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our life is like a hiker moving along a trail of twists and surprises relating to your soul and spirit survival.



Soul and Spirit Survival – YOU




GOD and YOU!


Your soul is your very life. You owe NO man ANYTHING when it comes to your soul with God. Do right by God and He will do right by you. When you see it, tell it.




Does your life feel like a hiking trail? What do you need today to survive TODAY? Is it a bill or money, or home issues, or relationship issues? Is it something else? Is it all those things you are hiking … one trail converging into another and summitting to you-don’t-know-where?


Perhaps, you feel hopeless that it cannot be overcome or that it will always be this way? Do you feel helpless, perhaps, that no one cares to intervene and you’re all on your own limited abilities to get out of the situation? Satan and invisible evil whisperers to your mind want you to believe that so you feel the way you feel.


My mother kept a framed message on our wall at home. We saw it every time we passed by or went to the restroom:


You feel the way you feel because you think the way you think.  Change the way you think and you will change the way you feel.

How I was feeling during the shifting of the church content to offshore caused the Truth Seekers Church website to be offline. Persons desparately needing words from the Lord Jesus for their “particular situations” were hindered from receiving them from December 22, 2023 until January 4, 2023 …  today.


A good offshore host was found, but I noticed technical issues that made me feel safer to find another offshore host for the work. My testimony can help you survive and thrive even if it seems completely unrelated to what you are going through.








Whatever issues you are dealing with, God “clings” to the person who humbles himself or herself. A person who looks inside oneself to see if YOU are the one who is wrong  — and brought your situation upon yourself — Isaiah 66:1-2, Luke 18:13, Luke 15:19


The very minute you confess that YOU are the one who is wrong, God WILL FORCE things into place in the invisible spirit realm which makes His good start happening to you in real-time here on earth. Even better, He will show the beauty of Jesus Christ’s kingdom way of treating people and Christ will be glorified as the only life the only truth and the only way to think and live.


Jesus instructed us on being in a certain condition. He said …


Matthew 13:15
For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.



God’s first good thing that He makes happen for us when we search and confess the truth about ourselves with a problem, is receiving safety and peace in our conscience. You stop feeling burdened, heavy or hindered in the events that have been happening to you. You can feel that a change for the better is about to happen. It’s only a matter of God’s timing … his time will be perfect for you!


He provides a home for your inner self to stop wondering what to do and wrestling in business decisions, political decisions, marital decisions, family decisions,  workplace decisions, school decisions and street-wise decisions! There is peace in knowing that one decision is solid ground and another is not. It gives you safety and peace in knowing what direction to take. Don’t move away from that decision! You may not see the exact change you want on the spot, but YOUR SITUATION HAS CHANGED (invisibly) and God uses time to bring it, day by day, to a full end that you and everyone can see.


This is why I have received from God a saying about every day of life:

“One day at a time, one success at a time”

I can say this because Jesus has NO FAILURE if you obey Him and time is what it takes to show it.


I can say this because Jesus instructed us to focus only on overcoming today, all of the evil that we must overcome while thanking God for what He will do tomorrow, unless Jesus returns today.

Matthew 6:34
Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.



There was excruciating blockage in researching web hosts, checking their double-talk privacy policies, checking their legal terms and conditions, ferreting out if the so-called offshore host was a US corporation or entity in disguise (hundreds of times), entering the shopping cart and seeing the advertised price change (and I don’t mean because of a currency exchange rate). That kind of blockage at every turn is God trying to tell you something.


I stopped and looked within.

Am I wrong?

Confessing to myself and to God, YESTERDAY, that my own lack of knowledge in some areas of hosting technology made me look at the webhosting company in a wrong way and leave, resulted in me deciding “I’m going back”. Like the prodigal son who ‘came to himself’, you may need to humble yourself and come to your senses and say “I am wrong. I’m going back” — to dad, mom, employer, teacher, husband, wife, city or state, country or neighborhood, etc.. Of course, MANY times others have done you the wrong. Satan is using them and making them a problem, but God still wants you to talk about your own problematic thoughts that expose your view versus His. Forget about what you “think” the other person(s) is doing! They must do their own inner search. and reckoning with the Lord.


YOU may need to do that as your first step out of what you are trying to survive. Have you made a mistake in your thoughts about someone and it made you feel a certain way about them? Did you cut off God’s goodness to yourself and suffer for really no reason but ignorance or pride? You did it to yourself???

Remember my mother’s wall art –

“Change The Way You Think and You Will Change The Way You Feel.”

Humbling myself to change the way I was thinking, yesterday, got the church survival site back on the internet for all of you, today. God works immediate, interim, short-term and long-term. Each of those time periods are now affected by my one decision, yesterday.

The same will happen for you TODAY and TOMORROW YOU WILL SEE SOME KIND OF CHANGE.

Make A Change! It’s Survival

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For JESUS: Spread His Words!
No Thoughts on Soul and Spirit Survival – YOU

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