The Lord Jesus Christ is praying for you, right now. He is, also, calling some faithful disciple, somewhere in this world, to intercede with Him for you.

Are you a pastor or other preacher according to Ephesians 4:11 and in need of prayer from an objective, Holy Ghost gifted fellow-laborer?

Do you need a friend from Jesus who is not weakened to your flesh, but is sold out for your soul? Prayer is available through this ministry to anyone,  but especially to you who are called as Ephesians 4:11 preachers on the front lines!


Would you like to trust a seasoned and tried apostle, prophet, evangelist or pastor/teacher who is known for gentleness with Jesus’ truth; but firmness with Jesus’ love, and not revealing your business (ask the Lord if I’m lying)?

I, reverently, offer myself in the graces given me as prophet, evangelist, or pastor for your needs. Prophet if you need confirmations in the Holy Ghost, Evangelist if you need support in your heart for souls — including your own! I offer myself as Pastor if you need understanding with gentleness — but firm truth that upholds or delivers. These are the limits of His grace to me for you. I am only equipped within the grace given me.

Minister Clark

We ALL need, from time to time, a brother or sister who is a man or woman of God and has been through Satan’s fires to understand the holiness of our call and the supernatural powers of that enemy against our flesh — that Devil.

Peter came to understand this need after Jesus told him, “but I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:23). Satan labors, diligently, hoping to destroy our ministries, but more importantly our souls! We need one another!

Don’t know even one? Cannot find a preacher-friend for “such a time as this that you are going through”? The preachers you do know … are too close to your flesh for you to believe that they are actually being led or hearing from our Lord’s Spirit versus their feelings for you? Preachers in your denomination only ‘hear’ within the scope of the organization’s plans for the denomination, not for YOUR personal walk AND FUTURE with Jesus???

The Lord has “called me from the womb”, hidden me away from the throng and equipped me to be a preacher that HE can trust.

He’s trained me to take up only HIS cause in your relationship with him (Isaiah 49, Isaiah 66) and that is my responsibility to Jesus whether you are brother, sister or preacher-brother, preacher-sister.

If you are only interested in your cause — what you want no matter what the Lord wants concerning you — then, my prayers with you will not work. YOUR OWN PRAYERS WILL NOT WORK!

I cannot pray agreement with you until you are broken to, at least, want God’s plan. Nor will I get him offended with me by approaching him on your terms. Sorry.

However, if we can get on the same page of wanting only what Jesus wants because it really is only about Him, then God will always supply us someone to intercede and supplicate in prayer for us. He will always prove someone faithful to come before the throne of our God — against the supernatural wiles of that Devil/Satan who hates us. May our Lord continue to judge me as a faithful interceding Minister of the Gospel to his saints. See glossary for “Saint”.


Call me at 208.810.1121.


As the Lord decides and provides. I am seeking a new office that has more soundproofing for prayer and conversation while still providing the wonderfully “un-reproachable” setting that 6126 W. State Street provides. I may be led to stay there and use some technology to achieve the additional soundproofing desired. If you have a preferred location meeting the conditions that the Lord needs, I believe that I can adjust to that on the occasion.


Email me at the “private, end-to-end encrypted email” that has been set up for you:

  • Prayer()

You know what symbol goes between prayer and  (it’s hidden to avoid spam).

OPEN 24 hours, because JESUS was always available and accessible when Father deemed it needful. Nicodemus could reach Jesus, “directly”, even by night!

Yes, sometimes people went to the brethren to reach Jesus … but it wasn’t the way we are doing it in our church world, today! No! It wasn’t the kind of business corporation executive who is administrating an organization type of access we have today. “The Lord says we have turned most of church and ministry into a big money-making business”. I am very, reverently, fearful about saying “the Lord says”.

Of course, Jesus was NOT awake and available when Father had other plans. We remember that the disciples searched for him when he slipped out for prayer all night long.

We are “family”. You don’t speak to a secretary when you need to talk to your brother, sister, or relative. Jesus warned us about that preeminent attitude compared to His own and I am not better than my Lord … neither are you. 🙂

The Lord, Jesus said …

“You have one Master, the rest of you are brethren.
You have heard how the Gentiles Lord it over one another, and their great ones like to be called benefactors, but it shall not be so amongst you; but he that is greatest among you, let him be as servant.

Luke 22:25-28 KJV

Benefactor (check your Strong’s Concordance) is an attitude of “doing you a big favor just to let you have audience with me and receive my very limited time, skills, benefits or money!” [Quotes mine and paraphrasing mine].

So, let us all return to the personable, approachable, HUMBLE and “real” Jesus Christ. He is  holding us accountable to represent HIM to one another.

Your sister,


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