Meet You

Prayer, Prophetic, Evangelistic and Pastoral Times which God is calling some to — for whoever wants only Jesus! There are church meetings and we WILL meet you!

Friday Night Holy Ghost Prayer Meetings

Every Friday evening starting at 6pm for Truth Seekers Church and invited guests. We meet in our homes with one another for individuals, children and families to seek the Holy Ghost! Prayer is the most sacred, holy, privilege we have as the Lord’s brethren. Friday Night Prayer is for …

  1. You who already have received  the Baptism in the Holy Spirit,
  2. You who are seeking to interceed with our Lord Jesus for others lives according  1 Timothy 2:1-4; 
  3. You who are seeking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

This is a time for Christians seeking from the Lord Jesus Chriat to overcome satan’s attacks upon their lives, IF you are committed to obey His word and specific guidance He gives during this prayer time. Expect His miracle power directly in communion with you and prophetically through others, with scripture confirmation by the Pastor.


Sunday Morning Evangelism Meetings

When the Lord Jesus called me and sent me to serve as His prophet, evangelist and pastor, He assigned specific responsibilities and  authorities. Each Sunday morning is the time He sends me to visit various Pastors throughout Boise Valley to strengthen them, for His plan to refresh their lives. I never know until He leads, which pastor he has on his heart Sunday morning. It may be his need to just let them see a new face listening to what they have received from the Lord. It may be their need for a word from Jesus of encouragemnet. It may be a word from Jesus correcting the direction they have been contemplating or already walking in. It may be they want me to bring the morning message or a testimony of God’s works. I stay available to the Lord and my brethren as needed.

Sometimes, as with Jesus walking through the cornfield on a sabbath day, the work the Lord has me do on Sunday morning is what I have termed “working in the field”. Sometimes, Jesus the Apostle, Jesus the Prophet, Jesus the Evangelist did his work one-on-one in the field. For example, one Sunday morning, worship was taking a family to Wahooz and ministering counsel to prevent a major life decision that was unscriptural. There was no pulpit preaching that morning, but all in the church got taught the word AND got to play, too! Sunday Worship to Jesus is never cancelled (exceept bad weather). Jesus, as Lord of the Sabbath, may conduct it however He chooses.


Sunday: Our Church Family Worship Meetings

Truth Seekers Church worship is every Sunday afternoon for our church family only starting at 1:30 p.m. and by INVITATION ONLY for guests.

“Church” is those seeking to be under my spiritual “responsibility” and authority for protecting and maturing their lives in the real Jesus Christ according to Matthew 10:40-42.  Click on Glossary menu for “Church”.

“Church Worship” aka “Church Meeting” or “Church Service” is those under my spiritual leadership meeting in close-knit worship with JESUS and one another, meeting permanently in homes as Jesus did. By invitation so we “know” you.

Our Sunday assembling for worship focuses away from modern worship atmospheres to return to the first Christians’ experience with the Lord Jesus Christ:

Prayer, Testimonies (1 Cor 14:26), The Word and Miracles “of His choice” – then Go Home.

This is our spiritual family, each person we KNOW, meeting in our homes just as a family gathers for Thanksgiving Holiday!

If a member of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church invites you, they will know who you are and why you want to come into a situation where you have no business except seeking to repent of your sins and be CHANGED! This is not a public social gathering for your entertainment or passing time … nor ours.

“Truth Seekers Church” is myself, first, because the church began in Jesus who had the founding command and vision from God – the Father — an added to Him those who heard and obeyed. Likewise, a local church is established (first) in any singular preacher who has the faith, courage, holy boldness, tenacity and Holy Ghost power from Jesus to step out alone and do what He said. Simple! ALL moves of God began this way.

Without this kind of brazen loyalty to Jesus there cannot be “raw” Gospel preaching and power impact upon the people among whom Christ plants you


Boise Sunday Evening Church Meetings

Supper and Discipleship

6:00 7:30 p.m. so you can get home, have some family or winding-down time, and go to bed!

  • Trains you how to follow the Lord in your new life with Him or STRENGTHENS you in following the Lord if you’ve walked with Him for a while.
  • Teaches you how Jesus has planted Himself in your mind after you repent of your sinful ways to obey the Lord.
  • This Discipleship Class is the time when members grow up into the character of our Lord Jesus Christ as taught forTruth Seekers Church, which may be quite different from other churches, for our specific vision.
  • Taught by the Pastor. Lord’s Supper (Communion) is part of your training and is held monthly during Discipleship Class.


Sunday and Weekday Holy Offerings

Money is holy to God. What you do with your money in relationship to Jesus Christ and God, our Father is between you and Jesus. It is, and always has been, a holy and private matter, so there are no online offering buttons on this site. In Truth Seekers Church, your choice to give to the Lord for His work should be well thought out, done with reverence, taking your time, and according to what He empowers you to do — no pressure, no embarassment of trying to keep up with what you think others are doing.

I do not have a word from Jesus Christ, yet, about online giving and I have no judging to do about other preachers who do. These instructions are what the Lord Jesus has given to ME for my obedience in leading his people back to holy awe and reverence for God and his holy things!


How To Give A Holy Offering To God



You must pray over your offering to sanctify it (separate it apart from all other common uses, make it special) as uniquely His, for the Lord to accept it.

NEWSFLASH: God does NOT ACCEPT everything we offer to Him (Isaiah 66). Your offering must be according  to reverence for who He is by offering it to Him with a humble, loving heart for Him and people. There must not be any selfish hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, revenge in your heart toward anybody while you are approaching God with an “holy” offering (Matthew 5:1-24) and for the right reason (James 4:1-17). There must not be any “lightness, trivial attitudes in its presentation, but presented as if given to Jesus  standing right in front of you, watching –because He is — although invisible to us!

