What is “Unbelief”

Unbelief is Disobedience


Unbelief is a CHOICE. We prove that we do not believe, love, nor do we have faith in Jesus Christ when, as our normal daily way of living, we deny the power He gives us to obey Him (this is called being a “sinner”).

If we are a sinner — as a member of a church or not — JESUS asks us to be a person of a truthful, loving heart by agreeing with Him that we are; then confess it, forsake it and seek forgiveness from Him and others we injured. This is an attitude and an action of “love” — from a truthful, loving heart!

Unbelief will not love and is “incapable of loving”.

God hates, above all, the sin of UNBELIEF and UNBELIEF IS A CHOICE. (Hebrews Chapter 4, Matthew 13:58, Mark 16:14, James 5:20).