Update: Pastor Clark – On Gender Identities

In the category, “Forgive Us”,  I present things that we Christians need to seek and ask forgiveness for from Non-Christians.

Today, it’s personal. For Christ’s design of gender identity — that men look like and be as men, that women look like and be as women — I choose to speak about my short, man-looking hair (looks like that to me).

Please, forgive me that I don’t look feminine during this temporary time that it’s taking to grow back to a female, normal length. I had hair down to my upper back — braided as dreadlocks — but the braids developed severe tangles from washing and conditioning without undoing the braids first (which isn’t really possible)! Then, the braids were so severely tangled that they could not be undone, only be cut out.

The result is what locals in the Boise region have been seeing, recently and I am very uncomfortable. Please know that God (our Creator) has made a clear difference between male and female for love’s sake. So, I am doing everything else that I can to represent womanhood while my hair regrows.

Yes, I did have “emergency hair” (wig) which kept me looking as feminine as women should,  but that was causing other areas of hair-loss. I wanted to “naturally” represent my Creator and Lord Jesus Christ because He has given His life to redeem me from all my sins. So, I dismissed my “emergency” hair :). You who are in obedience to Jesus do understand. Being African-American, the beautiful and natural texture of our hair will often require permanent chemical waving to achieve the smoother look that you know me for. Until my hair reconditions, can’t do much of that, either.

If you are in fellowship with Jesus Christ — please, would you pray for my hair to swiftly recondition and regrow in a way that is glorifying to Christ Jesus, so Satan has no occasion to cause question about the Christian duty concerning gender identities in Boise.

If you feel the move of Holy Spirit in this confession, check your own life, too. Are you a man wearing an outer appearance that seems feminine or even demonic? Let us reclaim our posts as watchmen for our Lord’s great love for people.

Why The Need For Forgiveness:

Every Christian must be loyal to Jesus Christ in standing (Ephesians 6:12) for plainly clear and separate identity of male and female. Satan is doing a bold push to cross the identities of male and female … to show contempt for God and His design of us “from the beginning of the Creation”. Please forgive us for helping Satan to fulfill his evil works against God as Father, God as the Christ, God as Holy Spirit AND the broken image of God in man and woman!!!


Update To This Post: February 1, 2020

Well, I’ve returned to looking my happy, normal self  – yep – “alternative hair”. Thank you for praying that my natural hair grow back! Until the actual day of that regrowth and in the meanwhile … THANK YOU to “Angels In Your Corner” of Boise, Idaho operated by Deanna and Darla.

Deanna and Darla, along with their increased staff, have a love for cancer patients who are losing their hair to chemo. They love others, such as myself, who are suffering from alopecia or chemical damage. Also, they love others who have hair addition or replacement needs from a variety of medical damages or emotional and esteem needs!

Now, so that you have proof of what I am asking God to restore, I’m giving you two photos:

1) Twelve years earlier before Christian persecution during evangelist travel, before God blessed with a marriage, before dreads, then recent chemical damage!

2) January, 2020 me  — thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ  — and “Angels In Your Corner” of Boise, Idaho! Wow! Has it been almost 15 years? Where does the time go? Serving Jesus, I pray!!!

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