Sunday Worship Jesus’ Way – Part 2

Autonomy or Stranglehold On The Local Church – continued


The autonomy (self-governing) of the HOLY SPIRIT as the sole power of the pastor and the people to do the will of our Lord Jesus Christ is what satan wants to destroy, even from our memory … and we have forgotten!

Minister Clark


We, like Israel in Egypt for so long, have forgotten our own God and ADAPTED to the gods that the people around us rely on.  A people who does not know their own God is a powerless and pitiable condition to be in when “hunted” (satan) by a supernatural enemy.

Jesus IS Lord, so our Lord is restoring both our memory and our function in the unique identity of “the Church”.

In mercy, Jesus for the sake of faith in people toward Him, has “permitted” the use of this “government fellowshipping” with the IRS where we get from it our identity, parameters of calling and ministry. In Christ’s new move, we must move. Knowing the seasons and times reveals that He is using different methods to carry the power of the Holy Ghost through the churches against the invisible principalities and powers in the spirit realm. See Ephesians 3:10


We must move with Jesus back to the spiritual autonomy and authority within the Church. We must not seek our identity from the definition that the IRS creates — requiring a board, secretary, treasurer, president, credentials, “ministries”, “programs”  (public services)   and activities. This has made us weak in “faith” and unable to be the salt and light Jesus saved us to be!

Minister Clark

We must abandon the false doctrine that the IRS brought into the Lord’s churches called “covering”. Covering is the IRS concept of one church applying for a “letter” stating that the IRS gives you permission to ask the general public for money — then other churches can come UNDER THAT CHURCH, so the other churches don’t have to do the tedious work of getting their own letter. THAT’S IT! THAT’S ALL OF IT! THAT’S HOW IT ALL STARTED — DENOMINATIONS, COVERING, PAID CREDENTALS, CHURCH SHOPPING, FAKE MINISTRIES called “programs and activities”, CHURCH INTERNET REVIEWS, JUSTIFYING YOUR EXISTENCE EACH YEAR TO THE IRS BY DOCUMENTING WHAT PROGRAMS YOU ARE DOING.  See “Page 2” for proof, at this linked copy of the official IRS documents.

Like Israel in Egypt for so long, we have been continuing this spiritual bondage into centuries and have ADAPTED like Pavlov’s Dog … until we respond on cue to falling in step with the ways that things have been done.


When Jesus called you (or me) the first thing we did was conferred with man how to do the call given. Man (usually ALL the existing preachers) told you and me:

“Well, first you need to get your letter proving you are a 501c3 exempt organization. You can come under mine, or I can help you get your own.” It’s easier if you just come under mine. Of course, you did not realize how much “‘control” over your church work came with it!

We, typically, NEVER ASKED JESUS “HOW DO YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT YOU’RE CALLING ME TO DO?” Very telling, isn’t it — the stranglehold that is upon The Church???

From that moment, “the exempt status” owned us — what you can preach, how much money God can pay you, what you can drive for His purposes, who you MUST allow as a member, even dictates what purpose He can give you! NO!!! NO THANK YOU! NO MORE!!!


In the process, like Isreal … we have forgotten our own heritage of who we are, how we came to be and what our purpose for existing really is! It is not to be like slaves building up Egypt; enslaved to the 501c3 government-directed building of more organizations for social betterment, and carrying an exemption letter to prove it! NO!!! We are the “Church” — the Holy Ghost empowered, Holy Ghost led, witness that the dead Jesus Christ rose ALIVE to save, deliver, heal and IS coming back to judge!


Instead we must REPENT and do the same obedience that every prophet, evangelist, pastor and apostle of the New Testament was required to walk with our Lord.

That  is, OBEY the calling and vision Jesus gives you to fulfill and know that HOLY GHOST is your credential.

We need our autonomy to get the job done! We cannot turn to flesh methods to overcome supernatural warfare in the spirit realm. We cannot fight spiritual enemies with flesh intelligence and governing. Satan is extremely organized “in the spirit realm”. We must get back into our Divine order, too, in the spirit realm! So, highly organized is the enemy, that when I visited another country the Lord spoke to me and said, “When your feet touched this soil, satan was informed that you are here.”

Churches are, by the United States Constitution, tax exempt and not-for-profit. The way church has been operated is being exposed as it has served the Body of Christ well, but it is not the original way of Jesus Christ. The antichrist spirit has taken advantage of us in our churches through the practice of bringing strangers into our “public assemblies”, coming freely into church worship to steal, kill and destroy — both doctrine, fellowship and lives. No more!!! You do not need to organize and ignore what Jesus called you to do because you are so busy and distracted and fearing to get IRS endorsement. Click here and see that You ARE ALREADY endorsed by GOD!


Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ does not practice the false doctrine that “church” is a public institution and social welfare agency formed to serve the public and meet the causes of society, being freely open to all because it asks money from the public to finance it’s operations. NO MORE!!! NO THANK YOU! Jesus is the financier of His own churches. We don’t need to, shamefully, “solicit” the general public of sinners  to build God’s spiritual building!  NO MORE!!! NO THANK YOU!

Minister Clark


Jesus created this holy thing called “Church” and gave it identity. Only Jesus Christ has a church … it is “HIS” church. We need to submit to Him … “If it’s not Jesus’ way, then SOMEWAY the Devil is in it”!



What is a Church?

The belief and practice that any religious organization is able to use the name “church” is, also, a lie that we Christians  have adapted to in this generatiion and culture. 

Jesus Christ described “church”as persons whose hearts God (the Father) has drawn to repent of their sins and obey Jesus Christ and His authorities (Ephesians 4:11), His order (Ephesians 4:11), His methods (The New Testament) — all for His purposes (Ephesians 4:13).


NOTHING ELSE IS A CHURCH. (Revelation 3:9, Jews in this context means Christians).



A Sunday Church Assembly is – Repented persons obeying Jesus Christ to save them from eternal damnation, to live eternally in Christ’s love for one another; and empowered by Jesus to use His Name for casting out devils, healing  all kinds of sickness and disease, and saving other humbled persons from the wrath of God to come upon the whole world. The Church is like the ark Noah built and Jesus Christ is the door shut or open by you!

Therefore, NO!  Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church is NOT open to everyone. It is closed to everyone but REPENTED PERSONS, WHO HAVE REPENTED OF THEIR SINS TO OBEY JESUS CHRIST and their guests who have repented or who are seeking God.

God is not willing that anyone perish in Hell and then end in The Lake! You can always (and must) obey Jesus Christ by privately and publicly renouncing all other religious affiliations and their supports — even your own personal religion you may be following called “my self-my way”.

Only after acknowledging these truths and doing things that prove it, are you FREE from satan’s power!  Only when free are you even “able” to choose, and to ask to join with Minister Clark as she continues to obey Jesus Christ in protecting the humble obedient (Isaiah 66:1-2). Only after you are free can you choose to join with any other pastor in Boise Valley who can train you as brethren maturing in Christ’s character and power over the supernatural Evil one (satan).

See page “Legal” coming soon.