These glossary definitions are concise and “to-the-point”, so that even a child will be able to use this knowledge to destroy Satan’s works coming against them.

Ask God to give you a soft heart to hear and see any truth about yourself and change anything if you need to. Do this to be worthy to receive His next loving move in your life! He loves you and is always moving for us — only we can block Him!



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“Choosing” to hold bad feelings toward a person who has repented.

Repent means — admitted it to themselves, stopped it and lying about it, confessed it to you and God, and asked you to forgive them … for what they have done to you. 1 John 1:1-10, Matthew 18:15-35, Matthew 5:22-24

See What Is Bitterness?

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As our normal, daily, way of living we deny the power Jesus Christ gives us to obey Him — this is called being a “sinner”.

If we are a sinner,  JESUS asks us to REPENT — to be a person of  a truthful, loving heart by agreeing with Him that we are a sinner (See glossary definition for “Repent”).

Actions that prove you repent:

1) confess our disobedience against God’s word (sin),

2) forsake disobedience (sin),

3) ask forgiveness from God and others we have injured (sinned against).

This 1-2-3 expresses an attitude and action of “love” — from a truthful, loving heart!

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Disobedience against God’s Word is the definition of SIN.

Jesus Christ is God’s recent and final Word to all mankind, for eternity!

John 1:1-4, John 12:48, Hebrews 1:1-8

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Acts Chapters 1-3

There are only two categories of Christians: Pentecostal or Non-Pentecostal.

Pentecostal is Christians who obey Jesus in the same faith that the first Christians did:

Expecting and seeking to be baptized in the same miracle power of Jesus Christ that the first Christians were commanded by Him to expect and RECEIVE.

Jesus “baptizes in The Holy Spirit”, proven with the same proof the first Christians had —  the initial miracle evidence of other tongues (Holy Spirit-given spiritual languages). These things fulfilled on the day of Pentecost.


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Peace is a conscience clean of offending GOD. God says, there is no peace to the wicked — although everything in a wicked life (disobedient to God) may appear and feel “peaceful” – relationships, finances, health, even feelings about God!

Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace, is the only source with the power to give you peace “on His terms”. John 14:27

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MODESTY is a shame-faced feeling (humility) of reverence for God and Christ that keeps you from feeling bold and brazen with your body and clothing (1 Timothy 2:9).

1 Corinthians 12:18-24 teaches us how Jesus feels about his body (Christians) and the comparison with our own physical bodies is plain. Jesus plainly tells us that on certain parts, God bestows more abundant honor (respect) by covering it … because it is too precious to be seen by the public. Any Christian must have God’s attitude about your body it is not yours to do what you want or feel with it it belongs to the Lord for his service. Have respect and be ashamed to willfully reveal it’s comely parts to the whole wide world. Do not dishonor your body — this is called “modesty” aka humility.

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Full Gospel is more than a synonym for Pentecostal. In the New Testament, the Apostle Paul is Pentecostal and he said “I have ‘fully preached’ the Gospel to you for three years. I am clean and innocent from the blood of every person”. (Minister Clark’s paraphrase). He preached MUCH more than the Baptism in the Holy Spirit!

*** Christians who are ‘Full Gospel’ seek to continuously lay down personal biases, prejudices, and opinions about the Bible, so they can ever receive what JESUS is saying to the churches — not the ideas man clings to for his/her own preferences.

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“Choosing” to hold bad feelings toward someone WHO HAS DONE NOTHING TO YOU (even God) or who has NOT repented for what they did to you (which is not possible for God who does no wrong).

In the kingdom of Jesus Christ, we are commanded to love our enemies … which means we think the truth about their behavior. The Truth is they are under Satan’s supernatural delusion — THE SAME AS WE WERE BEFORE WE REPENTED!

Still … it’s VERY hard to see it that way — only Jesus releases His power to help us do it. Hebrews 12:14-15, Ephesians 4:31, Acts 8:23, Romans 3:14

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Worship is “obedience” from an honest good heart.


Jesus (being God) said that God seeks these kind of persons to give Him this kind of worship (John 4:23) .

To God, any effort than this definition is NOT worship. Other activities called worshiping are VAIN and REJECTED (Luke 8:15, James 1:26, Mark 7:7).


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Unbelief is a CHOICE to disagree with and reject the written testimony of God or spoken word of God. A person can demonstrate unbelief against God with their words, actions, or both.

Unbelief  blocks the ability to love people with “God’s love”. Therefore, God hates the sin of UNBELIEF above all! UNBELIEF IS A CHOICE. (Hebrews Chapter 4, Matthew 13:58, Mark 16:14, James 5:20).

The only source that is not contaminated with any deception at all, is found in the Jesus who is miracle born (the Christ) of a virgin  — Jesus from Nazareth.

Jesus Christ is “truth”.  (John 14:6)

James Ch 4, 1 John Ch 1

The Righteous are those persons who treat God right and people right by obeying Jesus Christ.

There is no Judgment of God  (Wrath of God) on the righteous.

The opposite of righteous is “The Wicked” (Evil).

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“The Faith” is the testimony of Jesus Christ in the Gospels as confirmed by His chosen official authorities – the apostles in the New Testament.

 “The Faith” (sometimes  called “your faith”) must be believed as a miracle from God, Himself. The Faith is holy, life-giving, and a gift to be protected at all costs from co-mingling with earthly man-conjured religions or with “Interfaith” gatherings (Ephesians 2:8, Jude 1:20-21).


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John Ch 8, 1 Timothy Ch 1

In God, “saved” means Jesus has saved you from the punishment (looming over you in the near future) and, also, hanging over your head eternally — because you are due it for how we treat God, directly, and indirectly by how we treat people!

