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Originally published February 2022

Revised on November 28, 2022 to glorify Jesus by removing abrasive speech or tone.


Dangers In A Mistaken Identity


“I know a Christian who for three to four years has been living in a mistaken identity — a course in life that came from a vision and reasoning they believed was God, but was not. No one could convince them that the words and vision they built the next years of their life upon were never from Jesus Christ. It is the work of a spirit of Divination.”  — Minister Clark





Divination is supernatural. It is reasoning and encounters with “a mistaken identity” — one whom you think is God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit of God guiding you.


A spirit of Divination communicates with you by giving you dreams, visions, “words” from God, messages, (prophecies) and circumstances. It is identity theft by a mistaken identity that supernaturally is seeking to replace the real thing.


This identity theft is ALWAYS to convince you that you are having an experience with God.




Christians MUST check, judge, and verify each experience with Jesus to make sure you are not dealing with a “mistaken identity” pretending to be God to you — a spirit of Divination committing identity theft.


You must do this verification process on every occasion and you do this to keep yourself loyal to Jesus Christ and under His protection from Satan’s plots for you.





“I know a Christian who uses Scriptures blended in with occult teachings to lead persons who deal in the occult to Jesus Christ. No one has been able to convince the person that such witnessing about Jesus disobeys Jesus! They believe God has shown them to do it. This is the work of a spirit of Divination.”  — Minister  Clark





Mistaken Identity In Mormonism – LDS



I know another Christian (and many others) who considers himself/herself a Bible Scholar and a church member. The person can talk to you on any subject of the Bible, but the simple thing of how to live right in their own family and training their children right from wrong to  represent the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their own neighborhood is beyond their outstanding Bible knowledge. They believe the Lord has taught them.  It is the work of a spirit of Divination — Minister Clark





Look closely at the TOP  of this page and at the breadcrumbs BELOW on the Yellow Pages Search Page.




This Yellow Pages mistaken identity is the work of a spirit of Divination seeking to pretend that Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ is part of and even owned by the Mormon organization. It is mandatory that the differences be made public and clear — just as the smooth work of this spirit attempting to steal the identity of one group by posing it as part of the other group was done publicly.


Even if it is just a typographical error — it is the working of the evil spirit of Divination and not a human editor because you have learned on this survival site that EVERYTHING is spiritual. There is a spirit — either Jesus ( Holy Spirit) or Satan and his evil spirits behind all earthly affairs … “all”.


Ground your life in this truth. It is why you must repent of your sins and obey the Bible Jesus Christ to have him undo the “works” of Satan and his spirits in your lives.









It grieves me that many I care about as neighbors and professionals are in Mormonism, named The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka LDS). They have worked so hard to forsake everything, dedicate all earthly assets, time,  banking, businesses, careers, marriages, and children to follow one of the unholy angels  — a spirit of Divination — that Paul describes in Galatians 1:6-9.


Galatians 1:8-9

 8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. 9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.


Satan works the same way that he has always worked to steal God’s identity from you. His unrelenting mission to fulfill this identity theft is what got Lucifer cursed and his name-changed to Satan.

Satan and his evil spirits copy things that God would do or say to seduce you to accept and settle down with his mistaken identity presented to you. Satan has a world and path for you … it can feel good and look good so that you never look back! However, it is only satisfying so he can destroy you from ever getting your hands on the life God planned for you.


Satan doesn’t care whom or what he uses to get you tricked into his counterfeit and so, tricked away from obedience to the Bible Lord Jesus Christ … even while you are think of yourself as a worshipper of Jesus Christ. That’s why a Christian can hear from God AND the Devil in the same period.





There are many Divination spirits and many of their works are religions.

Of all religions built from “a mistaken identity” the Lord Jesus Christ only commanded me to target His exposure of Mormonism-LDS in Boise, Idaho.


“Undo the entanglement of my people (Christians) in Mormonism”.


The Lord Jesus Christ,

February-March 2015






aka Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS)





According to Jesus Christ, Christians who have chosen to entangle in and do not repent of the sin of Mormonism-LDS will not be excused, but will be cursed (rejected by God in the Judgment Day and live a cursed life now ) — if they don’t repent (Romans 1:32).





  • Christians in Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ do love people while they are in the sin of Mormonism, but will never encourage or lie to people by allowing them to remain, unwarned, in their sin. To know a person is walking off a cliff to perishment and say absolutely nothing to tell them so is SIN. Jesus warned that dying in any sin is eternal damnation from God. We will not betray Jesus by letting people think that their soul is safe and accepted by God when it is NOT.


