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Soul and Spirit

2021 entered a new spiritual era for Boise, Idaho paving the way for our soul and spirit survival. The Bible term for survival is "overcome" and your soul is to be an "overcomer".

You are to "overcome all tactics to keep you away or take you away from the Christ" -- the one with Heaven's power for your life.

I am obeying Christ Jesus, to keep you focused, so He will make you strong in knowing "NOTHING matters but your soul!"

This page is your soul and spirit SURVIVAL page -- offered by Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM) /Truth Seekers Church while remodeling the old website.

At the bottom of this page, there are links to some of the old pages which are still needed for you, even as they are under remodeling.

Minister (Pastor) Clark

Something Is Happening ... WHAT?

God, Spirits, and Boise

A transition is happening in the spirit-realm that is affecting all churches and even all mankind. What does that mean? It means that EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS SPIRITUAL and only what the "Holy" Spirit from Jesus Christ is doing ... is REALITY.

Understanding that everything in life is spiritual and only the "invisible" Holy Spirit of Jesus is reality -- will make us humble ourselves to absolute truth.

You need to accept this absolute truth for your own survival and prospering in all areas of life -- now and for the future.


We can have our own wants, hopes, and plans in every nation on earth --justifying them by saying that God is doing this or God is doing that, or that GOD is on "my" side, or even that GOD is behind our actions!

"Humble to the reality that God only cares about what He is doing for His son Jesus Christ and Jesus' return! Our fate, and our happiness or misery, depends on how we choose to fit into HIS reality".

Minister Clark

God and Family

Whether a family of one or a family of more, whenever Jesus does a major transition in the invisible spirit realm, things may appear in your own life as "Nothing spiritual is happening in MY life, and me and my family don't believe that 'spiritual' stuff"!

BUT ... it has been said: "When it appears or feels like God is doing nothing --  that's when He is doing His greatest work concerning you".



I had a divine encounter with the Bible Jesus Christ in Boise, March, 2015.

 JESUS spoke:

"Undo the entanglement of My people (Christians) in Mormonism".

He meant:
The Book of Mormon Worship (aka LDS)

JESUS CHRIST calls it "Mormonism" -- man calls it LDS.

This "Mormonism" is born by an evil Spirit of Divination (Acts 16:16-18) who USES the Bible -- to get you baited and hooked into his religious organization -- deceptively named "church of jesus christ". He knows you will think you are coming to the Bible Jesus -- through baptisms, worshiping events and ceremonies, daily Bible verses to your inbox, and other ways to "imitate" Jesus and Christians (like the woman in Acts 16). Being counterfeited in, you will experience his demon powers on the Book of Mormon and its worship against the real Jesus Christ in the Bible.

"If you are/were a Christian, you must lead your family out of their entanglement with Mormonism (aka LDS) and be loyal to the Bible Jesus Christ you once knew ... before it is 'everlasting too late' for them and for you if you are in it -- or not exposing it.
You are in a completely separate spiritual world with a life of its own".
-- Minister Clark

This is only one example. Deeper things are being rooted, grounded, corrected, and judged by Jesus. First He deals with His preachers, then with Christians in the churches, then with all people.

God and Wisdom

"COVID, George Floyd, Citizens (Even Christians) Doing Words And Actions Of Satanic Hate While Pretending It Is 'Patriotic Love' For America Are Each Satan's Temptation To All Of You ... To Forget That 'NOTHING MATTERS BUT YOUR SOUL'"!

The LORD Jesus Christ To His Servant
Minister Clark, Nov. 2020


During a different divine encounter that spans 1987 - present, the Lord Jesus has commanded me to return Christians back to Him -- to a deeper love for Him. Actually, on occasions through the years, I have lamented for the Lord and myself! I have felt (naturally) like Elijah, "I alone am left to serve you" or NOAH -- "preaching God-sent warnings in vain for no purpose at all".

Sometimes men or women come to this new move of Jesus, then they go. Sometimes they stay, then they betray. Sometimes they appear all in, then I must put them out. It's a journey and the wisdom from God is that I do not betray HIM, nor His words through Truth Seekers Church.

Elijah and Noah appearing rejected or believed by numbers with him -- was no indicator to the reality that both were, indeed, God's authority bringing a message that
only GOD sent to protect His people.

Some Christians are being called -- nudged -- by Jesus, Himself, to a holy price and holy faith that forsakes all to want ONLY the Bible Jesus Christ -- in our day! You are being called (by God, Himself) to forsake your loyalty to existing religious structures to "prove" loyalty to the living Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

"COVID should alert all of us that Jesus is doing a new move away from the stresses in modern Church and ministry structure so our faith can be in JESUS, not structure. We are to observe and acknowledge this, along with our sins of pride which the system and its stresses have nurtured".

