Minister Clark: I Met Jesus Christ



I met Jesus Christ when I was four to five years of age, in a medium sized, 200-400 people, Missionary Baptist Church that was located in East St. Louis, Illinois just three miles east of St. Louis, Missouri across the Mississippi River.

My mother took me, faithfully, to the church each Sunday for Sunday School and worship, and I honor her for that. She gave me my first Holy Bible and a second or third, too, in my lifetime.

I fell in love with Jesus from the preaching! The preaching of salvation by the Baptist preacher who gave an altar call EVERY Sunday sermon — got to me. It was backed up with what was taught in Sunday School.

One Sunday, the Pastor made the call — “Is there anyone who wants to give your life to Jesus Christ in the pardon of your sins?” I waddled down the aisle up to the pulpit. He said, “Is this child’s parents here … because I don’t think you know what you’re doing! I’m not going to baptize you until I talk with your parents”.

He talked with my father ( who wasn’t saved, but later got born again around my 16th birthday or so — it was glorious!).

My father had a long and dangerously serious talk with me. He said, “Now … you won’t be able to be like other kids if you do this. Other kids will want to dance and go to parties and lots of things that you won’t be able to do.” I replied, I know daddy. I love Jesus. He “drilled” me a bunch of other questions and answers which I don’t remember … but I have never forgotten the last one. He said,”




… Mr. Dave Wynne Jr. to his 4 or 5 year old daughter who became, when she finally “grew up” — Minister Wynne (married name Clark).


I replied, “I know daddy. I’m not playing. I love Jesus.” He said, “Alright, then I will let the preacher baptize you.”


Elementary School and Jesus Christ

Immediately came kindergarten in the next few months. I prayed “Lord, I want to know you like Moses or I’m going to tell everybody you’re not real.”

Well, he knows a child’s heart. I really did want to know the real God who did signs and wonders and miracles! Thank you Jesus, through being Baptized in the Holy Ghost with the initial miracle evidence of speaking in other tongues as the Holy Ghost selects  — I do know Him like Moses in that I have experienced for myself and others beautiful miracles! However, to truly know Him like Moses, you must sacrifice and suffer to get to know his heart. ONLY intimacy with the real Jesus Christ can get you that close to God.

In elemetary school, I witnessed to students and teachers the need to repent of your sins and obey Jesus for going to Heaven. You will have enemies and persecution (bullies, jealous persons, teachers who hate that you’re “a good kid”), even as a five year old. Satan is not picky. ANYONE who obeys Jesus will suffer and will be overwhelmingly blessed by God for it! I did not understand at that age the “blessed by God part”. It was lonely, no “faithful” Christians at home nor at school during that time. My mother was very religious about going to church, reading the Bible and staying away from certain sins. My father wasn’t serving God at all. My brother wasn’t serving God at all.

So, I left the Lord twice between elementary and college because I could not “suffer any more for you, Lord. I’m sorry”.



Mobs, Gangs, Bullies and Jesus Christ – Junior High School


Junior High School is the pivot point in any child’s life. Eleven or twelve years old and up is when Satan pours it on thick — all the temptations. You MUST remember … that is what your sufferings are … “TEMPTATION”.

The teachers hating you, the kids hating you, the bullies, the wrongful physical harassments — IT IS ONLY “TEMPTATION” TO GET YOU TO WEAKEN, FEAR, and CHOOSE” TO SIN AGAINST or LEAVE YOUR BELOVED LORD JESUS CHRIST!


Do NOT call these situations and events by any other name than “temptation” or you will reason with yourself, reason with your parents, reason with the kids who are pressuring (satan’s buddies assigned to tempt you). Reasoning will cause you to think that you are “expected” to respond as any other sinner would, or have therapy and counseling instead of responding to the call by Christ to do what He did –STAND by Faith in God’s Word that cannot lie.  Praise! Praise! Praise!  Him is your first line of defence and victory.  Prayer Meetings are your next irreplacable help to get the Holy Ghost (the Power of God) on the situations and your Christian brethren involved and standing with you.


