Revelation 3: 8 -11

Revelation 3: 8-11 Guides Our Prayers






Church is “INDIVIDUALS” who have REPENTED OF THEIR SINS to OBEY JESUS CHRIST, and are under the authority of a man or woman Pastor who is 1) born-again (admitted and turned  from sin to Christ), 2) Jesus-chosen (not man-made), … and  3) Anointing-Sent (had Divine encounter). The “Anointing” is Jesus Christ, Himself, as the Holy Spirit.


(Upgraded above definition on January 21, 2021. also, Revelation 3:9 – ‘Jews’ in this spiritual context refers, specifically, to “Christians”).




FOR … “CHRISTIANS SEEKING ONLY JESUS” with THIS KIND OF PASTOR, TO BECOME THIS KIND OF CHRISTIAN in the midst of an American Christian religious system that has become mostly a big, money-making, business.

You may not understand  why … but each of the following things are what makes our prayers work! Jesus Christ has revealed how He wants THIS church membership to treat Him and doing so gets us GREAT favor with Him and Father-God.

We obey to love one another exactly as the Lord has commanded – no opinions, no prior attitudes and beliefs, no compromise. This is the “real” JESUS, in the “real” New Testament,  for “real” power over Satan and his devils. We will not counterfeit any of these things.





Unique Calling – From Jesus For Our Church


  • Every church is unique. Our call is to be a sister-church to Full Gospel/Pentecostal Pastors and Preachers in God’s plan to visit Christians who want ONLY JESUS in the midst of an American Christian religious system that has become mostly a big, money-making business courting politics, celebrity, fame, and riches.
    (Revelation 3:9 – Jews, in this context, means Christians). It CANNOT bring the next level of closeness with Jesus that He desires with us.
  • “Because NOTHING Matters But Your Soul!”


  • A humble voice, a fresh Holy Spirit voice bringing rest and refreshing to Full Gospel/Pentecostal Pastors, Preachers, and Christians. See the link “Vision For Pastors”.


  • Believing the Word of Prophecy spoken over Minister Clark from the Lord Jesus Christ during three decades and in multiple American states, then spoken directly to her from the Lord:



DRESS STYLE: Business or Casual, but dress respectable for meeting with the KING of KINGS and Lord of Lords, God Almighty – no shorts, tight body-clinging clothing, men sagging off your rear-end pants; exposed chests or bosoms; “nakedness” and privacy areas (both male & female), no pets/animals and NO CELL PHONES.

No cell phones because coming into the inner court of God’s holy presence should be — and must be — the one time and place when no one  and nothing can interrupt your worshiping Him! Worship is “holy” such that no human being needs to be reachable 24/7 … when it comes to GOD.


CONGREGATION: Seeks to be an oasis of rest and refreshing for pastors wanting to rest and to move into a refreshed anointing of the Holy Spirit — giving new life to their ministries and personal lives.

Labors to provide a luxury rest & healing property and accompanying luxury transportation for pastors and others God chooses to minister to at the need.

United Purpose!


As persons who have forsaken our lifestyle of sin for OBEDIENCE TO JESUS CHRIST …


We covenant with Jesus Christ to assemble together each Sunday and throughout the week to meet with Him and worship Him together “in the ways He wants to be worshiped”.

Jesus is alive and still teaching us, today, through His apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teaching elders — according to Ephesians 4:11-16.

Minister Clark is proven by the Holy Ghost as sent by Jesus Christ to us in one or more of the Ephesians 4:11 offices.

According to Matthew 10:40-42 — by receiving Christ’s prophets, evangelists, apostles, pastors, teachers — we prove that we believe Jesus’ love and miracle power still operates for all who obey Him.

We, including Minister Clark, will not cling to our own ideas, opinions,  and habits of worship from elsewhere or past life because the foundation of your life is Jesus Christ. The foundation of your life “in” Jesus Christ is your Pastor. Jesus has set it up to work this way. We all believe “your preacher is the key”!

Most important of all: We EXPECT our lives and families will be endowed with a special presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, His interventions, His guidance, and His rewards upon our lives as we follow the example and teaching of this pastor in Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM)/Truth Seekers Church.

Daily Christian Life



Raw worship, pure praise of Jesus Christ that gives us holy boldness in our HOMES and in our neighborhoods with POWER over Satan’s works against the people of Boise and ourselves.


Christian Independence:

Jesus Has Authority & Freedom Here



Return to the spiritual identity and authority of The Church (as Jesus created all churches to be); while reverencing the interdependent love “required” of Christians everywhere for one another. Jesus Christ holds us accountable to this. Matthew 25:40-46



Our Special Assignment From Jesus Christ:

Christians Who Entangle in Mormonism




“Undo the entanglement of my people (Christians)  in Mormonism“.

The Lord Jesus Christ, March 2015

The Lord Jesus Christ to Minister Clark in March 2015, arriving in Boise, Idaho and during a prayer meeting second day of arrival. During the prayer meeting came the command to “plant in this soil” (Boise) Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church.

New in Boise, a stranger brought us to prayer meetings held by a Pastor named Brian Harrison of Meridian, Idaho. Pastor(s) Brian and Suzanne serve in a ministry named “Commanded Blessing” (formerly The Father’s House).

Pastor Perspective: A Friend To Souls


I will, by God’s grace, love one another exactly as the Lord has commanded – no opinions, no prior attitudes and beliefs — and no compromise.

Minister (Pastor) Clark



Guiding Command of Our Church:

“BE” Jesus To One Another


To love each other with gentleness and firmness JUST as Jesus does (John Chapters 13-17, Matt 5:19-24);

To Encourage, Exhort, and Pray for each other, DAILY, as Jesus does (Heb 3:13, 1 Tim 2:1);

To reprove/warn each other as Jesus does (2Tim 4:2, Prov 9:8, James 5:19-20);

To restore each other when any of us get off track – as Jesus does (Gal 6:1-9, Matt 18:10-35);

To expect  and require your esteem and respect (love) for the Lord’s pastor, and their sacrifices for the church – as Jesus does (Hebrews Chapters 3-4);

To expect and require your loving obedience to the Lord’s pastor, he chose and graced for your sake – with knowledge, wisdom and power in the Holy Ghost (1Thess Chapter 5);

To cherish –not hate — the Pastor for rebuke and discipline of your disobedience to the Lord’s standards in our church – “only AS Jesus does” (Titus Chapter 2);

To confirm in your own conscience, daily, that you are committed to this kind of Pastor Jesus chose … because you are seeking Jesus to make you into this kind of Christian. You are one of His “Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ” (Acts 8:1-25) … for the times we are living in!

See 1 Timothy 3:1-14