Soul and Spirit Survival


2021 entered a new spiritual era for Boise, Idaho paving the way for our soul and spirit survival. The Bible term for  survival is "overcome"  and your soul  is to be an "overcomer". 

I am obeying Jesus, to keep you focused, so HE can make you strong in knowing "NOTHING matters but your soul!"

Telling yourself that truth -- "NOTHING MATTERS BUT MY SOUL" -- and believing that, absolutely,  will  be  the most difficult thing you ever do as you see the results of Evil coming in our world and your feelings are touched by all you see. (Luke 21:25-26)



I've been commanded in a divine encounter with the Bible Jesus Christ to undo the entanglement of Christians in Mormonism (LDS). 

This means that Jesus Christ, Himself, is commanding "Christians" to come OUT of The Book of Mormon and Mormon worship (LDS) for your own soul and spirit survival. You must return to the real Jesus -- the Bible Jesus Christ you once knew ... before it is everlasting too late.




Jesus, also, commanded to return a remnant of Christians to His simplicity of worship and move away from the stresses in modern ministry.

This means that, in many ways, what Christians (especially pastors and other preachers) are pursuing as a modern way to reach people for Jesus Christ (tied to church growth) is weakening the ability of our own souls and spirits to survive as we approach our "spiritual" Armageddons.

This page is your soul and spirit SURVIVAL page -- offered by Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM) /Truth Seekers Church while remodeling the old website.

 At the bottom of this page, there are links to some of the old pages which are still needed for you, even as they are under remodeling. 


I have written the statements which Jesus spoke -- personally -- to me for delivery to you as His authorized and sent prophet, evangelist, and pastor. These are never words I have heard through someone else.

The statements are placed in quotes with my name ascribed because I am accepting whatever backlash comes for them. All Scripture is from the King James commissioned Bible printing.


There is nothing written that I have not lived. So don't think you're hearing all talk and no walk. Yes, I am qualified to expect EVERYBODY to obey God -- The  Almighty!

First, I feel compelled to acknowledge my own shortcomings, sins, immaturities. The Bible tells us that in many things we offend all, everybody, all the time -- without even knowing it!

There is no practicing sin in my life (thank you, Jesus!), but if I have hurt any of you, and am unaware, please forgive me -- for in my heart I will not hurt you. Christ Jesus suffered for YOU and me. It is my, daily, prayer that God show me if I have, so I can come to the person with a repentant heart (click menu for  "Definitions" and find "What Is Repentance"). To be clean before my LORD is called being "washed in the Blood." ... of Jesus Christ.

Many religious persons or groups don't know what it means to be washed in the Blood. It is the BLOOD ... of Jesus that draws the invisible line of separation between Christians and all other worshipers. Laxity with repentance is the proof that a person has not been washed in the same Blood -- *the same attitude of repentance" -- that the Bible Jesus requires.

Being not washed in Jesus' same blood means that, of two or more persons, some

tring opposing religious a Jesus Christ because they have adopted a laxity in repentance. See Mark Chapter 4 -- verses 1-25, 1 John Chapter 1, and Hebrews 10:29. 

Once clean before God, we can come before Him with prayers and expect Him to grant answers and rewards! 



In the name of Jesus Christ, my LORD, I pray that His Father-God (and now mine) will guide you into all His thoughts and feelings about you through His words in this soul and spirit survival page.


Minister (Pastor) Clark

Something Is Happening ... WHAT?

God, Spirits, and Boise, Idaho

A transition is happening in the spirit-realm that is affecting all churches and even all mankind. What does that mean? It means that EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS SPIRITUAL and only what the "Holy" Spirit is doing is REALITY.

There are evil angelic beings operating all kinds of religions with power to move things against God’s creation and against His love for the wholeness of every human being. Only Jesus Christ is the power against evil angelic beings, but Jesus is the power for you!

Understanding that everything in life is spiritual and only the "invisible" Holy Spirit of Jesus (God) is reality -- will make us humble ourselves to certain truth.

This certain truth is:

We can have our own wants, hopes, and plans in every nation on earth --justifying them by saying that God is doing this or God is doing that, or that GOD is on "my" side, or even that GOD is behind our actions!

