Sunday Worship Jesus’ Way

Autonomy vs  Stranglehold On The Local Church

As Jesus prepares pastors to receive rest and refreshing, there is one critical foundation He is re-establishing to Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastor/Teachers. We have abandoned from the “original” Gospel delivered to the saints the mandatory “spiritual autonomy (self-government) of the local church”.

This autonomy (self-governing) of the HOLY SPIRIT as the sole power of the pastor and the people to do the will of our Lord Jesus Christ is what satan wants to destroy, even from our memory … and we have forgotten! We, like Israel in Egypt for so long, have forgotten our own God and ADAPTED to the gods that the people around us rely on.  A people who does not know their own God is a powerless and pitiable condition to be in when “hunted” (satan) by a supernatural enemy.

Jesus IS Lord, so our Lord is restoring both our memory and our function in the unique identity of “the Church”.


Without the identity of the HOLY SPIRIT as the sole power of the pastor and the people to do the will of our sovereign Jesus Christ, we become just another name on the roster of non-profit organizations to which people may “donate”. No longer reverenced as “the people of God”, whom God is with because they demand that men repent of their sins.

Minister Clark


Behold, our God receives holy offerings from His own people “Christians in the churches”.  Yet, we have descended (James 3:13-18) into nothing more than another good cause that people can donate to.  Everybody can give, anybody can give as a tax deduction, not an offering to God whom they fear!

See what is wrong with this picture. It’s time to move from this scenario into our heritages as the miracle born, Holy Ghost empowered, “peculiar” people of God!

Truth Seekers Church” is myself, first, because the church began in Jesus who had the founding command and vision from God – the Father — an added to Him those who heard and obeyed. Likewise, a local church is established (first) in any singular preacher who has the faith, courage, holy boldness, tenacity and Holy Ghost power from Jesus to step out alone and do what He said. Simple! ALL moves of God began this way.

Without this kind of brazen loyalty to Jesus there cannot be “raw” Gospel preaching and power impact upon the people among whom Christ plants you.

“Church Worship” is a small family-like meeting with Jesus of repented persons obeying the real Jesus Christ; and who are receiving encouragement and correction from one another in their serious new life with Him. In Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church, we insist to PERSONALLY know each person coming into our homes. We insist to PERSONALLY know each person coming into our acquaintance, claiming to be a changed person by obeying Jesus Christ. Too much hurt and damage has come in the churches in America by our “free to all, nonprofit organization structure”.  We are a spiritual creature and not-for-profit seeking. We are this spiritual entity in the earth by the authority and command of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the only head of every church. The past structure is seeking permission and validation from the IRS that you are a church! Preachers are so conditioned to seek that recognition that it has become the “honor” among the churches when you have their tax exempt status letter on your wall or in hand.

In John 5:44,Jesus said …


How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

The IRS becomes used by the invisible principalities as an Imposter Jesus Christ — assigning all your identity, working orders, credentials, jurisdiction, scope, no-fly zones, pacts and treaties, authority and reward (reward being you won’t have to be audited).