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What is Judging?

Jesus Says “Judge Not”


The Lord Jesus commands: Do not do false-accusations in your heart about a person(s). We love people as Jesus has loved us and the Lord never has any lying, false accusations about us from looking on the outside at our actions.

His word discerns what is in our heart where no one else can see — only Him, the Father and His invisible Holy Spirit. Jesus’ words cannot lie and they expose the truth about our hearts’ own secret thoughts and intentions in what we do or say ( Hebrews 4:12).

However, to hold accountable a person’s behavior to the word of God is never judging — it’s loving correction as Jesus has done and continues to do to every person.

Hebrews 4:12, Matthew 7:1-5, 1 Sam 16:7




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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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