Humble to the reality that God only cares about what He is doing for His son Jesus Christ and Jesus' return! Our fate, and our happiness or misery, depends on how we choose to fit into HIS reality.

You need to accept this certain truth for your own survival and prospering in all areas of life.

How Your Family IS Involved

Whether a family of one or a family of more, whenever Jesus does a major transition in the invisible spirit realm, things may appear in your own life as "that does not involve me! Nothing spiritual is happening in MY life"!

However, deep things are being rooted, grounded, corrected and judged by Jesus -- FIRST in His preachers, then inside Christians in the churches, then toward all people.

Spiritual things -- invisible things that show up in ways that can be seen and felt -- really are changing in your life. You can't change that reality, but you can change if they are good or bad!

It has been said that when it appears or feels like God is doing nothing --  that's when He is doing his greatest work concerning you.

"COVID, George Floyd, citizens (even Christians) doing words and actions of satanic hate while pretending it is 'patriotic love' for America are each Satan's temptation to all of you ... to forget that 'NOTHING MATTERS BUT YOUR SOUL'"!

The LORD Jesus Christ to his servant Minister Clark, October 2020

GALATIANS 5: 19-20

Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Temptation, Pressure, and Christ's Love


Christ's Love


Always the goal of any evil spirit's temptation is to get you so emotionally distraught and occupied that you forget Jesus' commands and start thinking, saying, and doing things against Christ, but for the Antichrist!

Temptation is the Bible word for "PRESSURE".

Against Christ! That's the "invisible"  pressure and work of the spirit of Antichrist. We don't want to find ourselves part of the Antichrist's spirit -- "the raw personality and nature of Satan"! 

The raw personality and nature of Satan is "HATE" -- even when cloaked in a religious purpose.

Hate is NEVER about Jesus and His motives!

Satan's tactic is to pressure us (temptation) to become AGAINST CHRIST -- by hating God, blaspheming God and His  holy things, ACCUSING God, being angry with and bitter against God, or slipping little by little away from obedience to Jesus Christ's commands to love people in the way He instructs -- so that Jesus will judge my heart and sentence it and my entire being to damnation.

"Absolutely NOTHING matters but my soul avoiding the eternal damnation of being judged and rejected by Jesus Christ -- Himself!

Minister Clark, October 2020

For those who obey Jesus, God is helping us stay focused. He frustrates Satan's evil temptation so the temptation (pressure) meant to kill, steal, or destroy in our lives turns, instead, to our benefit! 

Romans 8

37  Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.

38  For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

39  Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

What a wise God! 

 What a loving God!

heard a six or seven year old child on PBS say what their definition of survival was — “survival is staying alive”.

Staying alive … that’s what every one of us who is a Christian must do. 

"You must choose to survive/overcome as a disciple of Jesus Christ or you, absolutely, will NOT stay alive"! The Holy Scriptures (The Holy Bible) tell you from Jesus Christ, Himself, that it is NOT automatic because someday you joined a church, got baptized, or confessed Jesus as your Lord.


"You will NOT survive/overcome Satan's evil powers and his temptations nor his eternal damnation if you do not choose to do the mandatory things that are guaranteed by JESUS in Scripture to avoid losing your fellowship with HIM and, therefore, your salvation” (1 John 1, Revelation 20:10-15, Revelation 3: 4-6).

Minister Clark - from Jesus - 

the Holy Spirit, November 2020

Steps For Christian Survival

I must never stray from the foundation basic steps that gave me my relationship with the living Jesus Christ. I have His intimacy, His authority, and His power (not to use on my own!) which I have been privileged to live for over 62 years (minus about 5 years when I went into Satan's kingdom).

In all of life's situations where no one was there for me but Jesus, His words and His power proved true and reliable. By obeying Jesus Christ's words in the New Testament Gospel, anyone can rely on Him now, after death, and into eternity. There will be suffering, sometimes unbearable (we feel), but He is ALWAYS right there with the same power in you to endure Satan's pressure -- that the Father helped him with. He will NEVER allow you to be tried above what He knows you will "stand" against (by His power/grace) ... and keep on standing until VICTORY!!!

