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steps for christian survival


A transition is happening in the spirit-realm that is affecting all churches and even all mankind. What does that mean? It means that EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS SPIRITUAL and only what the “Holy” Spirit from Jesus Christ is doing … is REALITY. Make sure that you are maintaining union with Holy Spirit to be “in” with the Lord Jesus Christ. These steps for Christian Survival will guide you and will maintain that unity.

Step One – Cut

Step Two – Sanctify

Step Three- Protect

Step Four — Focus

Step Five — Exit

Step Six — The Poor


  Step Seven – Expect God’s Reward



  • Philippians 3:17-19 
  • 2 Tim 1:15-16
  • Choose loyalty to Jesus vs. those you love
  • Expect rewards




In this context, your enemy is anyone blocking, interfering or distracting your loyalty to Jesus Christ or enabling (strengthening) you in your sins.

Exposing and cutting off your enemies never means hate. In the spirit realm, a person may not even realize that he or she is your enemy.

Nevertheless, he or she is “against” Jesus’ will for your life and happiness in Him. You only get one life to fulfill and they don’t want that for you. They want you to fulfill their wishes for your life. They are Christ’s enemies concerning you … and they are yours.





When The Enemy Is Us

Even a “Christian” (brother, sister, preacher, or pastor) in one moment can be or become your enemy — a person who is against your obedience to the Bible Lord Jesus  Christ. See 1 Timothy 1:15-17.


Acknowledge that!



It was Joseph’s own Jehovah-worshiping brethren — not the atheists, agnostics, and other religious or non-religious people living around him — who tried to kill their own brother and sold him into slavery. (Genesis 37:1-36)


By Joseph continuing to believe God instead of his circumstances, Jehovah God gave him victory in chapters 38-50 after Joseph was separated from his God-hating, hypocrite, pretending brothers!


Know and accept this for your own sake, for your own survival. Don’t be caught involved in something stupid when Jesus comes because you were trying to be accepted by some other Christian, or worse, seeking their approval.

“False” Relationships

These are false relationships and they ARE your enemies


Persons who appear to be about Jesus Christ, but in their heart, are doing or saying things that resist, discredit, or sabotage your obedience to the Bible Jesus Christ are “false” relationships.

You must say to yourself or them at some point, “you are Jesus’ enemy and you are my enemies”!

You must not continue to let these persons “hang on you” or drain you in fervor and power for Jesus Christ. You must not let that draining happen by going along with their public acting or choosing to follow their “lukewarm” commitment to JESUS.

Cut them off. Don’t play around with it. Your life depends on it.

Sometimes, you may not see how to remove these kind of enemies out of your life — but you can always know who they are.

Also, you can always “cut them in your heart and mind” from having the place of influence they’ve been accustomed to having with you.


One certain way is to have GOD remove them and replace them.

Simply, call on the Bible Jesus, believing He hears you. Tell Him you forsake these persons to gain pure fellowship with Him. Tell Him you love Him more and “I choose You Lord, not them” … even though you care for them very much.

God will always honor such a prayer. Ask Him to replace them with individuals who love you for Jesus’ sake and care about your soul even if “you don’t care about your own soul”!



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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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