Pastor Gloria E. Ferguson

Pastor Gloria E Ferguson

A Miracle of Redemption



On Thursday, June 18, 2020, my brother called me at about 8:00 a.m..

He called to say on the voicemail:

“Hello, Minister Clark. I wanted to let you know that Dr. Gloria E. Ferguson passed away. She died at the hospital, yesterday. I thought you should know. And no arrangements have been made yet”.

That was Wednesday, June 17, 2020 — the day Truth Seekers Church was registering at the DMV the purchase of the ministry vehicle to fulfill Christ’s vision for hurting pastors and preachers.

Pastor Gloria (to me) Ferguson loved Jesus! It was proven by her redemption of painful things in her path that could have turned her bitter against God — but she refused to. Many persons, even Christians, would have gotten angry or grieved  with God and walked away from all  their future and promises from Him. I heard her tell me her promise to Him — “I’ll never leave you. I’ll never be bitter toward you”.

Rising from the hospital bed to talk face-to-the-wall to Jesus, she spoke these words to God right after police officers left her room. The officers were telling her that her firstborn son had just been murdered on his way out of his home front door, heading to the hospital and, then, to work. Xavier managed the church daycare program for her work “Chapel of Praise Church”. He had dropped her off the previous night and said “I’ll see you in the morning mom on my way to work”. Instead of his face walking through the door that morning … it was police. She carried this grief, daily, until Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

Always, my sister, Pastor Ferguson, was “on mission” to save a soul! You could not be around her and she know that you had not turned from your sins — without her reminding you with gentle firmness to come to Jesus before it is everlastingly too late — especially if you were a backslider. She is the person I called at about 2:00 a.m. to pray the sinner’s prayer with me and get my soul right with God in 1980. Because of her persistence, she is the one my mind went to call, immediately, and I am in love with Jesus to this very day.

Regularly, I have thanked her … and have thanked the Lord for her.

Pastor Gloria E. Ferguson had an amazing anointing for healing the sick, counseling  advice, and a love to train up children and youth in the holy ways of Jesus. Always, even in sickness herself, she was “at-the-ready- to pray for you! It did not matter if you were a total stranger or a family member, she believed and knew from MANY experiences that praying in the Name that is authority above every authority — JESUS — will get your need met!


I have never understood from the Lord, yet, how so many with a miracle anointing leave this world very sick and hurting in their bodies. Is it some kind of revenge that Satan is permitted to do for all the damage they have done to his kingdom with their lifetime? I don’t know. Pastor Gloria E. Ferguson, Pastor Kathryn Kuhlman, Pastor G. E. Patterson, Pastor Kenneth E. Hagin — all were mightily used of God, but left here very sick in body after life-changing effects for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ferguson loved to hear me sing to the Lord.  I did not know that until she started asking me to sing! My husband often did that, too!  Sometimes, when the Lord permitted and directed us to have contact, she would request that I sing for her edification right over the phone! Her favorite that she requested was:

Blessing, glory, and honor.

Power and might and dominion,

Be unto you our blessed Lord!

Coming down from your throne on high, you died on the cross for me,

Rising from the dead you live, to give me the victory. Oh!

Blessing, glory, and honor.

Power and might and dominion.

Be unto you, our blessed Lord.

Some of you know that song.

My ABSOLUTE favorite song Pastor Ferguson would sing in her church meetings in St Louis, Missouri is:


Oh, the Blood. Oh, the Blood.

Oh, the Blood that signed my name!

Oh, the Blood. Oh, the Blood.

Oh, the Blood that signed my name!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Oh the BLOOD!




Christ’s Miracle Love and Forgiving Reconciliations


As with all of us who are sincerely in love with Jesus, we have times of great accomplishment for Christ and other times that He chastens. The Lord separated my biological family and I in 2010. With Jesus Christ, your family is NOT the most important thing — GOD IS. God will allow no competition with His will and His kingdom plans that involve your obedience. Sometimes, that choice to serve God or family will result in parents and children, husband and wife, brother or sister divisions and separations — temporary or permanent. These are costs to being a disciple of Jesus Christ. He said so:


[Mat 10:37 KJV]

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.



I was commanded by Jesus Christ to separate. He confirmed it through two preachers and to myself, directly. These Holy Ghost baptized and anointed pastors and evangelists had no ties to one another and no knowledge of me in 2010 June and October — in Illinois and in Canada. Both preachers heard the same command from the Lord (and so did I) that I separate like Abram in Genesis chapter 12 and never go back, and no contact.



The Miracle

The miracle is that, in 2017, at a church meeting in Caldwell, Idaho where my husband Eric Clark and I visited … a prophetic word was given to Pastor Robert Moira while I was praying on my knees during the worship and praise time. I had been receiving an inner nudge from the Lord for several days to contact my sister. Then, while on my knees in prayer, I heard the Lord say “Call your sister who is a Pastor”. I was afraid to do it because I have lived under a direct command from Jesus Christ, for ten years now, to NOT have contact.

The same God who tells you don’t do something, can for HIS OWN SOVEREIGN PURPOSE tell you on occasion, and case-by-case, to do that very thing! You must be right in your hearing or you can be destroyed by the enemy (Satan)  if you violate a direct command from the Almighty.