You, also, must not stray from these basic survival steps given by the Bible Jesus Christ -- Himself.

Don't Fail To Do These Steps!

(Psalm 35 and 139)
Cut Enemies & "False" Relationships
(John 17:13-19)
Sanctify Yourself


Exposing and cutting off your enemies never means hate. In the spirit realm, a person may not even realize that he or she is your enemy.

In this context, your enemy is anyone BLOCKING, INTERFERING, OR DISTRACTING YOUR LOYALTY TO JESUS -- THE CHRIST or ENABLING YOU IN YOUR SINS! He or she is "against" you.


Satan’s hate for you and the strategies he is using to try to afflict your life are increasing. He is bold enough in his evil to use “church” as part of his strategy against your survival. 

Accept the truth that any "Christian" brother, sister, preacher,

or pastor who is against your obedience to Jesus is your enemy. You must acknowledge that! It was Joseph's own brethren who believed in Jehovah right along with Joseph that tried to kill him and sold him into slavery (Genesis 37:1-36, but victory came in chapters 38-50).


Definition: Persons who appear to be about Jesus Christ, but in their secret heart are doing OR saying things that resist, discredit, or sabotage your obedience to Jesus -- you are Jesus' enemy and you are my enemies!

These are false relationships and they ARE your enemies! You must not continue to let these persons  "hang on you" or drain you in fervor and power for Jesus Christ. You must not let that draining happen by going along with their public acting or choosing to follow their "lukewarm" commitment to JESUS.



Sometimes, you may not see how to remove these kind of enemies out of your life -- but you can always know who they are.

Also, you can always "cut them in your heart and mind" from having the place and influence they've been accustomed to having with you.


To survive and prosper in Jesus Christ requires more than church attendance and participation in various church activities. It requires "sanctification". Sanctification is also known as "SEPARATION".

Separate your heart --  exclusively to the Bible Jesus Christ. All other persons are only secondary in importance no matter how you feel about them. Sanctify to the Bible Jesus Christ -- not the dozens and more local and international organizations built upon use of the name Jesus Christ.

You must not wait for loved ones to choose to sanctify with you or understand what you are doing because:

1. That may never happen.

2. That may happen, by God's help, at a time that is beyond what God needs to do with you NOW --for Jesus and His church.

3. Whether it happens or not, you belong to God alone and will face God alone.


Today, March 12, 2021

During our Holy Spirit Prayer Meeting tonight, the Holy Spirit moved a compassion from Jesus upon me for some of you who He disclosed are "afraid" to sanctify yourself. Jesus feels what you are going through. He knows.

You are afraid to leave Mormonism (LDS), or other deceptive worship of God, (see Step Five)  because persons you love were in it with you and left this world still in it.

You are afraid, that, if you obey the real Bible  Jesus Christ, you will have to accept that someone you love did not make it ... make it into Heaven.

The Lord wants us who have that situation to understand that our loved one had free choice. Their choices, like yours and mine, revealed the "secret" thoughts in their hearts toward God -- as He knows every heart. He created them and He created you and me. He has rights to our being with Him or away from Him -- just as you have the right to choose who thinks of you in a way that deserves to be around you all the time.

Based on the person YOU are (not based on who they are or who they are satisfied to be around you ) -- you have the right to choose who must not be around you.

So, God feels the same as you and I. God has feelings, too.

This grieving over a loved one that did not make it into Heaven is the most painful part of sanctifying. It is why Jesus promised to comfort us:

a. He PROMISED to give you persons into your life that will love Him and be to you more than the one you lost.

Matthew 5:

4Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

b. He promised to give you persons that your heart will love in such joy that it fills and removes the void that the death of others has left in your heart, and you will let go the pain (Mark 10:29-31).

Mark 10

 29And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel's, 30But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. 31But many that are first shall be last; and the last firs

God has never, in all of human history, accomplished any good for people without, first, sanctification. This includes "feelings we have for some people" and feelings we have "about" some people.  So, repent of clinging to persons who chose to reject the Bible Jesus Christ. He ALWAYS gives everyone at least one opportunity to choose. He does not owe us and did not promise us more than that.

Identify Missed Opportunities!

