Who Are “The Apostles”

“The Apostles” in the New Testament are the official authorities sent by Jesus Christ above and having authority over all other preachers.

The Apostles are the FIRST official authorities of Jesus Christ, “hand-chosen” by Him with designated authority. The apostles, along with prophets, then and now are responsible to preserve the foundation Gospel that Jesus lived and preached for continuance by the second ranking prophets, third ranking evangelists and last in rank pastors (teachers). See Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:18, 28.

Any person, male or female, who claims to be a Christian or Christian Preacher “sent by Jesus Christ” must give obedience to “The Apostles”. All preaching that contradicts the life and teachings of “the apostles” in the New Testament is contrary to Jesus Christ, Himself (1 John Chapter 4). This is much of the state of Christians because too many preachers/pastors are appointed (ordained) by some human being or college instead of by Jesus Christ.

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