A False Holy Spirit

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit Must Be Censured

Not every experience is the pure Baptism by Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Christians have the right to “censure your Baptism and judge if it really was Jesus’ baptism as taught in the written Word of God — the Holy Scriptures”.

Those who are worshiping a false, Imposter Jesus CANNOT know the Holy Spirit — the real JESUS CHRIST said so in John 14:15-17. Such religious persons and clergy do preach, write about, and experience a demon posing as holy spirit.

His love for you requires me to tell you this.


It must be acknowledged that censuring spiritual experiences — visitations, words, angels, God, Jesus — applies even to those of us who ARE worshiping the real Jesus!

God speaks to “all” Christians, first, through his Holy Scriptures. Therefore, those Christians who are “hearing God” at a higher level through being baptized in the Holy Spirit must censure what they are hearing, seeing, feeling, experiencing in the invisible spirit realm through the “filter” of Holy Scripture, particularly the New Testament of Jesus, Himself.

The goal of the Holy Spirit’s power gifts given to Christians is to strengthen and develop oneself, other Christians, and churches — in the faith of Jesus Christ that is solidly grounded in Holy Scripture.  Any contending against Scripture proves we are seeking attention and glory to come to ourselves — not seeking love for the church and other Christians, nor the Name of Jesus Christ. More important — it proves that the spirit moving a person is NOT the HOLY Spirit from Jesus Christ that one is baptized into.


It is the duty of every Christian to censure his or her spiritual experiences against the non-changing rock of the Holy Words of God in Scripture! The moment you are so enamored with your spiritual experience that you are unwilling to prove it –test it through Holy Scripture — then you have become satanic deceived and preoccupied with your own desire for vainglory. The Scriptures prove that you have become this kind of dangerous  person in 1 Timothy 6:3-5.

Minister Clark



The Christian brother or sister who becomes the kind of man or woman described in 1 Timothy 6:3-5 must not be trusted by other Christians that are seeking the same kind of life with Jesus that the first Christians had.  The “spirit of error” (1 John 4) operating on them will defile, pervert, confuse, corrupt your own understanding of Holy Scripture and the Holy Spirit’s ways.

It grieves Jesus, but a fallen brother or sister will always find those Christians willing to hang with them in their delusion (the blind lead the blind, the world loves its own, the world hates the righteous, evil communications corrupt good manners). Willingness to accommodate a Christian brother or sister who has fallen according to 1 Timothy 6:3-5 leads to idolatrous worship of “church growth” agendas and denominational loyalties instead of loyalty to Christ and love for that soul!


Accepting contentious brethren leads to creating religious worship, denominations, and even cults built upon that person’s mistaken beliefs or spiritual experiences. Some say they had an experience or visitation with Jesus, God, or an angel. EVERY cult began this way.

Minister Clark



Dying In Church


Sadly, brothers and sisters who have erred in Scripture or spiritual experience will always be able to find a pastor or church fellowship willing to accept them IN THEIR CURRENT CONDITION. These pastors “err” (1 John 4) by mistaking the person as having a need for spiritual growth, aka immaturity, in development as a Christian. Sorry to have to admit it, but often the motive is to gain more members, also more money. Other times, it is a sincere motive that wants to help the person become strong via exposure to weekly preaching, teaching, and fellowship in a church environment.

However, mistaking defiance of Holy Scripture or even “error” (James 5:20) as simple immaturity allows the person to DIE spiritually even while participating as a member in a church.

DEATH is when the day comes that you won’t be able to tell that person (in their words, motives, and behaviors) from any other sinner in the world who has strong ideas about God. Most unsaved persons have at least some religious attitudes and behaviors — but Full-Gospel preachers and Christians know that does not make them SAVED!

Jesus said, that kind of person does not need spiritual maturity, they need LOVE THAT DISCIPLINES.

If  the Christian brother or sister will not repent, love must dismiss from your fellowship “from such withdraw” . 1 Timothy 6:5



Scripture Woes For Pastors Who Don’t Censure

Scripture reveals woe comes to the pastor who does not know the difference between someone growing in Christ and a rebel that shrewdly and manipulatively is using “spiritual growth” as an excuse for their outright disobedience to the written Word of God and defiance of Jesus Christ — the Head of every church!

Scripture reveals woe comes to the pastor who helps satan destroy a soul by welcoming and enabling them to continue their presence among the rest of the brethren when they do repeated acts of harm to others. Jesus will deal with such a pastor in His own time and on His own terms. Such Pastors are the reason for things like what happened in the Catholic organization. There were plenty cries for help to those in charge, but who cared! They had to keep their outward appearance growing strong! This can happen to any of pastor, so I’m not judging … just making it plain so I don’t deceive myself.

Scripture reveals woe comes to the pastor when a member has been reported regularly committing against-God behaviors, but the pastor is so bent on maintaining attendance, keeping church growth numbers up, protecting appearance … and money … that the pastor excuses the member’s behavior as “they need compassion and patience to grow”.  That is called “healing the sins of God’s people lightly” — like putting a small bandage on an bleeding artery! God hates it! It’s like giving a child a light tap on the back of the hand for hitting their brother or sister with a rock!


How Denomination Loyalty Perverts Hearing God



The moment you are so enamored with your spiritual experience that you are unwilling to prove it (test it through Scripture) for protecting yourself and for the loving protection of your other Christian brethren, you have become satanic deceived.

At that point, you must not be trusted by other Christians seeking the same kind of life with Jesus that the first Christians had! Yes, you will always find those Christians willing to hang with you in your delusion — which leads to “denominationalism” and cults.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the gift that Jesus, specifically, came to bring to earth, promised by the Father. It redeems His believing followers back to the original condition of fellowshipping in miracles with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit which Jesus did when here.

NOTHING of your Christian experience will replace the intimacy of fellowship in the powers of the Holy Ghost which you were created for.