If you ever felt distrust (secretly in your heart) that what friends are you are hanging with or what you are in for a religion is not right with GOD (Isaiah 30:20-22, Psalm 25:8),

If you have ever heard a true preacher (sent by Jesus), a true Christian (one living holy), a little child (fearing God) about the Bible Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:40-42),

If you ever, "accidentally/"coincidentally" happened to hear a radio program or TV program, or overheard a conversation about the need to be SAVED by Jesus from Hell and eternal damnation (Isaiah 42:16),

If someone ever passed you on the street and paused to ask you about your soul -- if Jesus returns TODAY (Revelation 22:11-12),

If any co-worker at your job ever told you that you needed to get saved -- perhaps on a break or in a moment at work (Mark 8:27),

If someone wrote you a heartfelt letter pleading with you to get right with God, before it's too late (2Chronicles 36:16),

If someone ever told you the religion you are in is not the true Jesus Christ and you are eternally damned (Galatians 1:8),

If someone ever loved you enough to tell you that something you are doing in life is wrong or that some of your ways or wrong with God (Proverbs 29:1),

If someone ever loved you enough to tell you that the path you've chosen for making a living. or getting financially secure is wrong is wrong with God (Luke 4:5-8),

If you are in a so-called "church" where none of these mentioned events have happened to the other members -- especially, if not one of these events is ever claimed by the leader (2 Peter 1:1),

If just ONE of these things ever happened to you -- "just one time in your entire life" -- you had your one opportunity, and so did your loved one. 

It's between them and God, now, and we must stay out of God's personal business with them. He is GOD!

Know that Jesus Christ (GOD) is so committed to anyone being with Him and keeping anyone away from damnation that He even "helps" us make the right choice. So every single one of us is without excuse! God makes sure that everyone gets one opportunity to choose. Still, most of us don't choose to forsake the life we love and follow Jesus.

I had a girlfriend in 1980 who told me of her suicide. In the midst of dying, she said, she heard the voice of GOD! He came to her and said, "No, I'm not going to let you leave like this" and brought her back! Did she choose to obey Jesus after that miracle encounter? Sadly, no.

My girlfriend, your loved ones, and I are proof of real life experiences where persons had an opportunity that God gave them. Each chose to obey or rejected Jesus. YOU must sanctify and move on with this same Jesus Christ. 

Jesus told us in LUKE 16: 15-31 how it really is with our loved ones who did not make it. They want YOU to not make the mistake they made.

If you really love and miss your loved one who did not make it into Heaven with Jesus -- PROVE IT TO THEM -- please, GET SAVED or BACKSLIDER RETURN!

Step Three
(Philippians 4:8, Prov 4:23)
Keep Your Heart and Mind

Step Four
(Hebrews 4:7, Matthew 7:21-23)

Christ Jesus spoke these words to me to keep Christians focused as we endure all manner of earthly events:

"Earthly events and positions are merely by-products of events in the spirit-realm ...

Only the Holy Spirit is reality".


You ask "what does that mean"? It means that only what the Spirit of God is doing is real. Forget what you see. Ignore the talk of people. God is doing His own thing and is not loyal to ANYBODY'S preferences -- in life, in politics, in church.

Minister Clark from Jesus

The Christ, 1999-2021

Then, the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me to protect Christians' in their relationship with Jesus.

"If it's not JESUS way, then someway, the Devil is in it".

  Minister Clark from
the Holy Spirit, 2011

You ask "what did He mean by that"?

He means that if your will  is not ALL about Jesus … HIS wants and his perspectives … then, someway, it is all about YOU (or ME)  and Satan is operating in our perspectives.

God is only committed to what He is doing for his Son, the Bible Jesus Christ and for Jesus' words (the Holy Bible). Our fate in life, and our happiness or misery in this life, depends totally upon how we choose to fit into His commitment. He has this right -- as our Creator.

1. John 12:26
If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.

In 2002, pastoring Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Lord Jesus spoke during our New Year's Eve Prayer Watch (from 11pm to 12am).

