Healing From Ungodly Preminence





Young Samuel did not have to, first, get Eli’s permission and a blessing to do God’s call. Eli had sense enough to “stay in his place” and not interfere or intercept God’s business with Samuel. In fact, Eli helped young Samuel by telling him — “next time, say “speak Lord” for your servant heareth.'”

God’s first assignment to the young Samuel, His prophet, was to give a message to the very senior man that taught him the ways of God — Eli! Samuel was not even willing to inform Eli. However, Eli “encouraged Samuel to obey what God had told him to do!

Wise Eli! Like, Eli, the only response that a godly pastor should have toward a brother or sister who says, “Pastor, I have to leave because the Lord is calling me to _______ (fill in the blank)” … is ENCOURAGE THEM, LET THEM GO!

WELCOME THEM BACK WITH A SHEPHERD’S, LOVING, HEART  … if or when they find out that they made a mistake, but their heart was in right motive.


Victims of Preacher-Preeminence Can Heal

For you brothers and sisters who have been the victims of Preacher-Preeminence, remember what the Apostle John did when Jesus called him:

The call of the Lord Jesus is CLEAR with confirmations from the Holy Scriptures and events corresponding to those scriptures. If it’s just a strong idea in your head, you will be looking back the rest of your life. That is not a “calling”. Up the road, you will quit. Only a “CALL” from God, Himself, is what we are preaching about in this message today.

Brother John got no release or “blessing” from his father, Zebedee (who may have been very opposed because Zebedee may have wanted John to stay and continue helping his success in the business. Preachers with ungodly preeminence toward you may want you to delay or disobey the call of Jesus Christ so you can continue helping them grow their own idea of success for their ministry.

John did not confer with father-Zebedee. Today’s model would be conferring with a spiritual father/mother on the phone, or meeting at a convenient time to “submit” to getting their release. Paul said to King Agrippa that when he experienced Jesus Christ calling him to do a thing, “IMMEDIATELY”, I CONFERRED NOT WITH FLESH AND BLOOD. Paul, nor you, are required by God to go to any man as a matter of “submission” to get release, consultation, or blessing. DO YOU INTEND TO NOT OBEY GOD UNTIL YOU DO???

He and his brother James separated from their father Zebedee … left him!

John and James, IMMEDIATELY, left and followed JESUS.

John and James did not look back!

 This John wrote the mighty letter of 3 John Chapter 3.



The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. This means the gift is not something God will stop, but He will stop using YOU. The calling is not something God will stop, but He will stop choosing you for that calling and find someone else.

We are all expendable if we rebel against a call. Rebellion is a high price to pay — none can pay it. You or I may not obey the call by listening to others who are trying to take preeminence over us. However, the call still exists and God will find someone else to do it. Nevertheless, we will be held accountable in the Judgment for rebelling against the call of God and His CHRIST.



Pastors, we are Satan’s other victims of the pride of Preacher-Preeminence.

No pastor has ANY authority in the area of JESUS’ calling a brother or sister under our authority. Our authority ends there. Remember our Lord’s frightening words to Peter who was seeking preeminence concerning John’s ministry! Jesus rebuked, “What is that to you”?  In my words “WHAT BUSINESS IS THAT OF YOURS. MIND YOUR OWN”!

Encourage them and let them go, lest we find ourselves “fighting against God”!  Gently and firmly warn them and let them go if you “KNOW” the brother or sister is in error … and make sure you “KNOW”. Even Jesus let disciples go, honoring their own free will and conscience; but simply asked the twelve “will you leave me too”.

Remember this, too. No pastor has authority from our LORD to command a brother or sister to do a work in the church or outside “mission” for Jesus Christ.

Stop “calling” men and women by your own authority to do things you think you need for “your ministry” to grow. If Jesus, the Head isn’t calling them, don’t you step into His place and INVENT A MINISTRY.



Today’s churches are filled with ” invented offices”, callings, and positions that are not given by Jesus Christ anywhere in His New Testament Gospel — and are NOT in the entire Holy Bible!

Minister Clark



Another method in our Christian Religious System is for those in authority (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) to forbid a brother or sister under our authority  to carry out the call of God. It is to delay or disobey fulfilling their call from Jesus Christ. We “invent steps” they must go through before we approve them for release into God’s call.

Jesus will NEVER ask us — Pastor, father, mother, spiritual father or spiritual mother for our permission to “let” a member do what He commands them to do!

This, particular, man-made “protocol”  (and others)  is deeply steeped in our modern day pastors, but was not in the Gospels nor Acts of God that followed all the way up to Revelation. It was never done in the OLD Testament, either, and the New Testament (Scripture says) is a “better” covenant.


James 5:16 commands us how to be healed from this and anything Satan is doing to us:

“Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (KJV)


However, Jesus has told us a more direct way to be healed:


“If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31 – KJV)

You only really know what you DO. (James 1:22)

I have labored to give you nothing but His truth in this message for your healing.


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