While on my knees, pondering in the worship if this was God or my own human sentiments feeling some unexpected longing to contact her — Pastor Moira spoke from the pulpit having no personal knowledge or relationship with my husband. and I. We may have visited his church work once or twice as of that day.

“Pastor Clark. The Lord has a word for you. The Lord says, that question you’ve been thinking about. Do it! Because it is the Lord. He says He has already prepared the way”. I told my husband, Eric, about it ALL and when we got home, I looked up the number and called my sister, Pastor Ferguson, immediately. Got no answer. Called again that evening and she picked up the phone.

My sister, Pastor Gloria E. Ferguson said …


“Praise God. God is good. I just had Fannie [Pastor Fannie Russell Taylor of St. Louis, MO] to touch and agree with me two days ago. I asked the Lord to please let me have contact with my sister just one more time before I leave this world”. The first thing out of her mouth  after that in speaking to me (Pastor Clark)  was “Please forgive me ….”.



From that miracle in 2017, my sister and I enjoyed two years of Jesus letting us enjoy each other as pastors, first, and sisters, second. It was great compassion and edification from Jesus for His overall kingdom plans. It was BEAUTIFUL RECONCILIATION WHEN WE HUMBLED OURSELVES TO HONESTY WITH ONE ANOTHER IN GOD’S PRESENCE. That is what God is after in all people relationships, even cities across the globe!


We spoke of where we could see that we did wrong to each other. The hearts were, then, pure to enter into the refreshing relationship that Jesus wanted for a season. She is the only biological family member that the Lord ordained contact with and it was for edifying pastor-to-pastor through the bond of being sister-to-sister. That is part of God’s mysterious ways. I know, now, that it was a season ordained to get her ready to meet the Lord. I remembered only today that it was in the month of June that we visited Pastor Moira’s in Caldwell and Jesus commanded the contact!

She left here June 17, 2020. Special things do happen with me and God in June. My birthday is this month, too. When we reconnected she sent birthday greetings to me and in the same month I sent appreciation to her for the counseling, motherly figure she has been in so many lives outside of her Chapel of Praise work.


We spoke of improvements that would insure our places in Heaven. In all of our conversations, we could hear the commitment to sanctify ourselves. I, personally, heard changes she wanted to improve upon and I heard her actually DO IT! Hallelujah! I believe she heard the same things in me! These times that were granted by the Lord were used to make us more pleasing to Him. That is the way to go home to Him — knowing you used your recent years to make things right with someone and strengthen another human being in the Lord! Thank you, sis!



Meeting  Our Heavenly Father


My sister, Pastor Ferguson, called last month, on Friday, May 29th. I had no clue that first thing Saturday morning, Jesus would command me to call her and gently, but firmly, share that He was ending the season and we must each move forward in His divine will and plans.

I said … as best I can try to remember word-for-word:


“I love you. I’m so happy for your new grandson (whom his brother and she named after her firstborn).

The Lord is so faithful and compassionate to give you a grandson to comfort you and let you see and hold him. He did not let you leave this earth without doing that for you! But now, I must be firm and we must obey the Lord. He commanded separation and has given us this wonderful time together. We have different paths in ministry that aren’t possible for work together. I LOVE YOU and I’LL MEET YOU IN THE AIR”!


That was Saturday, May 30th, and only two and a half weeks later on June 17th, this week, she left with Jesus. Christ Jesus has carried my sister and His servant Pastor alive forever with Him until we meet again and receive new bodies in the great “catching up”) day — rapture in the air!

She hurts no more, suffers no more, body pains no more, mourning no more! ONLY JOY, FAMILY, and YOUNG AGAIN FOREVER!





The Miracle Lesson

I hope you can feel Christ’s miracle of loving redemption in how He chose to reconcile my sister and I to His own plan and for His own purposes along the way.



Too often, despite what we say are the problems, the true and underlying cause of relationship separations in the churches is that we want our own plans for what a relationship should look like or is supposed to be and don’t want GOD’S PLAN FOR OUR RELATIONSHIPS!

Minister Clark



God only creates and works relationships for Himself, for His glory, and for His Kingdom plans. He is always willing to reconcile individuals when both choose to surrender to His will and His “job description” for that relationship. Check out all separations in churches and you will observe God confirming to you that resisting HIS will for the relationship is what “really” happened!

Jesus Christ will NEVER allow his purpose and plan for the relationships He formed for Himself to be usurped to our own wants. He will not allow His purpose and plan for a relationship to be swapped out and replaced with our own. The moment we do either of those things, God allows Satan what he has been requesting — that he come between you. The relationship ending is just a clock on a time schedule that only God knows will be the end day, except parties repent.

God comes first, church comes first, ministry comes first — relationships fit into that. All who accept this truth will experience the miracle of God’s loyalty and power hovering over your relationships to protect and preserve them! It’s so beautiful! Otherwise constant troubles leading to an end.


Perhaps you need a miracle reconciliation like what Jesus did with Pastor Ferguson and Minister Clark. All it takes is a humble cry to the Master of the human heart and of humility — Christ Jesus. He gives us the humility to do and say whatever He needs us to to receive glorious and happy reconciliation from Him!

I love you, Pastor Gloria E. Ferguson, and will meet you soon … in the air! Thank you, Lord Jesus!


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