God's wisdom is: NOTHING matters but our souls!
-- Minister Clark

Where Do We Go From Here Boise?

Statements which Jesus spoke -- personally -- to me for delivery to you as His authorized and sent prophet, evangelist, and pastor are never words I have heard through someone else.

These statements are placed in quotes with my name ascribed because I am accepting whatever backlash comes for them. All Scripture is from the King James commissioned Bible printing. Nothing is written that I have not lived. So don't think you're hearing all talk and no walk. Yes, I am qualified to expect EVERYBODY to obey the only true God ... who visited earth as Jesus Christ!

First, I feel compelled to acknowledge my own shortcomings, sins, immaturities. The Bible tells us that in many things we offend all, everybody, all the time -- without even knowing it! There is no practicing sin in my life (thank you, Jesus!) ... but if I have hurt any of you, and am unaware, please contact me and forgive me -- for in my heart I will to not hurt you, knowingly. Once clean before God, we can come before Him with prayers and EXPECT Him to answer and reward! Christ Jesus suffered for YOU and me. It is my, daily, prayer that God show me if I have hurt anyone, so I can come to the person with a repentant heart seeking forgiveness (click menu for "NEWS"). Then, and only then, I am clean before my LORD. This is called being "washed in the Blood" ... of Jesus Christ (REPENTANCE).

Many religious persons and groups don't know what it means to be washed in the Blood. It is the BLOOD ... of Jesus Christ that draws the invisible line of separation between Christians and all other worships.


"Carelessness with repentance is the proof" that a person has not been washed in the same Blood -- the same attitude about reverence for The Cross and the blood that Jesus only applies each time we repent. Some persons do so cherish the blood from the Cross that they are (spiritually-speaking) immersed in it.

What the Bible Jesus Christ did in "the cross" is a mystery put into the conscience of Christians. This mystery is our confession about Jesus. Anyone can say the words "Jesus is Lord" or Jesus is "my Lord". No one but a person washed in His blood can CONFESS  the same attitude about Jesus' Blood -- that Jesus has about his own blood.

In the name of Jesus Christ -- God come as flesh to go to the Cross for me -- I pray God guide you into all His very loving thoughts and feelings about you through these words He has sent in this soul and spirit survival page.

Christ's Love,

Temptation | Pressure | and Christ's Love

I must never stray from the foundation basic steps that gave me my relationship with the living Jesus Christ. I have His intimacy, His authority, and His power (not to use on my own!) which I have been privileged to live for over 62 years (minus about 5 years when I went into Satan's kingdom).

In all of life's situations where no one was there for me but Jesus, His words and His power proved true and reliable. By obeying Jesus Christ's words in the New Testament Gospel, anyone can rely on Him now, after death, and into eternity. There will be suffering, sometimes unbearable (we feel), but He is ALWAYS right there with the same power in you to endure Satan's pressure -- that the Father helped him with. He will NEVER allow you to be PRESSURED (tempted) above what He knows you will "stand" against (by His power/grace) ... and keep on standing!

You, also, must not stray from these basic survival steps given by the Bible Jesus Christ -- Himself.


Jesus hates these evil beings and Satan, their chief, because Jesus loves us. Through Jesus, God has committed to redeem us out of their evil works each day.

Always, the goal of any evil spirit is temptation. That is, to get you so emotionally distraught and occupied that you forget Jesus' life-giving, life-preserving commands and start thinking, saying, and doing things against Christ, but for the antichrist!

Temptation is the Bible word for "PRESSURE".

Ever Ask Yourself - How Did I Get HERE?

The next question is, usually, "how do I get out" or "where do I go from here"?

Satan's tactic is to pressure us into hating God, blaspheming God and His holy things, ACCUSING God, being angry with and bitter at God, or slipping little by little away from obedience to Jesus Christ's commands to love all  people in the way HE instructs. Satan wants Jesus to be, legally forced to judge my heart and sentence me to damnation (yes, the spirit realm operates on law -- Christ's royal law).

"Absolutely NOTHING matters but my soul avoiding the eternal damnation of being judged and rejected by Jesus Christ -- Himself"!

Minister Clark

PRESSURE ... Do WE Work With Antichrist's Spirit?

ALL persons feel the "invisible" pressure of the spirit of antichrist all day! We don't want to find ourselves part of the Antichrist's spirit -- "the raw personality and nature of Satan"!

