Listen America – The Good and Bad About Angels       ANGELS …   What You MUST Know         Many Americans tell of their experiences with “angels”. They say that an angel told them this or that. They always have a name for this angel

  The Cross of Jesus Christ — Minister (Pastor) Clark     THE CROSS EXPOSES HEARTS   I always know “perfectly” whether a person or a religious organization is legitimate as being Christian (joined to the Bible Lord Jesus Christ) by their attitudes about “His Cross”. There are so many

You can always investigate and verify where you are with the Bible Lord Jesus Christ. Trace it using Mark Chapter 4. You can investigate and verify if you are saved or still have His judgment pending upon you. You can investigate and verify how He saved you. You can even

Updated Sunday, April 10, 2022 as we approach Resurrection Sunday and the true significance of the Cross  Camouflage: Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?   An Example of Camouflage – Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing In this shocking message about “The Lutheran Who Denied The Cross”, I feel led by Holy Spirit to

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