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Hillsong Explained



 It can happen to me, to you, to any Christian and to any preacher — and it is what has happened to our brother Pastor Brian Houston and Hillsong Church.

— Minister (Pastor) Clark

Early 2000s Prophecy: Hillsong Plus (An All-Churches Warning)


For decades and from state to state, I have obeyed the Lord to preach a prophecy that He commanded:


“Come out of the Christian System. Come back to me … and in My next move … I am judging pastors”. (Italics indicates tone inflections)






Any “one” of the teaching messages or prophecies Jesus spoke or sent into Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ as a denomination and Truth Seekers Church as a local expression of Himself would have helped my brother Pastor Brian Houston, or me, or other preachers to avoid what has happened to him — or would have completely prevented it.


FYI: You need to know that I don’t watch television as a general rule and I don’t read news either because the Lord instructed me decades ago to stop. “It is influencing your mind concerning my preachers so that your heart will not be able to hear me clearly concerning them if I need you to help them”. Bottom line? Christians, especially preachers, MUST keep their hearts pure from outside influence and pressure so you can ground yourself in the Lord’s heart and mind on any matter and toward any person.

Living in that disciplined life, it was strange to me when the Lord firmly commanded that I turn on the TV??? He, then, led me to this documentary on Hillsong. (Only watch with remote in your hand to mute or block what a Christian will not want to set before their eyes or ears). I was shocked! I had no idea of these things and that a trial is coming in June!




1987 Prophecy:

Houston and Hillsong


The Lord’s words of prophecy and the prophetic events are still fulfilling from 1987. Our brethren, Houston, and Hillsong Church are part of it.



JESUS said:

“For the next seven years, Christianity will be the hottest new business fad. There will be Christian books, tapes, cds, tee shirts, skating rinks, etc. as everyone seeks to make a buck off of My name.

But in the seventh year it is all going to begin to crumble as people go to and fro among the churches seeking something real …”.



By the seventh year (1994), fallout from the Falwell-Swaggart-Baker tragedy began crumbling the church world and “church” like we know it has never been the same or recovered. People began (like a mass exodus) moving to and fro from one church to another and from one denomination to another, repeatedly seeking something real about the Gospel lived and preached. How will the Hillsong events, as a global church, add into God fulfilling His prophecy to judge the huge Christian administrative corporation and big money-making business  Jesus said  we have turned church and ministry into?  What new wave of people will start moving to and from churches or even staying home to seek something real with Jesus Christ after the continuing Hillsong events unfold and the judgments and compassions of the Lord are unveiled?




Why Jesus Gave Prophecies


Jesus gives prophecies to protect us from upcoming events or conditions, trying to blanket us with His compassion and direction. He knows the end from the beginning of everything.


JESUS knows the day and time when one tiny way of thinking is suggested by Satan to your mind via preaching, via colleagues’ companionship, via the desire to be accepted into a ministerial alliance group who have things you want, or via the church environments you’re like-minding into (with your agreeing spouse if  you are married) — and He gets busy dismantling it. When your only circle is the people who believe the same thought with you, Jesus can’t get through to you by your own design!


What follows is a moment Jesus’ love for you was trying, hard, to protect you from — the invisible moment when Satan calls in his loan of goodies you have enjoyed via that one tiny way of thinking he sent to you long ago.

He openly shames you. It is a unique shame, humiliation, disgrace and financial loss that you know is “supernatural shame” and the realization that God has pulled back His longstanding shield as He did to David, the King.


As with David the King, God can still be found when we grossly humble ourselves before Him. However NO ONE can save us out of the hand of God when he decides it is time to judge us. It was better to feel the private shame of correction by God than this satanic moment when the very persons that Satan used to nurture you in that way of thinking choose to judge you and abandon you. Where will your preacher colleagues be? It is always the same supernatural betrayal, the same demonic progression, century after century and one person at a time — Satan does this tactic, repeatedly. Praise Jesus that He still cares and knows how to steer you as He recovered David.


At this time you realize that you have been, meticulously, worked by Satan to “there” … the series of events he hopes will destroy your soul completely with himself, eternally rejected by God and landed in Hades.

This is why NOTHING matters but your soul!

All that was gained as a preacher — the fame, the vain glory, the influential power, the celebrity and the celebrity “connections” — was it worth your soul at the brink of damnation and this present moment of demonic — justly due — humiliation? Our Lord Jesus says, NO — “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose His own soul”?


Through his goodies of self-promotion, preacher-admiration, televison celebrity and even locally “connected” prominence, Satan is always after a much higher goal for any preacher. Satan’s goal is where our brother, Brian and Hillsong, have arrived today and it isn’t over! Praise be to Jesus for His faithful love that still wants to and plans to recover all — if He is listened to and obeyed. There is no low that Jesus cannot bring  you out of and use you for Himself. The Gospel song lyrics:


If He has to reach way down, Jesus will pick you up.

If He has to reach way down, Jesus will pick you up.

If He has to reach way down, Jesus will pick you up.

Jesus will pick you up, if He has to reach way down!






I asked the Lord some years ago a question. When I pondered how many GREAT men and women of God who I witnessed loved Him, yet, ended up where our brothers Brian Houston, Jerry Falwell Jr. and others are and where some spiritually older (like fathers and mothers to us) ended such as Oral Roberts, A.A. Allen, Eddie Long, and Jerry Falwell Sr.. — it scared me!

I asked, “what’s to keep that from happening to me, Lord? I love you! They loved you and look what happened?

Jesus answered “as long as you keep it always about Me, you will never fail Me”.






