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During Easter/Resurrection Sunday Celebrations, Can I Get Sick or Die By Taking The Lord’s Supper (Communion, Table)?



Yes. Be careful during your Easter Resurrection Sunday Celebrations involving The Lord’s Supper aka Communion or Table.


get sick, diseased, or even die by taking communion when you have no right to or when you are not right with God to eat with Him at His table. Breaking bread with someone is serious in the Kingdom of God!

See 1 Corinthians 11:30, Luke 22:1-22


On this matter, Jesus is trying to get the attention of Pastor Joel Sikha – The Living Church and Pastor Loren Yadon – New Life Fellowship along with others in the Treasure Valley who follow these same (or similar) abuses of the Lord’s Supper/Communion. Do not participate in any Communion that is done in these ways.



In  Jesus’ love which marks those He has tried to reach in other ways …  Jesus marks attention to my brethren Pastor Loren Yadon (New Life Fellowship), Pastor Joel Sikha (The Living Church) and any pastors in the Valley who are doing the same public destruction of the Lord’s Supper (Communion) and its sanctity. The Scriptures in 1 Corinthians chapter eleven apply here. Also read the eye-witness account of it in Luke 22, Mark 14, and Matthew 26.


I have, personally, visited and been a participant in the worship structures of these two pastors. The structures are completely, completely, different — yet the error on using the Lord’s Supper (Communion) as a marketing tactic to attract new members is exactly the same. Yes, I have spoken with them in person to try to gently warn them from the Lord Jesus of the blasphemy happening in their conduct of the Lord’s Supper. No heeding by Pastor Joel or Pastor Loren Yadon.


Loren Yaden, actually called a secret posse to “ambush” me in the church sanctuary with  his assistant or board authority — “Wally” — who yelled at me and  ORDERED me to never come back to New Life Fellowship. Of course, I asked both “why are you talking to me like this yelling — we are brethren”?


I have never come back, except to publicly “shake the dust from my feet” as Jesus commands.



All this was for my stand on the Lord’s Supper/Communion . I was told to not say goodbye to any of the members or the congregation which I had grown to love — just go. I asked wouldn’t that hurt them? Yaden’s reply was that they were used to people coming and going and …


“If you are a woman of God, you won’t tell anyone about this” [that’s a quote].


The cover ups within the Christian religious system is satanic. You do NOT want to know all the things done in the churches with the caveat “don’t tell anybody”. It is why I am so boldly protective of children and youth in all churches!


There is an announcement during Yadon’s and Sikha’s worship telling that it is  time to take the communion, but then the dangerous part happens:


There is NO examination of the human conscience taught or offered during the participation in the Lord’s Supper aka Communion. Note the term “communion” and think of what it means!


With both preachers, there is the announcement for “everyone” to feel welcome to come and take this very dangerous act. In The Living church it was used as a means of coming to salvation! “Come up and take it as your way of coming to Jesus Christ”! In New Life Fellowship, it was used as a social, “community gathering — we are all in need of God’s grace and we want ‘everyone’ to feel welcome”!



Jesus said, through Apostle Paul, “He that eats this bread and drinks this cup unworthily shall be guilty of the blood and body of Jesus Christ” — meaning just the same as if YOU killed Him. You become Judas Iscariot (figuratively and spiritually speaking) when you take communion unworthily.


Partaking of the Lord’s Supper is very dangerous. Communion is what it is called by many and some call it The Lord’s Table. It was and is supposed to be an “intimate” time of baring our souls to one another as brethren by secretly asking ourselves and the Lord if we have done wrong to a brother or sister or even Him, then waiting inwardly for the answer. If there is no one (including God, Himself) that we have wronged, then, we are okay with Jesus to ‘eat of His flesh and drink of His blood’. We are testifying before God that we are in unity with Him in His motives and actions toward one another.


Judas Iscariot partook while simultaneously having evil, wrong, ungodly thoughts about Jesus . Judas’ heart was NOT with Jesus even while pretending that he loved Him by being at the table, eating and drinking with him and getting his feet washed by him. After this inward hate of Jesus, Satan entered Judas — he went out and betrayed Jesus over to His enemies to be killed, after that, he snapped of what he had done and hung himself! Likewise, when we partake of the Lord’s Supper (aka Communionor Table) with known sin in our hearts, we bring the same damnations upon ourselves.


Jesus warns through Paul, that when ANYONE partakes of the body and blood of Jesus while not being a Christian, not being of age to choose to be a Christian, not in fellowship with one or more brethren through a sin you have committed and haven’t made right with them — you will be cursed.

Sickness can come on you, legally, from Satan. Death can come on you, legally, from Satan. Many churches where the Pastor desecrates the Lord’s Supper are filled with sick Christians who cannot get healed! They are coming up for prayer or at the altar over and over for the same sickness and others. The Lord Jesus loves us and does not want it that way! He wants happy, vibrant lives of loving one another. Yet, we don’t know the connection is often what we have been doing to Him in His sacred supper where he exposed who was really a part of Him and who was NOT.


Instead of searching if our attitude toward the Lord’s Supper is the blame for our maladies, we blame these particular sicknesses, diseases and deaths on earthly things.

Get this clear:

  • Lord’s Supper is not to be used as a method for increasing new members to your church (aka Church Growth).
  • Lord’s Supper is not to be used as a social gathering like potluck or family reunion where everyone is welcome to the meal!
  • Lord’s Supper is not to be some dead ritual ceremony (it’s a live friendly meal together by Christian brethren who love each other in OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ.
  • Lord’s Supper is not to be used by children who have not become Christians (meaning they have NOT confessed Jesus as their Lord) and you think you can just graft them in along with your own salvation


Repentance is a loving, kind and joyful thing that sets us back right with God and people. For Pastors Loren Yadon, Joel Sikha, and others across many denominations who have desecrated the Lord’s Supper, Jesus is judging pastors in His new move. Please, return to His ways in this matter and others that stem from it.

For JESUS: Spread His Words!
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