I asked, "Lord do you have a word for us to carry us into the next year"? Jesus answered for every member in our church beginning with me, the pastor, for that year and ALL years:


-- "Don't get caught up in the things going on in the world around you; 

--  Don't get caught up in the spirit (the lead evil spirit) on the city in which you dwell;

--  and, ABOVE ALL, don't get caught up in the spirit (the lead evil spirit) on the churches in the city where you dwell. KEEP YOUR INDIVIDUAL LOYALTY TO ME".

FYI: Do you know what is the lead evil spirit on the churches of Boise?


THIS WORD grounds me during the January 6, 2021 sedition and insurrection/coup of America which could have never happened had it not been for the "spirit" on many churches in many cities through pastors and preachers that use Jesus' as a cloak for gaining platform to preach their own agendas for American politics. WHAT!!!

Everywhere, I began warning pastors, by Jesus Christ (meaning commands from Jesus, Himself, not me).

"REPENT of the sin (BLASPHEMY) of telling people they are not Christians unless they are Republicans". That's what was going on! One pastor scolded from the pulpit "God is NOT a democrat".

I would come expecting to hear a message from Jesus -- about Jesus -- but all I would hear  (entire worship time) was the pulpit perverting the Holy Scriptures to preach whom "a good Christian" must give their vote to.

Jesus Christ is NOT a republican, democrat, progressive, conservative, liberal, socialist, communist, federalist, pacifist etc. God is only for His own agenda to love and to save ALL people in all nations, in all forms of government. God is working out His own Kingdom goals. 

None would hear that. Using Christ's pulpit for political campaigning is wrong (SIN)  because of one other word Jesus spoke to me around 2006-2008:

"As goes the church ... so goes the world". (1 Timothy 3:15)

The Lord Jesus Christ to Minister Clark, 2006-2008

So, if it becomes widespread evil or violent in the world -- it's only because that kind of thinking and behavior has been accepted in enough DECEIVED, hypocritical, or "false" pastors who condone or allow it in church. The result is that the world around us no longer has a "fear/reverence" from us -- for God and his holiness

Until those preachers see it and repent, other pastors in churches who pursue Jesus in the manner that He wants to be are used by God to preserve and unveil His heart ... which turns the widespread evil to widespread good. 

In 1999, the Lord spoke another thing that relates to this blasphemy:

"You (speaking of Christians) want to do something GREAT for me. Do you want to do something great for me? 

Just live holy in your own house, on your own street, and in your own neighborhood.

That's the greatest thing any of you can do for me. But, I can hardly find anyone who will do that. If you will just do that -- everyone around will be changed toward me by the life they see you live".

Amen Jesus.

The Lord Jesus Christ to Minister Clark, 1999-2000 (Ephesians 6:10-18)

Step Five
(Revelation 9:20-21)
Exit Witchcraft & Divination

Step Six
(Matthew 19:27-30, John 12:26, 1 Sam 2:30)
Expect Reward!

What is Witchcraft & Divination?

Witchcraft occurs when your mind is under the power of an invisible being (devils) "posing" as God or "imitating" the powers of God.

Divination occurs when you choose to yield your "thoughts" to the suggestions of an invisible being posing or imitating God -- and it  leads you to speak forth as if under the power of God or behave to move people by your supernatural powers. The alternative is human error. You thought it was God, but were mistaken. The difference is "a person in human error and not yielding his/her mind to Divination will REPENT because he/she does not want to hurt Jesus or His people.

Witchcraft and Divination occur if we have believed the person or persons who are speaking thoughts to our minds from that devil. The person could be yourself  through desires and prayers that you want to believe, or want people to believe IS GOD REVEALING TO YOU - Matthew 15:19.


The spirit of Divination is Satan's employee assigned to "reveal things". This is why persons operating in the spirit of Divination think they are prophets from God -- very dangerous, and very common in America, prevalent in foreign religions and Mormonism (LDS)

Sorry to have to tell you this, AGAIN, my acquaintances in Mormonism (LDS). You know I've told you in person and

you KNOW I love you.

Our natural human flesh is attracted to the evil spirit of Divination because our fleshly mind wants to "know" things and enjoys being regarded as "connected to God". We must only seek connection with God the way Jesus commands us to. You cannot be born with Christ's spiritual gifts from the Holy Spirit. See 1 Corinthians Chapter 12! So, if you have these kind of abilities and did not receive them through the salvation experience that Jesus Christ demands -- then, an evil spirit of Divination has come against your life and you have either enjoyed or regretted it influencing you.


