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Lose Yourself to Get Your Future

2022 And Beyond




To get your future you must understand Sunday, January 24, 2016 in Truth Seekers Church worship time at 1:30 pm.


My former husband was still in the Bible Lord Jesus Christ at that time, and we were still together. After he stopped living obedient to Christ, GOD did massive efforts to bring repentance and reconciliation in each of us, but he would not according to Jesus’ commands in the Gospel. God was so loving, compassionate, patient and faithful,. God did not want the divorce but His judgment was pending except there be repentance. God did everything imaginable to prevent having to perform the command and judgment of divorce. When nothing more could be done, the Lord Jesus commanded it. Even AFTER the legal process began, God was still doing everything imaginable to “undo” it.  I use to question if my patience was sinful, if I waited just 24 more hours, would God have done something? Today, April 27, 2028, Holy Spirit dropped a word from Jesus in my heart that freed me from Satan’s ongoing “taunting” about if you had waited just 24 more hours. The Holy Ghost spoke:

Matthew 10:37 “He tht loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me ….”.


For a preacher divorce is different. Both you and your spouse must have the same heart toward the words of the Lord and his directions in the Church. It’s not about you or each of you, nor any prconeived opinions about marriage from living in this world — it’s about the Lord Jesus and his love for people through the Church. That obedience in the Church begins with you and your spouse as members..


My love for my former husband’s soul and God ‘s design for us as one flesh in Jesus Christ had never changed, but since 2019, there hasd been no actions seeking repentance or Biblical reconciliation except my efforts to do so. The Lord has commanded me to move forward “with” Him in Boise. I have moved forward with Christ choosing to get the future with Jesus for Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ and for me in side His Church. There are souls to be saved, delivered, healed, and made free from Satan’s power … and I ask your prayers be with me to obey all Christ’s will for your soul and spirit survival, that I be faithful to you by being faithful to Him in living and preaching  the Gospel He delivered to me! Also, for my own soul  and spirit survival as a member in Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church. JESUS is holding me accountable to Him for the words appointed to this Church denomination and the souls who He miraculously anoints as one spirit with me, having a heart that is, exclusively, part of me when it comes to a pastor.




I will never forget that Sunday, January 24, 2016 because Jesus Christ “spoke” in the middle of worship and said to everyone in attendance the strangest and a most serious question:

“Will you forsake all — SO I CAN USE YOU?”

In other words, Jesus was asking “will you lose yourself to get your future with Me”?



Those words from the Lord Jesus Christ are still a smoking fire in my soul because of what He spoke next along with that question.



“You will always be able to know in the future, whatever your life looks like,

it is because of your answer to that question.”


–The Lord Jesus Christ,

January 2016

Exploring The Future January 24, 2016

It is worth noting that this page and message you are reading came on January 30th, the last Sunday worship in the kickoff month of 2022.


In 2016, it was closing in on the final days of the kickoff month of January 2016 and God was “planning” in Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ and Truth Seekers Church.

As in this photo, a cold winter becomes a sunny future when we explore our hearts in reaction to a Word from the Lord and adjust our lives to sync with it.





This January 30, 2022 most of us are re-visiting our financial portfolios or rearranging some financial planning “so life will look like we want it to at a future date”.


The surprise message God had in Church on January 30, 2022 was about planning and implementing our financial path so our life will look like He (and we) want it to at some undisclosed future date. 




Planning a future that needs finances to accomplish “that” future is healthy and godly. Planning for money only for the money is lust.

In all planning, only what you do in and for the will of the Lord Jesus Christ will stand before Him in the Judgement Day.

James 4:14, 1 Corinthians 3:11-13




By your responses each day of your life to your Creator, you have charted wherever you are today … and will be eternally if you remain the same. No one but you directs the kind of person you are  as you respond to the Lord GOD.  He sees your responses as cumulative. In financial terms you would see your life responses as “compounding”.and some day bringing a return. You are right.


Your reactions to our Creator by your submission to or rebellion against His Son Jesus bring their own spiritual laws, judgments and rewards governing your decisions.


Since the day Jesus asked that question, I can see MULTIPLE immaturities in me — in my own ways, and in ways that I used to think. You can too, walking with Jesus.


I love what more He has brought me to see and understand about living in Him, about people from His perspectives, about the results of choices and methods of getting things done. The list seems infinite describing changes in me. Praise Jesus! Your list will become just as long if you love Him.


Life can be amazing, even with persecutions or trials for Jesus, but we must get our own lust and mediocrity out of His way to experience “amazing”. You, too, will always be able to look back at your life and know that however it turns out, wherever you are as a person, and in your circumstances today — it is the direct result of your answer to JESUS asking you from His heart to yours … “will you forsake all so I can use you?”


WHEREVER you are with Jesus …                Make A Change. It’s Survival!




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