Everything in life is spiritual. What is happening to our brother Pastor Brian Houston and Hillsong Church was seeded decades ago.  At some moment in heart and mind, it stopped being about Jesus and what He felt, what Jesus wanted, what Jesus valued and it became a business for achievement and success for Pastor Brian Houston. He is not the only preacher this happens to. All the preachers in other denominations who have taken on the spirit behind Houston’s thinking are on the same treadmill. I know because Jesus, personally, called me OUT from it and that is why the preaching I speak sounds so strange or foreign to most others. It is not a different Gospel that Minister Clark preaches. It is the original Gospel that Jesus and His apostles first preached. I contend for that, defend it and live it!


Jesus  tried to prevent Houston and Hillsong from the excruciating moment of public disgrace and people’s faith completely shattered, scattered, or lost; but no one would listen and they spurned all correction. We know that correction was spurned because God NEVER openly judges any person or church until He has exhausted multiple times and multiple ways to get them to listen in their conscience privately to Him and obey.


In every page on this site, JESUS is alerting you to the spiritual abilities and powers of Satan that can (literally) perform a supernatural power of slow seduction on any of us at anytime. A person wakes up one day and has to ask “how did I get here”!?? It can happen to me, to you, to any Christian and to any preacher — and it is what has happened to our brother Pastor Brian Houston and Hillsong Church.


Jesus wants their soul and spirit survival! Jesus wants to recover all for HIMSELF and it doesn’t mean recovering the Christian System empire they built for themselves. It means getting my brother Brian and others to confess and renounce the root lies they have believed and lived about Jesus Christ.

Know this, our brother only copied what he heard and saw some other preacher(s) doing. He did not get where he is all by himself. Satan always uses a person. The lies:


  1. Come as you are
  2. Just ask God to forgive you


This is a “sorrow of the world” (2 Corinthians 7:10 False Sorrow). It allows us to cling to some of the things we had with Satan in his world and keep them with us while we are converting to Jesus Christ, but Jesus said repentance costs and He warned us over and over that it costs BIG:


He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.





So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.




No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

Come As You Are

Just Ask God To Forgive You


These two lies have been copy-cat-preached throughout the USA and around the world. Together as one big lie, it allows a person to think transformation has happened only by believing faith that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus said “the devil believes”.


God says that transformation which breaks and destroys the power-hold Satan has on a human heart, mind and body takes GREATER power. The greater power is in the repentance Jesus gives and REPENTANCE always hurts — but afterward does feel unimaginably great!


If you think you can make things right with Jesus (that is, be transformed by Him from Satan’s kingdom to Jesus’ kingdom) by a simple “I’m sorry Lord, will you please forgive me — without renouncing Satan and all his trinkets you used to serve him — you’re wrong! You cannot come as you are because you are dealing with high level demon beings — repentance costs.

You cannot “just ask God to forgive you”  and that’s it  — you can’t because repentance COSTS. What has happened to Brother Carl Lentz is that he never forsook, renounced, defected from the demons he fellowshipped with before making confessions about Jesus Christ. He just came as he was and believed that Jesus is the Son of God. Satan loves that … and at Satan’s own opportune moment, he will show you that he still has power in you.


Jesus, when going to the Cross said “Satan comes and finds NOTHING in me”.

JESUS meant (and we must mea it, too) there is nothing Satan has that I want and nothing he ‘s got has any hold on me!


Carl, still, kept the attitudes, tattoos, language, and personalities that identified who he was in Satan’s kingdom and someone told him he could just bring it with him and confess Jesus Christ. Therapy will not change that.  Only the raw power of Jesus words believed and obeyed can change the deep inter-twine of demons’ working in the human heart and mind. I know because I’ve been there!


Repentance hurts because you will have to give up the “spiritual world of Satan that you were living in and part of” — that means family relationships change or go, friends change or go, activities change or go, admiration of you … and by you will change and must go. NOBODY but Jesus can draw any of us to pay the costs of repentance.


Repentance is not “I’m sorry” – repentance is making an absolute CHANGE. It is not doing better — it is the POWER OF GOD that destroys your previous evil-influenced mental state. This truth has always been the Gospel. You can recover if you follow three straight-talk spiritual survival rules below.


“As long as you keep it always about Me, you will never fail Me.”


The Lord Jesus Christ

2015 – Present

Celebrities Need Christ’s Humility

God is only with the humble and God is always with the humble. Don’t confuse “looseness” that accepts everything with humility and love for everyone.

Keep The Heart of A Child At All Times No Matter How Old You Are

The Lord Jesus Christ


Satan Always Uses A Person

Ever ask yourself … “how did I get HERE” in my life? The next question is, usually, “how do I get out” or “where do I go from here” or even can I get out“? Sometimes, the question is “how do I get back“?


Cut Enemies

In this context, your enemy is anyone blocking, interfering, or distracting your loyalty to the Bible Jesus Christ. Even worse is anyone who enables (strengthens) you to sin or to continue in a sin!



You must not follow the trends of culture in the churches,  even while being a member in the churches. Every “true” Christian must walk alone in his or her heart with Jesus. This survival attitude is NOT new!

Jeremiah 15:19


The Lord Jesus has asked me to make myself available to pastors for helping to strengthen the brethren through teaching sessions and preaching events. It doesn’t matter which Christian denomination you are in if your quest is to know Him more and move in union with Holy Spirit. Call or email to discuss. If God confirms to you, we can schedule a private or preaching meeting.

Christ’s love to you, Minister Clark


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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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