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There are evils we have exposed ourselves to that require and ark for safety to anyone 100 years of age or  under who are grieving over what Christians in the United States of America are bowing to. Certainly, we did not expect the pillar and ground of God’s holiness (Church) to become a user-friendly marketing tool to attract customers. Church once meant “holiness”. Church once stood for holiness. Church and — turning to a life of holiness was — saying the same thing.

The  Bible Lord Jesus Christ knows what evil powers the invisible being whose name is Satan engineers against Americans, and all nations and peoples of this generation. Jesus loves people and this nation so much that He always provides a means of escape.



Established by a “consumer-minded” descent and visualization of church, the nation and the churches have lost (generally) their fear and reverence of God. We did not expect Church to, actually, become a money-making business corporation filled with sales of products, trinkets, and self-promoting books of all kinds, pop-stage concerts, cafes, and restaurants. It’s become all about feeding us our preferences to convince us to stay and catering to our feelings to entertain our time spent.  Watch for the category ‘JESUS SAID’.



Satan always targets Christians, first, then all mankind. He works to persuade all to rebel against the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ (as he did), and to forsake what seems “nerdish” interest in Jesus’ goals and lifestyle. Ultimately this would destroy any human being forever (with him).

Jesus came to escape us from Satan’s plot.


Then Jesus said, “you are the Noah’s Ark for this generation”.


“Everyone is NOT called of God to enter into this Noah’s ark for the historical season we are all living under. God works in seasons and what the Lord Jesus has done in some churches for decades, some should continue to do. However, you whom He is calling should prepare to exit what you have been used to  … for a life newly focused on Jesus in a completely different way He is taking us. This completely different method of “doing church” is for His pleasure and is to recover as many “Christians” as we can to survive the approaching changing world!


 DON’T FEAR when you feel Him pulling on your heart and don’t fear what your future may be like. None of us know that. We just follow Holy Spirit and let the LORD be the Lord.


Minister (Pastor) Clark




in the ark:

CHRISTIAN survival Steps & Tactics

Christians must implement Gospel tactics and steps to overcome increasing pressures by the spirit of antichrist in our world and nations. He flexes his delusional powers in our generation targeting Christians, first, then all mankind. (2 John 1:7-11)

Steps and Tactics

in the ark:

exposing camouflage & blending


Jesus exposes that Satan has camouflage. It is a form of blending in or co-mingling Satanic perspectives and ways into our life with the Bible Jesus Christ (Isaiah 66, Revelation 3:1-6).

Enemy Camouflage

in the ARK:

return from mormonism lds



An Encounter with the Bible Jesus Christ: The Lord Jesus said “undo the entanglement of My people (Christians) in Mormonism”. Jesus Christ calls it Mormonism, but man calls it LDS.Christian vs Mormonism-LDS

in the ark:




In this category are attitudes to develop for your survival … even before making the decision that this Bible Jesus IS GOD. These are tools that will gain you God’s favor when you need it most.

Survival: Non-Chrisitans, Luke 7


Announcement – Help Pastors

The Lord Jesus Christ has asked me to make myself available to local pastors who want to hear from the prophet’s office what the Lord Jesus is saying for America to Christians who serve him here and to those who want more intimacy with Him.. We who love the Bible Jesus Christ and the Bible that He confirmed are all in this spiritual war, together.  It doesn’t matter which Christian denomination you are if your quest is to know and move in union with Holy Spirit. Call or email to discuss. If God confirms, we can schedule a private or preaching meeting. — Minister Clark

Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ 
Truth Seekers Church








208-488-8447 – For DELIVERANCE, counsel, general communications




Removed prayer email to confront the devil in your life.

No one asked Jesus “pray for me”.

 Pastor @ for spiritual counsel and preaching requests

Business @  for all others



6126 W. State Street, Boise ID 83703

Minister Clark
Christ’s authorized and sent Prophet, Evangelist and Pastor

Visitor Requests For Private Home Worship Are Screened In Person, And In Prayer, FIRST.



Non – Proselytizing Educational Classes Held At Public Venues


Because NOTHING Matters … But Your Soul!” ™  







“If it’s not Jesus’ way, then

SOMEWAY the Devil is in it.”

— Holy Spirit

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2 Thoughts on Refreshed! Ark Survival Steps
    James T
    5 Apr 2021

    I believed for many years that I was a humble man. Though I may have been humble or exercised a consistent level of humility in my interactions with the world, I was still very prideful in my spirit pertaining to God’s Word. My thoughts and actions in my own understanding of humility were an utter failure on my part in comparison to The Word, Jesus’ true meaning of being humble before our Amazing God. I was not reverent to Him. I was haughty. I had built myself up. I believed I had a wealth of knowledge and I was still destitute spiritually and alone. I thank our Heavenly Father for loving me enough to gently chastise me and draw me even closer to Him. Accepting this truth has made my relationship with Him much more intimate and definitely more sincere on my part. As men, we are taught and believe in this life that we must always be tough, arrogant (demeaning in a sense) in order to protect our egos and “save face” when our masculinity is challenged or we feel threatened or, we simply don’t have the answer…
    This is far from the truth brothers. I have been blessed with more understanding and respect by humbling myself truly before God, and the sincerity in this rewarded openly by my countenance shining a little brighter and others noticing it, than ever I experienced demanding, disrespecting, and chastising even jokingly, in the typical male setting.

    Jesus please remove this lie from the hearts of my brothers that truly seek you. Empower us to be the vessels of protection and guidance in all the lives we encounter, and please Lord teach us fully how to attain, keep and give you the glory for gracing us with this knowledge and blessing. Amen


    May the Lord fulfill this prayer you’ve spoken, Brother James.
    In Jesus authority, I pray with you that God form Jesus’ humility in all of us.

    Minister (Pastor) Clark

    Sue D.
    12 Apr 2021

    I have known Minister Clark for several years in a business capacity, and evolving personally. In both settings, we have had several conversations regarding her heart for the Treasure Valley Community and her vision to get all souls to turn to Jesus. She is a very loving person and I look to her for spiritual mentorship and friendship. We are praying for great things for Truth Seekers Church!


    Thank you for your gracious respect and for your kind comment, Sue. Of course, we know all the credit and the work is JESUS’!

    As you, Sue, I expect this wonderful Bible Lord Jesus Christ to do great things in Truth Seekers Church and others for the entire Boise Treasure Valley! Please, be glorified Lord Jesus!

    — Minister (Pastor) Clark

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