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End CaaS Part 3




“We must restore proper reverence for God and His churches.”

— Minister (Pastor) Clark




C.a.a.S. is “Church As A Service”. Walk through the C.a.a.S. Questionnaire knowing God’s mercy is guiding you here and helping you to investigate where you are. Ask yourself, “am I caught up in church as a service for the public or me? Am I a pastor who is overcome or distracted from my original passion to love and preach Jesus because I have been detoured into administrating church as a service? Ask yourself, have I created a ministry for myself that does not exist anywhere in the entire Holy Bible, spawned by the belief that I need to provide services through the church for the public ?



CHURCH AS A PUBLIC SERVICE is how God’s holy thing has descended in the minds of American Christians and the American public. We must restore proper reverence for God and his churches. You can recognize in your own heart an attitude of CaaS — “church as a service offered to appease my preferences”. Recognize it by common statements and questions you make or hear others make. The questionnaire statements and questions, below, help us investigate where we are to see if we have been caught into a despising or haughty attitude which has developed in the world toward God’s church?




The Lord Jesus Christ has a priority agenda in these last hours of the last days to restore reverence for God, for His churches, and for His spiritual authorities so He can protect you from Satan’s plots against your life now and eternally. 





Church As A Public Service Questionnaire


Jesus said that out of the abundance which is in the human heart, that is what will come out of our mouths, spontaneously.





Examine your true thoughts about “church”. See if you have come to think of it as being a public service versus being the holy thing created by Jesus for intimate fellowship with His repented ones. Understand how certain statements and questions reveal a smug and haughty attitude we’ve developed toward God’s church by what comes out of the mouth – Luke 6:45.


  • Do we ask “WHERE” is your church when speaking with a Christian instead of “what” is Jesus Christ saying to the people? Jesus and the first Christians did not.


  • Do we ask “where” is your church as if we have entitlement to hop in a car or other transportation and just go walk in? Jesus and the first Christians did not.


  • Do we ask “how many members do you have there” as if shopping by crowdsourcing. Jesus and the first Christians did not.


  • Do we speak Google, Yelp, and other reviews for God’s holy thing called church like we do for a buiness that “served” us well or did not? Jesus and the first Christians did not.


  • Do we “market” our church like it’s a business seeking to draw customers? i.e. Do we “advertise” our church rather than spend our time “preaching everywhere repentance and obedience” to Jesus Christ? HIS work is to get people saved from their sins and eternal damnation — not joined to our church. Are we seeking to promote our church versus Jesus? Are we seeking to draw members to our church or to Holy God? The first Christians refused to proclaim anything but Jesus and turned the world upside down!


  • Do we preach, teach and promote the Savior  JESUS at all — or proclaim “issues” of our particular countries, states, cities, and nations which our church has politized around to build our own club of persons with “like-mind”? Jesus and the first Christians did not.


  • Do we “market” our church as you would market business services by “selling” all the products and features offered in our church? Jesus and the first Christians did not. Do we sell church with gimmicks  … to enjoy activities, restaurants, coffee stands, concerts, etc.  versus hunger and thirst to come hear JESUS and experience His miracle power? Jesus and the first Christians did not.


  • Do we ask “when is your next service” or “where is your next service” because we assume having a right to enter and an expected welcome? JESUS and the first Christians had no such attitude.


  • If there were no concerts, praise and worship teams, choirs, restaurants, coffee stands, club activities would we STILL BE INTERESTED TO MEET WITH THE PEOPLE OF GOD FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN REVERENCE FOR GOD? Jesus and the first Christians did NONE OF THOSE THINGS … but turned the world from Satan to holiness by internal prayers, the Word of God, miracles, and LOVE.


  • Do we dress for job interviews with more respect and contemplation than preparing to come before Holy God? Do we demand to dress any kind of way in church, even showing nakedness — and with less respect and holy fear of God than we do for earthly kings, magistrates, and employers who are beneath God in authority and glory? Do we despise Holy God by thinking … “God doesn’t care how I dress. He only cares about my heart” and so, reverence ourselves?



  • Think of other ways we consider Church As A Service for the public. Make the change to restore reverence for God and for His holy thing called church.


Make A Change! It’s survival.

Announcement – Help Pastors

The Lord Jesus Christ has asked me to make myself available to local pastors who want to hear from the prophet’s office what the Lord Jesus is saying for America to Christians who serve him here and to those who want more intimacy with Him.. We who love the Bible Jesus Christ and the Bible that He confirmed are all in this spiritual war, together.  It doesn’t matter which Christian denomination you are if your quest is to know and move in union with Holy Spirit. Call or email to discuss. If God confirms, we can schedule a private or preaching meeting. — Minister Clark

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