The raw personality and nature of Satan is HATE - produced by "self-admiration" (Click the menu at page bottom for definitions)

Satan disguises his self-admiring hate in pleasurable ways. Some of his invisible evil beings who flaunt their personalities as an influence upon us:

A Lying Spirit (pulls on us to lie, do, or believe a lie); the Spirit of Whoredoms (pulls on us to think, behave, and dress like male and female whores); an Unclean Spirit (pulls on us to think, want, and do contrary to the natural creation of God; an Evil Spirit of Unbelief (pulls on us to disbelieve and disobey God); a Spirit of Bondage (pulls on us to enslave self or others mentally, emotionally, physically); a Haughty Spirit (pulls on us to despise/mock God and persons by thinking superior about ourselves); and him who has the most pervasive and obvious influence to our minds -- the Spirit of the World (pulls to accept and adjust to Satan's world of pleasures and things that God wants to give you, but not by Satan's way).
All these pulls are forms of hate.

Therefore, Jesus commands us to walk in, live in, do it! What? Christ's love for one another -- which is NOT POSSIBLE but by your soul and spirit surrender to being born all over again by the miracle power of Jesus Christ.

Identify Missed Opportunities!

If someone ever loved you enough to tell you that something you are doing in life is wrong or that some of your ways or wrong with God (Proverbs 29:1),

If someone ever loved you enough to tell you that the path you've chosen for making a living. or getting financially secure is wrong is wrong with God (Luke 4:5-8),

If you are in a so-called "church" where none of these mentioned events have happened to the other members -- especially, if not one of these events is ever claimed by the leader (2 Peter 1:1),

If just ONE of these things ever happened to you -- "just one time in your entire life" -- it was God reaching out to you with one opportunity to give in to Christ's love for you. 

Steps For Christian Survival


(Philippians 3:17-19, 2 Tim 1:15-16)

Cut Enemies  and "False" Relationships 


Exposing and cutting off your enemies never means hate. In the spirit realm, a person may not even realize that he or she is your enemy.

In this context, your enemy is anyone blocking, interfering or distracting your loyalty to Jesus Christ or enabling (strengthening) you in your sins!

He or she is "against" Jesus' will for your true life and happiness in Him. You only get one life to fulfill and they don't want that for you. They want you to fulfill "their" wishes for your life. They are Christ's enemies concerning you ... AND THEY ARE YOURS.

Therefore, even a supposed "Christian" (brother, sister, preacher, or pastor) who is against your obedience to Jesus is your enemy. See 1 Timothy 1:15-17. 

Acknowledge that! It was Joseph's own Jehovah-worshiping brethren -- not the atheists, agnostics, and other religious or non-religious people living around him -- who tried to kill their own brother and sold him into slavery. (Genesis 37:1-36)

By Joseph continuing to believe God instead of his circumstances, Jehovah God gave him victory in chapters 38-50 after Joseph was separated from his God-hating, hypocrite, pretending brothers!

No hate, no attitudes are in me writing this to you -- just calling it as it IS -- for your sake! Survival!


These are false relationships and they ARE your enemies

Persons who appear to be about Jesus Christ, but in their heart, are doing or saying things that resist, discredit, or sabotage your obedience to Jesus -- you are Jesus' enemy and you are my enemies!

You must not continue to let these persons  "hang on you" or drain you in fervor and power for Jesus Christ. You must not let that draining happen by going along with their public acting or choosing to follow their "lukewarm" commitment to JESUS.

Cut them off. Don't play around with it. Your life depends on it.

Sometimes, you may not see how to remove these kind of enemies out of your life -- but you can always know who they are.

Also, you can always "cut them in your heart and mind" from having the place of influence they've been accustomed to having with you.


(John 17:13-19)

Walk Alone 

In an earlier divine encounter, spanning decades, the Lord ordered me "bring My people BACK to me".

Jesus said, "... Christianity will be the hottest new business fad -- as everyone seeks to make a buck off of My Name ...".

The LORD Jesus Christ To His Servant

Minister Clark, 1980

You must not follow the trends of culture in the churches,  even while being a member in the churches. Every "true" Christian must walk alone in his or her heart. This survival attitude is NOT new!

This attitude is as old as earth. It is as old as all the Pastors, Prophets, and Kings -- Noah, Abraham, Moses, Deborah, Huldah, Joseph, Jehoshaphat, John Baptist, Paul, Timothy.

To survive and prosper in Jesus Christ requires more than church attendance and participation in various church activities. It requires "sanctification". Sanctification is also known as "SEPARATION".

