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Truth Seekers Church Worship

Sunday Afternoon Church & Water Baptism



Truth Seekers Church worship is every Sunday afternoon for our church family – starting at 1:30 p.m. and by INVITATION ONLY for guests.

Truth Seekers “Church” is repented persons choosing to be under the spiritual “responsibility” and authority of Minister Clark for protecting and maturing their lives in the Bible Jesus Christ  — according to Matthew 10:40-42.

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We meet only in our members homes because that is what Jesus commanded way back in 1999, and it is by invitation for strangers, so we “know” who you are as a guest in our homes. Call for an appointment to consider visiting.

This is our spiritual family, each person we KNOW, meeting in our homes the same as a family gathers for Thanksgiving Holiday!

As God adds (Acts 2:47) to Truth Seekers Church those who choose to repent of their sins and obey Jesus Christ, I obey Jesus to immerse (baptize) them in water. Jesus obeyed the Father to submit to John (the Baptist) baptizing him.

Jesus had no sin, but Jesus obeyed to be baptized as proof that all persons must, publicly, “obey the preachers that God sends”. 


“Truth Seekers Church” is myself  … first, because the Church began in Jesus  … first.

Christ’s pattern is that only the founding pastor has a command and vision from God inside his or her heart  for the people .

God added to Jesus those who heard His preaching, believed Him, and obeyed Him.

Likewise, a local church is established in the preacher who has the faith and Holy Ghost power from Jesus to step out “alone” and do what Jesus has commanded and entrusted. This is Christ’s pattern for any church.

ALL moves of God  — revivals, renewals, refreshing begin in this way as seen in the Holy Scriptures.

Without this kind of brazen loyalty to Jesus there cannot be “raw” Gospel preaching and power that saves the people Christ sends us to — from their sins!

Minister (Pastor) Clark

The Lord’s Supper & Foot Washing

NEW TIME: 6:30 8:00 p.m. so you can get home, have some family or winding-down time, and go to bed!

  • The Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing is given by Jesus as a command that we follow His example. It bonds us to one another and reconciles relationships that have been broken through hidden sins or “feigned” love.
  • Taught by the Pastor, the Lord’s Supper (Communion) is part of your Discipleship training and is held monthly the last Sunday of the month.