God planted this church denomination in America where the official language is English. All worship is in English and other language speakers must show respect to the Lord and the nation by learning English. No accommodation is offered for foreign languages. The Lord revealed in His word (Genesis 11)

  Using God’s worship environment for buying and selling is easy money that all people may want to make. Jesus’ example to us was a strict love for God’s feelings and keeping the worship environment pure for Him only. Priority is first for prayers to God, then hearing  His instructive

      The church is created by Jesus as individuals meeting with Him under a pastor:   “If I want to meet with you in a corn field — you should be happy that the living God wants to meet with you at all! The Lord Jesus Christ –

      No person knows what Jesus looks like after his flesh. It is impossible to know what Jesus’ flesh really looked like and He has made sure of that. God commands Christians to know Jesus and every person by the heart within the person.     We love

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