Separate your heart --  exclusively to the Bible Jesus Christ. All other persons are only secondary in importance no matter how you feel about them. Sanctify to the Bible Jesus Christ -- not the dozens and more local and international organizations built upon use of the name Jesus Christ.

Don't Wait To Sanctify and Consecrate

You must not wait for loved ones to choose to sanctify with you or understand what you are doing because:

1. That may never happen.

2. That may happen, by God's help, at a time that is beyond what God needs to do with you NOW --for Jesus and His church.

3. Whether it happens or not, you belong to God alone and will face God alone.


(Philippians 4:8, Proverbs 4:23)

Protect Your Heart and Mind!

Christ Jesus spoke these words to me to keep Christians focused as we endure all manner of earthly events:

Earthly events and positions are merely by-products of events in the spirit-realm ...

Only the Holy Spirit is reality.

Jesus Christ: 1999 - PRESENT

You ask "what does that mean"? It means that only what the Spirit of God is doing is real. Forget what you see. Ignore the talk of people. God is doing His own thing and is not loyal to ANYBODY'S preferences -- in life, in politics, in church.

In a later year, the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me to protect Christians' in their relationship with Jesus.

"If it's not JESUS way,
then someway ...
the Devil is in it".

Holy Spirit of God, 2011

You ask "what did He mean by that"?
He means that if your will  is not ALL about Jesus (His wants and his perspectives) then ... someway that you cannot see in your own heart and mind ... it really is all about YOU (or ME)  and Satan is operating in our perspectives.

We MUST remember that God is only committed to what He is doing for his Son, the Bible Lord Jesus Christ, and for Jesus' words (the Holy Bible). Remember, our fate in life, and our happiness or misery in this life, depends totally upon how we choose to fit into His commitment. He has that right -- as our Creator.

"Staying alive" … that’s what every one of us who is a Christian must do!

You must choose to survive/overcome as a disciple of Jesus Christ or you, absolutely, will NOT stay alive"! The Holy Scriptures (The Holy Bible) tell you from Jesus Christ, Himself, that it is NOT automatic because someday you joined a church, got baptized, or confessed Jesus as your Lord.

You must choose to do the mandatory things, guaranteed by JESUS in Scripture, to avoid losing fellowship with HIM and, therefore, your salvation” (1 John 1, Revelation 20:10-15, Revelation 3: 4-6).


Jesus Used A Child On PBS

Teacher Asked, "What Is Survival"?

6 or 7 yr old said:

Step Four
(Hebrews 4:7 &
Matthew 7:21-23)

Step Five
(Revelation 9:20-21)
Exit Witchcraft
& Divination

Step Six
(Revelation 9:20-21)
"Remember The Poor" - Love

Step 4 -- in 2002 visiting Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Lord Jesus spoke during our New Year's Eve Prayer Watch (from 11pm to 12am).

I asked, "Lord do you have a word for us to carry us (Truth Seekers Church) into the next year"? Jesus answered for every member in our church beginning with me, the Pastor, for that year and ALL years:

The Bible Jesus Christ Answered

-- Don't get caught up in the things going on in the world around you; 

--  Don't get caught up in the spirit (the lead evil spirit) on the city in which you dwell;

--  and, ABOVE ALL, don't get caught up in the spirit (the lead evil spirit) on the churches in the city where you dwell.

-- Keep your individual loyalty to Me".


FYI: Do you know what is the lead evil spirit working to weaken the authority of Christ in the churches of Boise? 

Keep your loyalty to the Bible Lord JE


Step 5 -- What Is Witchcraft Or Divination?

Witchcraft occurs when your mind is under the power of an invisible being (devils) "posing" as God or "imitating" the powers of God.

Divination occurs when you choose to yield your "thoughts" to the suggestions of an invisible being posing or imitating God -- AND it  leads you to speak forth as if under the power of God or behave to move people by your supernatural powers.

God's Compassion For Human Error

You thought it was God, but were mistaken. The difference is "a person in human error and not yielding his/her mind to Divination will REPENT because he/she does not want to hurt God  or people by recruiting them into Divination's powers.

Witchcraft and Divination occur when we BELIEVE the person or persons who are speaking thoughts to our minds from that devil.

The person speaking divination thoughts to you could be yourself  via the desire to believe that GOD is revealing something to you and prayers, accordingly (see: Acts 16:16-19, Ezekiel 13:6). 

Exposing The Spirit of Divination

The spirit of Divination is Satan's employee assigned to "reveal things". This is why persons operating in the spirit of Divination think they are prophets from God -- very dangerous, and very common in America, prevalent in foreign religions and Mormonism (LDS)

Sorry to have to tell you this, again, my acquaintances in Mormonism (LDS). You know I've told you in person and you KNOW I love you.

