There ARE businessmen and businesswomen (merchants) in Heaven. Job is there. Abraham, Issac, and Jacob are there. Lydia is there. Joseph from Arimathaea is there. You can find each of them in the New Testament and in the Old Testament. Some of your business friends are there. Some family business owners are, too.



Jesus describes that of the 100% of all mankind there are “three” types of persons whom JESUS says cannot make it into Heaven. For this message, they shall be businessmen and businesswomen. Each is weighted at 33% in this message.


In Mark Chapter 4, the Lord Jesus Christ explains how our entry into His kingdom works. It’s all about the human heart — which embodies your invisible being — you.

In Mark 10: 17-24, Jesus loves the soul of this very wealthy guy. The Lord’s instructions, when He told him to sell everything he had, was only to that particular rich person. You will notice that Jesus did not tell Joseph of Arimathea to sell or change his rich life, nor other wealthy persons who chose to become part of Him and his Gospel. Only this rich man had something in his heart, which JESUS discerned, would take him straight to Hell and eternal damnation if he did not change his heart. How about you businessman or businesswoman reading this message, today?

Where does your heart stand with the Creator of heaven, earth, and YOU? What might Jesus be saying to you, today?


Your spirit and soul is “you”. Your body is just a house, a vessel, a carrier of you. YOU are precious to God so that Jesus died and rose to salvage “you”.

The Lord Jesus Christ and the Father who sent him plan to start all over giving us a healed, undamaged body IF you are found acceptable to be welcomed into His kingdom. Entering his kingdom of Heaven or not entering it is everyone’s deliberate choice, either to obey the Bible Jesus Christ as God or to ignore obeying Him.

To make the point, of the 100% of merchants who cannot go to Heaven, the remaining miniscule .01% can be considered those great businessmen and great businesswomen who walk the narrow road which only a few merchants choose to follow.  Luke 13:24

This is the true upper 1% you want to be in.



SCENARIO 1 — Mark 4:13-15

Businessperson refuses to hear about JESUS authority over us.

“Don’t want to talk about it”. Operates their business on their own terms.




33% Possibility of Repentance and Entry (If Nothing Changes)


SCENARIO 2 — Mark 4:16-17

Businessperson respects what JESUS stands for … but with God respect is not obedience.


“Tries to include ways of Jesus in their business relationships and decisions” only while it is comfortable. Not REALLY into Jesus’ quest.




33% Possibility of Repentance and Entry (If Nothing Changes)


SCENARIO 3 — Mark 4: 18-19

Businessperson defaults to what they really need and want in this world.


 “Status” and its trinkets — considered as respect or power with peers in the business world.




33% Possibility of Repentance and Entry (If Nothing Changes)


SCENARIO 4 — Mark 4: 20

Businessperson risks world of status and privilege for love of Jesus and devoted to His quest — 




Mark 4:28 –Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo, we have left all, and have followed thee. 29 And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, 30 But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. 31But many that are first shall be last; and the last first.


The remaining miniscule .01% of all businessmen and businesswomen


100% Repented Heart

Has A Guaranteed Entry Into Heaven (IF Nothing Changes)

A Sample Business Contract

“Owned Persons”?

It was inconceivable, even unimaginable, that a concept of “OWNED PERSONS” would be so subtly and casually written into a serious business contract. It was written as if understood and accepted for normal business language and operations in the global community of today.


Our Worldpay and Authorize.net Relationship  


Observe the contract sections highlighted in the image.


We halted our Worldpay merchant services contract and Authorize.net as their card processor. We did it to be loyal to the Bible Lord Jesus Christ  and his Divine authority over all that is “business”.




At the end of January 2022 (after months of research and negotiations) Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™/Truth Seekers Church was signing a contract for merchant services and card processing services for you. Suddenly, while reading through the entire contract, these highlighted sections blared the sound of a spirit whose motives were not aligned with Christ.



It was inconceivable that a concept of “owned persons” would be so casually and subtly written into a serious business contract as if accepted for normal business language and operations in the global community today.






Too many times, businessmen and businesswomen have the attitude that business is a separate world from God’s authority and that business has its own right codes that are not subject to obey God.  Worse, they prove to have a way of thinking which says businessman and businesswoman codes are SUPERIOR to God’s authority. That is why the sound of the words “It’s business” blares in the ears and cuts the heart. Much sin is done “in the name of ‘it’s business'” instead of operating “in the name of Jesus Christ” if you claim to be His — a Christian.

Observe in Jesus’ warnings from Revelation 18:15, that a great majority of individuals marked for eternal damnation are businessmen and businesswomen along with their networks of persons who secure profit for them.


“In the name of business” many businessmen and businesswomen invent ways to put excessive or predatory things in writing that they would never do to themselves. These merchants are the kind who lie to themselves that what they are doing is right because —  “you signed and agreed to it in the legally binding contract. There was a warning that you read it”.


It is a merchant’s method for getting away with what your own conscience would cry “WRONG” if it were done to you. Jesus calls it “defrauding your neighbor” and by doing such things, merchants destroy reverence for his fundamental human law: “do to others AS you would have done to you”. This leadership by businesspersons has created an admiration for business-minded persons. We tend to look up to them for the material things they have achieved. I admit, I fell into this same admiration or confidence in their ways of thinking BEFORE JESUS CORRECTED ME. My major in both the baccaulaureate and master’s program has been Business Administration. I love business, but I don’t love the way Satan has seduced his own methods and honors into it.


Merchant (aka businessperson) defrauding is rarely punished as the common man gets arrested for “fraud”. This kind of defrauding is a businessperson’s way of founding a precedent that later establishes their actions as “normal business conduct” and legal. Next, other businesspersons do it without their consciences bothering them since “it’s  been done before” or “everybody’s doing it”.

Please understand and agree that JESUS puts people always above profit and that the needs of people is the actual purpose of all profit (after God’s needs are met). Jesus will judge all such merchants for their hearts in doing business with people when He returns. Some of you are being judged in life even now for conduct in your businesses. You think business is separate from your private life, but with God it is all the same. He loves you too much to stand by and say/do nothing as Satan takes you into eternal damnation.

Repent and love your neighbor, meaning every person on earth!







We’ve been searching for new merchant services and card processing ever since we dumped the above contract. Therefore, your Investors Page is still empty in that area and is delaying the other links for you. Everything else is ready to go when Jesus does it all.

Thank you for granting patience and understanding while we continue to research. We will find the business/merchant card processing that fits how this church worships Jesus through investing.


Minister (Pastor) Clark






God’s Promise For Your Profit

God will teach any businessman or businesswoman how to profit as richly as Abraham, Issac, and Jacob or as Job, David, Solomon, Lydia, Huldah, and Deborah. Merchants just have to put obedience to Jesus above your flesh temptation to lead by your own values or cravings in this world.  Isaiah 48:17

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— Holy Spirit

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