apostle Paul:


1 Corinthians 10:25
Whatsoever is sold in the shambles, that eat, asking no question for conscience sake:

What Should You Do About Living In The Moral Shambles?


When you are faced with “in your face” sin being done and it would pull you into being involved as an actual participant by your watching it or participating in it, then don’t do it!

If you are faced with joining to ideas leading you and others away from the Gospel teaching of our Lord — “Don’t do it”! This includes film, music, TV.


When you are just living your life, daily transacting business with buying and selling — don’t keep asking how this thing you are buying may be involved in something you don’t believe Jesus is pleased with. Don’t go “searching” for evil. Searching for evil is guaranteed to have you find it because Satan has sent his evil spirits working on everything, literally, in our society — He is even working on some pastors, other preachers and the churches. No, I was never extreme — never “searched” for evil, but I was conscientious “watching”.

Using my example from VISA and, today I would not sign the contract with the payment gateway because that was “in my face” — known and “presented to me”. To, knowingly, sign on it would have made me a participant! However, I cannot do anything about the reality that VISA owns that payment gateway and is the worldwide infrastructure for mostly everything we do with money or banks. VISA has hands in every dollar transaction through banks. VISA is part of the established currency infrastructure throughout our nation. Shall you refuse to invest in the dollar because of some history you know associated with it? Some symbol maybe? Where can you go? How can you live or transact business that is “moral”?


What about health insurance? Should I only buy from agencies or organizations that, supposedly, scrutinize how you live or that you must be a Christian to join? That almost worked for me … until I read in their terms of service or member requirements that you did NOT have to be a Christian and that all kinds of religions were either in the membership or the founders! Where can you go? How can you live or transact business that is “moral”?



Perhaps your mutual fund choice is not, directly, gambling — but it could have owners or subsidiaries or franchises or … etc..

Perhaps, you don’t go to the smoke shop, but your grocery store sells cigarettes.

Perhaps … and on and on.

Prayerfully, I trust the Lord that you are getting freed by this message today. Today, I am certainly freed!


Just for some fun. I want to give you a website that I greatly enjoyed when I got a dollar in my hand with this website printed on it. Go here for CLEAN fun with your children:

You’ll thank me 🙂

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