Understand that our natural human flesh is attracted to the evil spirit of Divination because our fleshly mind wants to "know" things and enjoys being regarded as "connected to God".

We must only seek connection with God the way Jesus commands us to. You cannot be born, from the womb, already possessing Christ's gifts from the Holy Spirit. See 1 Corinthians Chapter 12!

So, if you have these kind of abilities and did not receive them through the salvation experience that Jesus Christ demands -- then, an evil spirit of Divination has come against your life and you have either enjoyed or regretted it influencing you.

We CANNOT, and do not, have any spiritual gifts from God until you are born again AND Baptized in the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ (the initial evidence being spiritual languages which the Holy Bible calls "tongues"). See John 14:14-18

Click: Examples of Witchcraft and Divination and How To Escape

Step 6 -- This is the step that interrupted all forward movement on this site until the next step.

"Remember the poor in everything you do."

This statement is a direct command from Jesus to all who want ONLY Him in this new/next move He is doing in churches throughout the earth and the unbelieving world at large. Treating the poor the old way that Jesus commanded us is mandatory to our own soul and spirit survival.

As I have labored, diligently, to obey this command within Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ as a new denomination of believers and within its expression called Truth Seekers Church, I have needed to ask the Lord even (recently) "Lord, what EXACTLY do you mean when you say "REMEMBER"??? How do we, actually, carry out this command???

Just this morning (7/13/21), I asked again. He responded with his own words in the Gospel of Luke through his servant John the Baptist:

Luke 3

10And the people asked him, saying, What shall we do then? 11He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.

Contrary to the Gospel, our pattern in churches has become "send them to an organization", take their social security number and line them up in a food line, plaster their faces on a billboard so people can believe in us and give us donations (how would we feel if our loved one's face was on that billboard?); and worst of all -- DEMAND THEY COME TO OUR CHURCH WORSHIP as a string we've tied to them getting any help from us! Many ungodly things we do to the poor.

Each removes from us the personal responsibility that brings God's direct "blessing" upon our own lives. The Lord gave me revelation decades ago about persons we call "homeless". Jesus said they are "Unloved". Anyone who is not a threat, but is without a home must be unloved because no one who is loved has persons who will allow them to suffer like a stray dog. Sadly, a dog being loved will never be without a place to call home or "family" where it can dwell "in peace".

We must remember that SATAN oppresses people financially -- with the same hate that he oppresses people with sickness and disease. We are to think and do toward someone who is financially-oppressed with the same dignity you want for yourself if you are in that situation tomorrow and with the same Gospel promises that we preach to the sick.

The skyrocketing Boise real estate and property management industry is more proof of how Satan uses persons to oppress others financially -- sinful rent increases that make families "unloved", crooked  -- "it's only about me and my client" -- attitudes, no love for Idahoans who built this great state, but who can no longer even buy a home IN THEIR OWN CITY if needing to sell theirs. All such me and mine attitudes offend God. Offend means "sin".

Jesus' knows that everything is spiritual and trains us to recognize the Evil spirits moving upon minds to influence attitudes and policies that keep people down! (Except by a miracle of God, Almighty).

There is only one attitude toward the poor by Jesus Christ:


Jesus promises that if you don't give this ... your day will come -- James 2:13, Matthew 5:7 and 1 Samuel 2:7-9 Hannah's Testimony

Conclusion: Remember The Poor

"To the degree that any good deed is offered in a way that strips a person who is in need of the dignity GOD demands (and you demand for yourself) ... it is SIN".

URGENT: You cannot save every man ... only the one Jesus convicts to your heart is being put before you -- like the test of the good Samaritan -- Luke 10:25-37.

Translation? Humble yourself! You may be next. What dignity will you want, then? 1 John 3:16-18, James 2:2-4)

Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to His servant Minister Clark

Christ's Compassion For You

Don’t Hesitate to Make A Change!

Remember that no matter what is happening in your life, NOTHING matters but your soul gaining commitment from the Bible Lord Jesus Christ to you and walking in the benefits from Him. To have that, we must all make the change of surrendering to His terms and conditions.

It's simple!
It's just "LOYALTY".

Call for immediate support as best we can. Open 24 hours because JESUS is available 24 hours. Being that he works through human flesh, we rely on his miracle power to alert us to your call! If you don't reach someone, DON'T PANIC -- CRY OUT TO HIM -- CALL ON HIS NAME, HUMBLY and BELIEVING HIM. You will, mostly, here from the pastor within 12 hours.

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