How I Met Jesus – Using Ministry Offices

Hello Boise!

It’s Minister Clark …

The message on how I came to Jesus Christ is now standard navigation for you instead of a post message. When you want to know my office (authority from Jesus) and my anointings (spiritual powers and abilities from Jesus), the page is there for you. Just look at the top of any page and click “About”.

This About-Page will give “rest” to Holy Ghost-filled Christians, because you can rely on the Holy Spirit to give you the trust you need to let Jesus’ ministry offices and anointings be used when you need them. If you want to be a wiser, stronger, more humble and more effectual Pastor, Preacher or Christian brother and sister (James 5:8-20) — I CAN help you!

Always remember that it is Jesus Christ, Himself – not me in my own strength and knowledge – who is supplying you the ministry help. Jesus has only chosen me, trained me, chastened me to these ministry offices — because He desperately loves “YOU”.

Next, this About-Page will give “rest” to all of you who don’t know the real Jesus Christ (yet) but who are desperately seeking to learn from a minister who does! For your success, may I strengthen you with the same words spoken to a five year old child :

As you seek to enter a truthful and loving relationship with the real Jesus Christ – “DON’T PLAY WITH GOD”!


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