If you noticed these strange abilities during childhood, it is, often, because a parent participated in activities touching that spirit's domain, BUT you do not have any spiritual gifts from God UNTIL you are born again and Baptized in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. See John 14:14-18!

Witchcraft  and divination occur even when the results  seem "good", pleasant, or just what you wanted.

THAT is, actually, why the source of Divination is "A LYING SPIRIT". Divination accompanies a heart that loves a lie or loves to lie. You cannot be tricked by an evil spirit of Divination unless you have chosen to believe a lie and refused all God's efforts to help you choose to face and accept the truth about anything in yourself or in your life.

READ: 1 Samuel Chapter 28, Acts 8:9-22, Acts 16:16, Galatians 3:1, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15.

How To ESCAPE Divination & Witchcraft

The Bible Jesus said "If you continue in MY word, then you are my disciples indeed, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"!  Jesus is the ONLY truth. His way of doing things is the only right way!


You must verbally confess out of your own heart and mouth the truth -- that the things you have believed and followed are NOT THE REAL JESUS CHRIST! Then cut off all connections to your sin of witchcraft or divination and get to a Bible-Only preacher to prove to God that you forsake the evil spirit of Divination and, now, turn to obey Jesus with the rest of your life.

Proverbs 28:13

"He that covereth his sins shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy."

In cutting off connections, be forceful/firm (not hateful), not light-hearted, or seeming double-minded about it. Don't let your connections think that you don't 'really' want to go!

(Acts 8:9-13, Acts 19:13-20, Deuteronomy 32:17, 1 Cor 10:20)

Samples of Witchcraft & Divination

1. EVERY religion that rejects Jesus Christ as being, actually, God our Creator, who visited us in a human body like we have -- is Witchcraft. The place of worship and artifacts of that religion have Satan's power on them and upon you.

EVERY revelation or prophecy and prophesyings done in that religion are Divination.

2. EVERY religion that offers another "system of faith" in God, another way to believe in God or connect with God --different from "The Faith" that the Bible Jesus taught in the Gospels -- is witchcraft. Revelations and prophecies in that religion are Divination.

3. EVERY religion that offers a god different from the only God that the Bible Jesus preached -- is witchcraft AND their locations and activities of worship are dedicated to the invisible being (devils) operating that religion. Revelations and prophecies in that religion are Divination.

4. EVERY addition to the New Testament Gospel that the Bible Jesus lived, taught, died and rose for, or "altered/changed" version of His truth -- resulting in a religious organization built upon it -- is witchcraft. Revelations and prophecies in that religion are Divination.

5. EVERY prayer included in witchcraft religions, or arising from books added to the Holy Bible, books outside of the Holy Bible, or taught along with it -- IS witchcraft. Revelations and prophecies coming from those prayers are Divination.

6. EVERY prayer to God requesting a perverse request not in the character of Jesus Christ (a curse or a blessing prayer) IS witchcraft and your life will follow in it. You are praying against God. Believing God did what you requested is Divination.

7. EVERY psychic, magic, spirit-guide/medium, visits with or from dead persons is witchcraft. Participating with these persons or even owning or playfully using their tools is witchcraft and brings Satan's power on your life! All revelations and predictions from these sources is the evil devil known as Divination.

And you wondered why your life has been like an insanity?


8. EVERY supernatural ability, or power  "you" have, but did not get FROM JESUS CHRIST --  through salvation with a Bible-Only preacher or pastor/church is witchcraft. The revelations, prophecies" and other "supernatural knowing" are Divination operating against your living in the "pure" presence and power of God.

Sunday, February 21, 2021 - The Lord reminded me in prayer this morning to immediately post this one act of witchcraft which I forgot about. Only Christians can do this form of witchcraft:

9. EVERY thought or deed of REBELLION against "your" Lord is witchcraft.

REBELLION is you being a part of God's own heart through the new birth ... but, after knowing His heart (will) for you in any matter of your life, refusing to do it IMMEDIATELY -- what you know He wants you to do.

