Survey: Christian or Mormonism

Christian or Mormonism Survey




A. You Are NOT ENTANGLED In Mormonism By Doing Business

The accountant for Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church IS in Mormonism. Jesus wanted me to choose that CPA. I loved his wife and family and his staff. I still love them! I would still be with him, BUT …

One day when I came to the office for services, I noticed a book in the office magazine rack and it was the only book in the rack. I could see from my chair what it was! It was the “Book of Mormon”. Immediately, when called into the office for my appointment, I said, lovingly, gently, sincerely — “there is a book out there in your magazine rack that I must warn you about. I must protect you”.

He was puzzled, trying to figure what could possibly be in his reception area that was so concerning to me that I would want to “protect” him, “warn him”. So, he said, “I better pay more attention and know what is in my magazine rack”. He arose, went out to the reception area and came back into our appointment holding the book up and saying, “THIS book”???

I replied to him, “yes”. To which he, lovingly responded, “I have very strong feelings about this book. But if you feel you need to warn me or protect me, I am very interested to know why? I am so serious about this that I and my wife would love to have you for dinner to discuss this.

I was honored to be welcomed to their home and family. I DO love them, still love them even as I write this section. We had a wonderful time. No arguing, raising voices, belittling. It was beautiful —  but after hours of going through the scriptures PEACEFULLY, he understood my loyalties and I understood theirs. He learned that I could not do business as long as that book was being offered as worship/instruction for relationship with God. I explained that there are only two Kingdoms — Jesus Christ vs Satan and his demons — and that book brings you into the demonic.

He, nor I, were angry with each other. Upon returning once more for accounting services — the book was still there. I informed him, gently but sincerely, that I can’t come back while that book is displayed. I have not. Howcver, once it is not a proclamation to the entering public, I’ll be back with my favorite CPA – God willing.

The dentist I chose was open on Saturdays. When I sat down to fill out patient history, I noticed right beside me on the end table — the Book of Mormon. So, I went back to the reception desk and said, “I’m sorry. Something has come up that does not allow me to do business with you. It’s that book you have on the table. It is worship that mingles with demon spirits. I’m sorry”.

She said, “Others have felt that way, so it’s okay. I understand”.

I gave her this website in expectation that someday it can help her and others. So, the search for my dentist is back on.

Doing business with those in Mormonism does not attache and entangle you! We ALL do business all day long with persons who do not believe in God, Jesus the Christ, or have been given a perverted Gospel about Jesus. EVERY Christian does  business all day long with unbelievers who, unknowingly, worship idols and demon spirits in all kinds of religions! Jesus’ blood covers us and we do not attach ourselves to the evil power they are, unknowingly, worshipping and identifying their lives under. As Paul said, you would have to leave this earth! So, if that’s what you are trying to avoid — forget it! Live here with peace of mind, because any business owner who is not “in” Christ is, automatically, in satan’s kingdom. You CANNOT avoid that. Jesus (knowing that) left us here to help them hear about His attitude toward sin, judgment and the Father’s mercy of righteousness available through Him.

Only when you, directly, participate IN worshipping or approving the “worship” do you “entangle” yourself with that worship and bring the supernatural power within it upon your ministry, life, family, or business. When you walk into a business and you see idols, artifacts, memorabilia, worship or instruction materials, then you KNOW the proprietor is using the business for the specific purpose of preaching a false god or spirit being from a realm outside the true realm of Jesus Christ and his holy angels!.

You CANNOT PARTICIPATE –whether Mormonism and its trumpeting angel-herald, temples, or Asian restaurants with Buddha at the entry door! (That’s another message for a different day and time.)




B. You ARE ENTANGLED In Mormonism By These Survey Actions

The survey statements below will help you know if you are a Christian “entangled” in Mormonism.

Entanglement, according to Jesus Christ, means that satan has  power on your life through your attaching yourself to something that belongs to satan.

Minister Clark



You are a Christian entangled in Mormonism if:

  1. You defend Mormon beliefs and practices when you hear a Christian point out the wrongfulness in them.
  2. You feel ANY little tinge inside you, of offense,  when Christians point out wrongfulness in Mormonism.
  3. You try to “get along with” by not offending the false god worshipped by Mormons.
  4. You protect Mormons from being referred to as Mormons.
  5. You fear to acknowledge the real Jesus Christ by approving the false use of the term “saints” to establish Mormonism (which invented the term -LDS).
  6. You do not know the sacredness of the term “saint” given by Jesus Christ to Christians, and why it does not apply to Mormonism.
  7. You blatantly disobeyed Jesus Christ, your Lord, by dating a Mormon.
  8. You blatantly disobeyed Jesus Christ, your Lord, by marrying a Mormon.
  9. You gave your son or daughter, who is dedicated to Jesus Christ through your relationship with Him —  to date a Mormon.
  10. You gave your son or daughter, who is dedicated to Jesus Christ through your relationship with Him —  to marry a Mormon.
  11. When you were born again you did not — but now you have changed to believe Christian and Mormon (LDS) is the same thing.
  12. You think that a Mormon is an immature Christian who needs more teaching and development in “the faith” of Jesus Christ.
  13. You think that a Mormon is saved and going to Heaven.
  14. You think that Mormons are saved by being a good person.
  15. You think that a Mormon is a Christian.
  16. You allow Mormons to tell you they are your Christian brother or sister … and you believe it is truth.
  17. You think that Mormonism is just another “denomination” of Christians, not a completely different “worshipof a completley different god.
  18. You are a Christian AND do not know that Mormonism is a completely different “worship” of a completely different god.
  19. You are afraid to, lovingly, witness to a Mormon about Jesus Christ!
  20. You left Mormonism, BUT STILL EXAMINE CHRISTIAN TEACHINGS BY WHAT YOU “know to be true” from Mormonism. You are not, completely, in with Jesus Christ because you still consider some of Mormon lifestyle or teachings as truth, and INWARDLY, PRIVATELY, SECRETLY compare.
  21. You worship with Mormons! You think we are all worshipping the same god so you PARTICIPATE in their worship at assemblies and other ceremonies.
  22. YOU HAVE A BOOK OF MORMON IN YOUR HOUSE! (No, you didn’t?)
  25. You don’t know that it is cursed to have a Book of Mormon or any “curious arts” (things that attach you to the spirit realm outside of Jesus’ domain) in your possession! (Galatians 1:6-9, Acts 19:13-20)
  26. You dare to think of putting the Holy Bible next to the Book of Mormon to make it okay to display of that bookwhich instructs in the worship of demon beings! or to make yourself feel okay to do business with those who display it. Remember how provoked God was about Dagon in Judges chapter 16!

These are only a few scenarios. If just one scenario fits you, then you do not know the difference! That is why you need to be in the classes that are revised from just for Christians and are now open to anybody because we don’t know whether you are in church or not! Classes are held at various times and locations throughout Treasure Valley. Click the red button on the right side of this page and request a seat!

Please, if you can help a Christian brother or sister by showing other scenarios that prove we don’t know the difference, leave your scenario in the comment section on this page. Register first, or your comment won’t be shown to exist!


Finally, let every human being keep focus upon the Lord’s instuction in 1 Corinthians 10 for keeping free from supernatural cunning that is able to divert ALL persons from a real relationship with God, no matter what spiritual avenues we try — not just Mormonism.

1Co 10:19-24
19  What say I then? that the idol is any thing, or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is any thing?
20  But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils.
21  Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.
22  Do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? are we stronger than he?
23  All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.
24  Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.