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JESUS died to wash away our sins with His own blood if we would obey Him. He rose because dying was not enough to bring power upon it. He lives to give us power to forgive sins against us even as He has forgiven our sins against Him. The true meaning of Resurrection Ssunday celebrations (Easter) is that we bow the knee and acknowledge that our sins against Him will always be greater than anyones’s sins against us. It is why we forgive … the true meaning of Easter. JESUS rising from the dead was the power that proved He is GOD with power to wash away from memory what we’ve done, said, failed to do, and failed to say — after we admit it.


This Resurrection Sunday Celerbration (Easter), rise in your heart with Jesus the Christ by confessing grudges and turning them over to Jesus along with your own heart. Follow Him in his kingdom ways that hold no grudge! Grudging is sin against God. Why — because in God’s eyes whatever we are grudging that someone has done to us, be assured that we have done it (somehow) to Him or someone else. Yet, God holds no grudge.


Everything in life is spiritual. If you have not actually pulled a trigger and destroyed a life, you have made some decision that had the ripple effect of destroying someone’s life.


If we have not physically assaulted someone,  then we have through words, actions, parties and entertainments helped these things to happen in another person’s life.


We can all search our hearts and make a list of things to hold a grudge about and choose to stay away from all that Jesus, Christian stuff. or just blend into the scenery while still holding grudges in our hearts. However that same Jesus looks with loving eyes at each of us and says — have you not done the same thing???


You who are business owners. You have not committed adultery. Do you own a retail establishment that depicts men or women naked or close to it? Don’t you understand that your displays cause adultery, fornications, resultig abortions and assaults?


You who are business owners. You have not sold heroin or cocaine or new addictive substances. Do you sell liquor, cigarettes? Do you say in your heart “I just sell it to those who want it”. It’s not my fault what happens to them?


We all have a list of things that, if we look closely, we will see the spiritual power behind things we freely welcome to ourselves and, in effect, cause pain and suffering to others, but it’s okay “because it’s not happening to me”. It’s not happening to MY son. It’s okay because it’s not happening to MY daughter..


If God would hold a grudge, we would all be destroyed by His righteous anger. So, He sent Jesus. Christ.

Bow the knee! It is why we forgive. It is the true meaning of Easter.


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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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