SURVEY: The Way Out

Jesus Spoke … “Undo The Entanglement of My People In Mormonism”


This Christian or Mormonism Survey will help you! It will open your ears if your heart is willing to hear truth from the real Jesus Christ. However, only your heart taking action on that truth will set you free.




“Book of Mormon-Worshipers”

The real Jesus Christ referred to “LDS” as “Mormonism” during a prophecy and direct command to Minister Clark in March 2015 at Boise, Idaho. It was during a  Holy-Spirit Baptized local church prayer meeting when Jesus spoke these words:

“Undo the entanglement of my people (Christians) in Mormonism”.


Mormons are trying with all organized effort to gain the acceptance of Christian churches as being one of them — Christians.  These, also, seek the approval of God for salvation. What a beautiful goal!

How sad, that all their efforts are detouring them away from the very Jesus Christ and God whom some believe they are worshiping!

God always acknowledges a zeal to gain his approval and loves anyone for that! How can you not? That is why He does everything to get the truth to these, and lead them out, and into the true salvation that, mistakenly, they think they are working toward.

Minister Clark – May 2020



Pros and Cons of Entanglement (There Are No Pros)


The real Jesus Christ taught us “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”! (John 8:31)

There are Christians who are on their way to eternal damnation (like Judas Iscariot) because of their betrayal of Jesus through “fellowship” entanglements with Mormonism.

These Christians suffer all kinds of evil attacks from Satan and don’t know why they are having these sufferings — it is because of your entanglement in Mormonism, for one reason. Often, we Christians will just learn to live with some sufferings in our lives and attribute it as normal life, aging, the ebbs and flows of life … we talk just like the world that does not know God nor the power of the Gospel!

There are Christians who are half in and half out — not really surrendered to the real Jesus Christ they say is their Lord. These create “spiritual” (demonic) friendships which are based upon the Christian agreeing to “respect” the sin of Mormonism and not expose or reprove the idolatry of worshiping the Book of Mormon. 

Sorry … but YES Mormonism is SIN.



Mormonism is Sin


See Galatians 1:8 which tells us the results of perverting the truth from God who created us. 

See Leviticus 19:17-18  — which teaches us what God calls love, and what He expects of us who claim we love one another!

See Romans 1:31 — where Jesus tells us through his Apostle Paul, what God thinks of persons who accompany or encourage others IN THEIR SIN!


Romans Chapter 1:32


32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.


The Way Out of Entanglements


Obeying the truth from the real Jesus Christ (the Bible Jesus Christ) will free your mind, emotions, heart, and conscience from false spiritual powers and the entangled condition you are in, as a Christian, with Mormonism.

Choosing to obey the truth with your thoughts, words, and actions is what Jesus means by “knowing the truth”.

  • It does you no good to hear the truth and not change your mind.
  • It does you no good to hear the truth and take no public action establishing it in your life as real.
  • It does you no good to know the truth and not continue in it —meaning forsaking it when convenient for you.
  • It does you no good to know the truth, while continuing to hang with others in the lies you once lived by.




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