IMPORTANT: You mind must be on the Lord’s Kingdom — not trying to co-mingle your  motives with governments’ influence, through laws about income and taxation  on your private covenant between Jesus Christ and you. The only thought you must have when giving is “what is right for me to do toward you and your Kingdom, Lord Jesus”?



Offerings for the work of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church can be done with reverence and praying that God will accept it by two ways:

  1. MAILINGS:  You can mail your offerings made out to Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ or Truth Seekers Church. The pastor’s hands, anointed by the Spirit of Jesus, will be laid upon your offering, with words of authority that impart Christ’s favor and blessing upon it and upon you, in  obedience to the Lord’s direct command to Minister Clark in Matthew 10:40-42.
  2. MEETINGS: You can, also, choose to meet in person. Again, hands anointed by the Spirit of Jesus will be laid upon your offering, with words of authority that impart Christ’s favor and blessing upon it and upon you. This is also done in obedience to the Lord’s direct command to Minister Clark in Matthew 10:40-42.

I have been poor, millionaire rich, middle income — all of it — and learned the truth about God’s offerings — they  are “holy” to God. My accountants have all kept to my commitment that I do not look for deductions, only taking what is standard. This keeps my life free to serve the Lord without hindrance, distraction or unclear motives in my heart. It, also keeps me from limiting what I want to do for the Lord because of the fears beyond gift tax if I want to do more than the IRS laws permit! Just give it and take the loss as a sacrifice to God — it is all His money anyway! He has always restored in some manner more than I could ever dream — such as GETTING THE GOSPEL OUT OF MY MOUTH WITH POWER!!!  HALLELUJAH! 

Minister Clark


Tuesday Sanctification and Consecration Prayer Meetings

Every Tuesday at 12:00 noon -various locations within our body. Our church family gathers (all who can) for sanctification and consecration. This is a prayer meeting special with the Pastor, where we all humble ourselves before our Lord and have Father-God take out junk from being in this world. This junk can hinder our church as a family/local body. We pray for ourselves and for our church family. Even Moses had to take offf his shoes to help Israel. Isaiah had to have his tongue touched with coals from an angels hand to help the whole country. Jesus had to consecrate forty days and nights in the wilderness to bring forth the Church. It is impossible to know God intimately, love our church family members (and other people), and become a vessel of honor fit for our Master’s use without seeking to know from God what can or is “dwarfing you” … and we are ALL DWARFED in some area. Each Tuesday we forsake something and let God put in something of our Lord Jesus! This is when we get “changed” from all the teachings we have been receiving Sunday to Sunday. We grow through the Word, but the power that does the actual change released in force — through sanctification and consecration prayers!



Wednesday Evening Deliverance Meetings

For Christians Entangled In Mormonism

Exclusively for Christians and their invited guests.

Any Christians in Boise Valley, Treasure Valley, and their invited guests– on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 p.m. — and perhaps “Friday” afternoons at 2:00 p.m..


Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. and other occasions “Fridays” from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m..

BY APPOINTMENT/RESERVATION BECAUSE THESE TEACHINGS ARE SERIOUS and more is accomplished with a small structured class for this topic.

This teaching will deliver, by the Name of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit, any Christians who are experiencing oppression or affliction from their entanglement in Mormonism.

It is about Jesus and His love for “his own” — Christians FIRST – the children get to eat, first, of the children’s bread.  His promises of lovingkindness and refreshing come to His own, FIRST. Even judgment begins with God’s own people, first (1Peter 4:17).

For that reason, these classes are not sent as Jesus reaching out to persuade our beloved acquaintances who are deceived and trapped in Mormonism to come out of Mormonism (although there may be some Mormons who want that, and I am available to teach and counsel you). That helps another need at another time.


So, these classes are for all Christians whom satan is attacking through co-mingling Christ Jesus with the imposter Jesus proclaimed in a religion named by Jesus in his vision to me: “Mormonism”

(often without them seeing the soul-ties and how “co-mingling” has crept in).

You do not need to be a member of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church to make a reservation/appointment for these classes.

Minister Clark

No matter what other names people try to give it (LDS), Fundamentalist, etc.  —  Jesus Christ calls it “Mormonism. Click the word “Mormonism” for proof.

The Lord Jesus said to his Prophet, Evangelist and Pastor  (Minister Clark) by the Word of the Lord, not by a vision, but later confirmed by a type of vision that was a dream in the night:

“Undo the entanglement of my people, Christians, in Mormonism.”

Jesus “spoke” to me during a prayer meeting a sister told me about when I first entered Boise in 2015. It was held, daily, by a local preacher, Pastor Brian Harrison. The prayer meetings he was conducting ended that month, however I was glad to have the Divine appointment … and at that time.

Later, the word I heard from the Lord during one of those prauer meetings was confirmed by a dream/vision I had one Saturday night showing world famous preachers “fellowshiping” and “worshiping” together in a Mormon religious conference/worship ceremony.

Minister Clark


Classes to deliver Christians from entanglement in Mormonism are held weekly at my office. Expect the first classes in September. If a Christian visiting this site would like to make a holy offering to the Lord — of REAL ESTATE — a location for the Lord Jesus and His purposes is needed right now to enlarge from where I’ve labored the past three to four years. Please contact me and let’s get the Lord’s mind on the location you have in your heart. Thank you so much for loving the real Jesus Christ. All glory to God! Receive His blessing in advance of meeting with you, according to Matthew 10:40-42.