It is the power of the Devil on your mind after that refusal to obey. It is witchcraft because you will begin to justify that you and God have an understanding between you -- that God is okay with you not doing (or not getting around to doing) His will! 

Next you will continue to pray, read your Bible, etc., but begin operating under an evil spirit of Divination who "reveals" to you all the Bible verses, DREAMS AND VISIONS YOU HAVE that JUSTIFY YOUR REBELLION.

Review Saul and his journey into witchcraft and perdition through 1 Samuel Chapter 15. It all began in his own mind,  with his own thoughts, long before he visited the witch of Endor by telling himself he was pleasing God while not doing what God had ordered him to do.  Is this you ... my Christian sister or brother? If so, GET OUT!


A. Tools means -- books -- which put into you the demon power behind the book! You don't have any commands from the Bible Jesus to give your mind over to the devil's teachings and power. Jesus Christ will not EVER, not for ANY reason, be leading you to do that!

B. Tools means  -- devilish tattoos, emblems, flags, graven images or statues, "holy" utensils and accessories, AND places and acts of worship to Satan (Revelation 3:9 -- Jews in this context means Christians and synagogue means the churches).

C. Tools means -- relationships!

Yes, you can feel the pull of some destructive persons or groups you hang with and like an addictive liquor or wine inside your very blood!

You don't understand the effect they are having on you and can't seem to convince yourself to let go. Next, you find yourself doing unimaginable things that you thought you would NEVER do!

Get witchcraft and divination tools out of your house!

Get witchcraft  & divination out of your business!

CUT witchcraft & divination relationships! 

Get the spirit of Divination off your mind and body!

Witchcraft & divination produce things that look and feel good, and that bring money! Prosperous! 

Proverbs 16:25

There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death. (Death means damnation)

Tools means -- YOU!

Supernatural abilities, powers, or displays of spiritual giftedness that "you" did not get through salvation with a Bible-Only teaching preacher/church is witchcraft and Divination in motive and powers.

One can choose to follow these powers because you feel it puts you in control of others, makes you feel admired. Wanting to feel self-admiring, self-gratifying "power" over anyone is always the presence and motive of Satan. It is witchcraft & divination.

Then, yes, YOU are a tool of witchcraft, which makes you a modern day witch or wizard while functioning normally in society very respected by those who accept you -- even if you may wear a suit or suit dress!

By suit or suit dress, I mean that you may be a leader called a prophet, apostle, evangelist, pastor in your organization. Then your organization, even if it is being called church is not a church from Jesus Christ and IS witchcraft where Divination operates as a satanic employee "revealing" things.

Accept this truth because NOTHING matters but your soul!


Covenant With The Devil

EVERY time you use or have in your possession these various tools of witchcraft, you are operating your life under Satanic delusion (witchcraft).

Satan considers it your agreement with him and desire for him "by participation" -- because you have his tools.

Of course, Satan and his devils/demons grant your request -- bringing his evil upon your life ... which may look good, feel good, or give you just what you've been wanting.

Witchcraft is "Satanic delusion" because:

There was a time when you KNEW that what you have delved into is sin --  but now you excuse it or even accuse yourself -- saying  that the reason you were not interested before is you were just naive, young, immature, inexperienced or controlled by others' thinking.

That's how witchcraft (Satanic delusion) works!

Get witchcraft tools and powers out of your house, business, church or religious organization. If "church" or a religious organization -- do better -- get yourself out and stay away!!! You are dealing with the powers of the Devil! 

Read this punishment in Joshua Chapter seven.

Don't do it today because Jesus has come with his grace. See the Joshua 7 proof that God associates you with the witchcraft when you possess the 'tools':

Joshua chapter 7  & especially verses 4-12 in the Holy Bible is one reason that Jesus Christ has commanded "Christians" to come OUT of Mormonism, aka LDS, and return/sanctify your loyalty to the Bible Jesus you once knew!

Update! The Lord has chosen a different step before the step to reward. It will be posted next. After that, the step for reward.

Both steps are coming ...


Scenes from our work of turning hearts from sin to obey Jesus Christ, so your lives are sound amid turbulence and confusion surrounding our world.

Come Again. There Will Be More To Hear.

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