I did all of that a couple of years. I was strong and made a powerful impact for Christ in my school.  In 2010, I visited Illinois and ran into a classmate who said “You were my angel. You tried to tell us about Jesus but we wouldn’t listen. All these years, I said to myself if she can stand (for Jesus) I can, too. Did that make me feel good? Yes! I really needed it that day because a family member was trying to tell me “Nobody in this family believes you are a preacher”. Wow.

Maybe you are your son/daughter is facing manifold temptations. God has appointed it! He allows the enemy to try our loyalty to Jesus. Just refresh yourself and rest by reading 1 Peter Chapter One. Then ground your heart, by God’s power I am willing to suffer IF THE WILL OF GOD BE SO. We can’t get out of it — so let even our children be a good soldier for their Savior!

So, the next year I left the Lord. However, when hanging around one of my sinner companions one day at school, I noticed how much I had changed from the Christian I had once known. I told my sinner friend, “I don’t like myself. I don’t like who I have become. I can’t be your friend anymore. I’m going back to Jesus”. Now, as an aged woman, I realize it was the Lord piercing through the invisible darkness of satan off my “spirit” so I could see the night and day change from who I once was to what a sinner I had become! He took me back, I went to a holiness church during High School. It was Faith Tabernacle Church of God In Christ. Life was good because I was learning holiness! Then something happened at church that caused me to “choose” to leave and satan had laid a well-engineered trap.


Satan’s Trap: Offended

Get hurt or offended at church, leave, and backslide before you know it. How far back to satan can you go …



The Miracle When I Met Jesus Christ – College Years

In freshman year at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Illinois; the Dean of the Communications College was my advisor. His name was Dr. Richard Stoppe, and he spent EVERY lecture period ridiculing the Christians in the class and “teaching” us the historical documents that prove Jesus Christ was just a man. He stated “you cannot be an intelligent person (at college level) and believing in a myth”. I didn’t know it, but I was barely hanging on, still dealing with my hurt in church.

Over the time of an entire semester or two hearing the world’s authority teaching against faith in Jesus Christ, I am ashamed now to look back and say that my faith in Jesus was not as real or strong as “I” thought it was. I stopped believing in Jesus, altogether, and chewed people out for trying to talk to me about salvation through Him. I turned my back on God as a young adult and joined the devil’s kingdom. Satan controlled me and I became an outlet for his ways in the earth.

One day, after leaving my job at Capital Credit Corporation in St. Louis, I decided that I wanted to be a Certified Financial Planner. It ocurred to me that God knows everything … I did believe in God, just not in Jesus Christ. So, I knelt down on my knees in my apartment and, sincerely, said, “Hey God! How do I connect with you? You know everything. You could tell me when the stock market is going to rise or fall and I could rack up! I could get rich and my clients could get rich, and I wouldn’t have to go to prison for insider trading because YOU told me”.

Shock of shocks, God answered me. In about a week or so, I heard a still, small, “voice” that said only one thing.


“I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life.”

Jesus Christ to Minister Wynne, 1980


That voice spoke fom time to time over about four weeks. Finally, I thought “What is that! What are those words! I’ve heard those words before. They sound like something out of a Bible somewhere!

I couldn’t tell anyone that I was hearing a voice. You know how people think who are OF this world. For the record, I don’t hear voices! Never have! Only this voice! And I know Him, now!

So, I went and found a Bible. Somehow, I arrived at John 14:6  —


John 14:6

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.



I fell to my knees crying out “Oh God! Please forgive me for not believing in your Son. I didn’t know.” It was the first time I had ever heard God speak.

“Jesus please forgive me for not believing in you! But, NOW, I KNOW YOU ARE THE TRUTH.” And, I will never leave you again because of things I see happening in your churches. If I see something going on in one of your churches that I don’t understand, I will simply come to you and say …  ‘Lord, I don’t understand’ — but, I will NEVER LEAVE YOU”.

I never have left believing Jesus since that day — but that’s not the whole story!  See next page OR posted message “How I Got Saved”.


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