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A Foolish Question

2 Timothy 2 – 23



A question or statement that stems from denying or doubting the fact that Jesus Christ is GOD visiting in human flesh and has all power in Heaven and earth.

Through rising from the dead Jesus proved this fact


More References: Romans 1: 16-32, Mark 8:27-38John 12:4-6




Some Modern Foolish Questions:


  • Christians think theirs is the only way to God. Aren’t there other ways to God besides Jesus?
  • God does not call women as pastors. Does God use women in authority over men?
  • After all, God doesn’t care what we wear. He only cares about our heart.
  • Aren’t there other ways to be Baptized in the Holy Spirit besides the same miracle of spiritual tongues that Jesus gave when He rose from the dead?



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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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