Thanksgivings, Offerings & Prayers

Holy Offerings – Part A

Prayers, Money, Thanksgivings and everything about you is holy to God. What you do with your attitudes and your money in your relationship to Jesus Christ and God, His Father is between you and Jesus. It is, and always has been, a holy and private matter, so there are no online offering buttons on this site.

In Truth Seekers Church, your choice to give to the Lord for His work should be well thought out, done with reverence, taking your time, and according to what He empowers you to do — no pressure or shame from trying to keep up with what you think others are doing. This applies to everything you can give in thanks to God — prayers, songs, musical instruments, earthly career knowledge and skills, scripture teaching or preaching, Holy Spirit power gifts, EVERYTHING!

I do not have a word from Jesus Christ, yet, about online giving and I have no judging to do about other preachers who do. These instructions are what the Lord Jesus has given to ME for my obedience in leading his people back to holy awe and reverence for God and his holy things!


How To Give A Holy Offering To God



You must pray over your offering of talent or money to sanctify it (separate it apart from all other common uses, make it special) as uniquely His, for the Lord to accept it. Even prayers must be sanctified!

NEWSFLASH: God does NOT ACCEPT everything we offer to Him (Isaiah 66). Our offerings must be according  to reverence  and obedience to Him with a humble, loving heart for — Him and people. There must not be any selfish hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, revenge, pride in the heart toward anybody while you are approaching God with a prayer or “holy” offering (Matthew 5:1-24).

Also, our prayers & offerings must be for the right reason (James 4:1-17). There must not be any “lightness, trivial attitudes in its presentation, but presented as if given to Jesus standing right in front of us — watching us … because HE IS WATCHING!


IMPORTANT: Our minds must be on the Lord’s Kingdom — not trying to co-mingle our  motives with earthly political or cultural ambitions. Laws about income taxation and giving taxation must not be your “motive” or your “decision-maker”. It must be given as your private covenant between Jesus Christ and you. The only thought you must have when giving is “what is right for me to do toward you and your Kingdom, Lord Jesus”? Impressing someone must not be the motive of your giving your time or abilities. Getting acknowledgment or praise to yourself must not enter into your heart.



Financial Offerings for the work of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church can be done with reverence and praying that God will accept it by two ways:

  1. MAILINGS:  You can mail your offerings:
  2. Make check or money orders to Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ or Truth Seekers Church (legal names for the church work). The pastor’s hands, anointed by the Spirit of Jesus, will be laid upon your offering, with words of authority that impart Christ’s favor and blessing upon it and upon you, in  obedience to the Lord’s direct command to Minister Clark in Matthew 10:40-42.
  3. MEETINGS: You can, also, choose to meet in person(this can be in a church meeting). Again, hands anointed by the Holy Spirit will be laid upon YOU and your offering, with words of authority that impart Christ’s favor and blessing upon it and upon you. This is also done in obedience to the Lord’s direct command to Minister Clark in Matthew 10:40-42.


My Personal Dedication About God’s Money

I have been poor, millionaire-rich, middle-income — all of it — and learned the truth about God’s offerings. Offerings  are “holy” to God. My accountants have all kept to my commitment that I do not look for deductions, only taking what is standard. This keeps my life free to serve the Lord without hindrance, distraction, or unclear motives in my heart. Also, it keeps me from limiting what I want to do for the Lord because of the fears surrounding gift tax if I want to do more than the IRS laws permit! Just give it and take the loss as a sacrifice to God — it is all His money anyway! He has always restored in some manner more than I could ever dream — such as GETTING THE GOSPEL OUT OF MY MOUTH WITH POWER!!!  HALLELUJAH!

Minister Clark


Holy Offerings – Part B




Church is changing from what we’ve all been doing for the past two hundred plus years in America.  For faithful Christians whom God has chosen to be members in His new move, that means Jesus is requiring us to return to His focus upon Matthew 5:22-24 as our “definition” for offerings.


22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.

23 Therefore if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee;

24 Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift.




Faithful Christians understand Jesus’ heart demands and commands to love one another. EVERYTHING WE DO FOR JESUS is considered by God as an offering — accepted or rejected by God. Sometimes, the offering is what or who you choose to forsake, separate from, or sacrifice having in your life because you love Jesus Christ and that presence will not work with your love for Him.  Sometimes, the offering is suffering persecution or despise and disrespect from other Christians who are really still part of Satan’s world. (Colossians 3:17, 1 John 3) Always, an offering can be suffering persecution, disrespect, despise, or loss from unbelieving sinners in the world we live in.

Persecuting, despising, and disrespecting other Christians is the true reason for the lack of power to convert souls, which we say is missing to the world around us. No love = NO HOLY GHOST POWER … and you can do absolutely “NOTHING” without the Holy Ghost!  This is, also, the foundational, root reason for the lack of answers to our prayers! (1 John 2)

Disrespecting one another is the true reason for “much” of the sickness and even death that Satan is able to bring upon Christians, just like everyone else under his domain. Jesus is STRICT, (zero-tolerance) when it comes to how we the Christian family regard in our thoughts one another and treat with our actions one another.

See 1 Corinthians 11:17-32, James 5:13-20

Sometimes, God is so merciful that he gives us decades to confess and repent to one another. Unrepentant sin has a payday. Sometimes, it comes in “nothing goes right in your life” for years! Sometimes, it comes through your children because you hurt someone else’s family or hurt God, directly via hurting a church member!

Sometimes, it is in cancers and other terminal sicknesses. Sometimes, it is financial. The point is that God considers me “abominable” when I “offer” in the Name of Jesus  Christ my sermons, songs, praise and worship team activities, children’s church, youth ministry… or whatever I am doing — supposedly “in His name” toward others — and my heart is not right! (Isaiah 66:1-4)

This includes the preacher who just yelled at his wife or her husband ON THE WAY TO THE CHURCH MEETING, and never humbled themselves to confess to their spouse how wrong they were and seek forgiveness and reconciliation. YES, reconciliation … you mean, we don’t know that our fellowship with God is broken until we take initiative to get right with our spouse, or son, or daughter or other church member  or any person at all?!!! They may not be willing to forgive and forget … but YOU must do right! (Romans 12:18) They may be the guilty wrong-doer, but YOU must do right!

You mean, we don’t know that all our offerings, of any kind, don’t even get received by the Lord when we are in strife, envy, jealousy, bitterness, ambitious contention, supremacy attitudes, or foolish jesting that “could” hurt someone — even if it did not???

Such is the unloving condition of modern churches in America and we have exported our filth, through the churches, into other churches throughout the world. (sigh). Certainly, all churches are not in this condition, but … it is common or Jesus would not point it out.

When we choose to deal with our own “self” to make sure our “offering” to God is pure — we will experience the BLESSING of answered PRAYER!


Please make yourself “worthy” to make offerings to our  ONLY TRUE GOD. Then send or bring yourself as an offering, your spiritual gifts, and your financial offerings for the success of this developing denomination which is a pillar in Christ’s new move of LOVE and accompanying POWER.

Make checks or other instruments to:

Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ, 6126 W. State Street, Boise, ID 83703


Christ’s love!

Minister (Pastor) Clark



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