  • Mormonism-LDS worships an imposter of Jesus Christ, a false god, and an angel idol which sits atop each of their worship temples (and in some homes and businesses). The real Jesus Christ hates the false god, hates the idol and will destroy both along with all who are affilitated with in any way.


  • Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ worships the Jesus who IS GOD and visited earth in human flesh to shed sinless (holy) Blood through death of the CROSS; then to rise from the dead and ransom people with that sinless blood for any sinner who confesses and forsakes their sins to obey Him.


  • Mormonism-LDS worships “the Book of Mormon” and a fallen angel from Hell who seeks to exalt himself as being sent by Jesus. He works to replace the Holy Bible as the supreme written authority from God. He works to replace the Gospel New Testament that Jesus Christ preached as the only testament about Himself. He works to delude persons into following  and implementing an “alternative” kingdom on earth and a substitute heaven.



  • Mormonism-LDS represents loyalty to a fallen angel from Hell, a false prophet(s) speaking false prophecies, and a false gospel with false salvation, and a false Heaven that does not have Jesus Christ dwelling there. This idol loyalty has supernatural powers to move the building of massive false “altars” to himself (called temples) that  represent covenants with invisible beings not approved by the Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible.


  • Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ repudiates idols, their symbols or statues, their altars, and their groves of worship to angels and devils. The Bible Jesus Christ forbids worship of any being except God. ALL worship is due to only God, our Creator.


  • Mormonism uses business practices and business networking  to secure their religion. While the Yellow Pages advertisement shows a clear infringement of Mormonism on the trademark of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ —  at the highest levels of Mormonism moves are made quickly to squash that being done to them,


  • Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ is founded by the Bible Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, upon obedience by a person He called, chose, authorized, anointed, and sent as prophet, evangelist, and pastor. It is His own work via a person. No angel or other spirit or human created this work.


  • Mormonism does not uphold the reality that only the Bible Jesus Christ can start one of his churches since it is founded by an angel.  According to the Bible Jesus Christ, neither angels nor mankind can found a “church” (His expression of His authority and lifestyle in repented persons).


  • Truth Seekers Church belongs to the Bible Jesus Christ and is completely under His BIBLE authority and preferences. Mormonism is under the authority of the Book of Mormon while using the Bible at will.


  • According to the Bible Jesus Christ, Mormonism-LDS is a distinct and unique earthly religious organization which the Bible Jesus Christ does not acknowledge as being a “church”.


Church is defined in Jesus’ Gospels and, sorry to say, that according to the Bible Jesus Christ –He does not acknowledge the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day  (LDS) as a church for many reasons, mostly because it has invented a new religion of “family and of family first”. Church created by Jesus as His expression of Himself is exclusively for and about Him. See Colossians Chapter One


  • Jesus Christ has confirmed that Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™/Truth Seekers Church holds his official Authority. Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church is not a man-invented or angel-invented earthly religious organization but a spiritual entity from the Bible Lord Jesus Christ.



The Bible Lord Jesus (not The Book of Mormon Jesus or others) has taught us that He is the way, the truth, and the life. He taught us that if we continue in His words, not newly invented books by man or angels, we shall be his disciples for real and we shall know the truth — and the truth shall make us free.You shall be free from all mistaken identities and their works of identity theft.


TRUTH: A mistaken identity – a spirit of Divination – has founded Mormonism-LDS. That being true means it functions via identities (mistaken and false) who hold supernatural power that appoints prophets, bishops, elders, and other authorities in a different spiritual realm and spiritual world than Jesus Christ.


We must accept this reality for our own spirit and soul survival with God! NOTHING matters … but your own soul and you owe no person or group ANYTHING when it comes to your soul with God.

Spiritual conjurations are real! They are the spirit of Divination with power on people  — from the lowest new adherent to the highest leading persons of any organization. The seduction is cooperated with even to local businessmen, lawyers, accountants, medical and other professionals, hotel chains, and politicians in the entire spectrum governing American life — see Isaiah 8:19-20. The dangers are real for your soul and spirit being destroyed away from God and Jesus Christ by consorting and conjuring in mistaken spiritual realms of power.



Evil communications doth corrupt good manners. Interacting regularly with these powers will change you — will corrupt the pure things of God right out of your heart and your life.








Now I, Minister Clark, in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ given me and in His love for your soul, do call upon former Christians to obey His will and exit your acceptance, worship, lifestyles, and certain business ties with Mormonism – LDS  (God will reveal which ones). Accept this call as from the real Jesus Christ to be saved from the damnation you remember will come upon all who depart from obedience to Him. The spirit of Divination, with its mistaken-identity that you have followed, will NOT continue to hold power over you if you heed this call.


Call:  208-919-0010  ✦ or Email for Spiritual Counsel!


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