You can only avoid both these due punishments by doing one thing — REPENT.

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Righteousness simply means “TREAT GOD RIGHT”.

1. God’s way of thinking about whatever (not your perspective).

2. God’s way of behaving toward whatever (not your will).

Three helps for you when seeking to have righteousness with God:

1. Anger worketh not the righteousness of God — “not ever” (James 1:20)

2. Jesus said, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life”. (John 14:6)

3. Jesus said, “blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness”. This means you are desperate to treat GOD right. When choosing who has to get hurt feelings — don’t hurt God! Everyone else is expendable … including yourself! (Matt 5:6)


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Repent is to “AGREE WITH GOD”.

IMPORTANT: REPENT is always a CHOICE. The choice is “you are true and God is a liar” OR “God is true and  you are a liar”. DECIDE and SAY SO (confess)!

If God be true, then STOP what you’re doing and saying.

Bottom Line: Repent is to choose (decide) to agree with God about your wrongdoing (admit), say it (confess), stop it (obey Jesus).


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PRIDE is demanding your own way against God’s way — from a lying, self-gloating heart. ALL pride (and forms of pride) is the destroyer of pure love and perverts it.

Love agrees with what God says, because God IS love. Pride “always” destroys God’s love from living in our hearts (1 John 4:6-12, ).

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Romans Ch 2

A. Mercy is any single act, and all the total acts that God has been doing to get a person to repent.

B. Mercy is, also, anything and everything that is God’s undeserved kindness toward us.

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In Jesus Christ, there is no definition of love but obedience to Him. God IS love and Christ’s love always does what pleases the Father, God Almighty (John 14:24, 2 Timothy 3:5).

If we obey Christ’s commands, it is what God calls “loving Him from a truthful, loving heart”.

To avoid deception, we must be strict with ourselves and others: Repetitive disobedience means I don’t love Jesus … or you. SIMPLE.


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Liar is any person — or event — that seeks to mock, despise, dispute, or oppose the Words of Jesus Christ and His original  authorized apostles of the New Testament. (1 Timothy 6:3-5, 1 John Chapter 4)

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Ephesians 5, Colossians 3

A. Judgment is “the wrath of God” hovering over our lives if we are living any sin and refusing to admit it, confess it and stop it (repent).

God’s Mercy rejoices against judgment. Mercy is every single moment and day that God is choosing to hold back His wrath off of a person instead of loosing it upon them. He tries to give them an opportunity to repent — before it’s too late.

B. Judgment is wisdom and understanding from God for how to treat God right, directly, and how to treat people — He loves people.

See “Condemnation”.



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Hate defined by the miracle Holy Ghost in a miracle revelation, June 2020:

“The raw nature and personality of Satan entered into your conscience, by your consent.”

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Faithful is “meek and humble” that God can rely on you in all situations.

You cannot maintain consistent obedience and enjoy the Lord, except you choose to behave toward God and people with meekness (nonviolence) and humility (a scriptural attitude about one’s self).

Jesus was faithful because he was meek and humble (Matthew 11:29, 1 Peter 2:23).

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Faith is OBEDIENCE to Jesus Christ.

Only Jesus can see inside our hearts — obedience as an act of work, just to say you did it? Or obedience from a truthful, loving heart?

Faith is your obedience to Jesus’ commands … expressed from a truthful, loving heart.


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There are different of stages or levels of death.


1. Death is “the spiritual state of no more opportunity to repent” of your sins — permanent Judgment. You must have gotten all things right with God before this clock.  1 John 5:17

2. Death is when God commands your spirit to depart from the body you have occupied on this earth. Hebrews 9:27

3. Death is  “the living dead” — a backslider or prodigal condition having walked away from obedience to Jesus and refusing to return. In the Parable of The Prodigal Son (representing God and us who enjoyed a righteous condition with Him), the father says ” my son was dead and is alive again.” Luke chapter 15 shows that a person can be dead spiritually while still alive physically.

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Matthew Ch 15, Mark Ch 7

Covering is an IRS derived term adopted by most Christians for seeking tax deductions. It evolved into a spiritual false doctrine called “spiritual covering”.

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John Ch 3, Romans 8

A. Condemnation is the “Wrath of God” (aka Judgment) hovering upon a person for choosing to continue mistreating God, directly, or through how one treats people. See “Judgment”

B. Condemnation is also a “feeling”. The feeling a person has who is under the condemnation of God is what people are trying to describe when they say they feel condemned or do not want to feel condemned.

God is so wise — He has created man’s heart in such a way that we cannot “feel” His condemnation unless, DESERVINGLY, we ARE IN IT. The solution is not to be angry with everyone around you because you feel  condemned. Just repent of your evil ways and the feeling will go away.

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Church is “INDIVIDUALS” who have REPENTED OF THEIR SINS to OBEY JESUS CHRIST, and are under the authority of a man or woman Pastor — who is (1) born-again (admitted and turned  from sin to Christ); (2) Jesus-chosen (not man-made),  (3) “Anointing-Sent” (had a Divine encounter).

The “Anointing” that sends is Jesus Christ, Himself, as the Holy Spirit.


(Upgraded above definition on January 21, 2021. also, Revelation 3:9 – ‘Jews’ in this spiritual context refers, specifically, to “Christians”).



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A miracle experience with God, different from all human experience, but proven in Holy Scripture – whereby Jesus Christ selects you and commands you a specific task, then confirms it.

A DIRECT ENCOUNTER WITH THE LIVING CHRIST — not selected by men, women, universities or college — but acknowledged by them.

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BLESS is to receive the kindness of God upon a person.

Jesus commands repented persons “BLESS and CURSE NOT” (Romans 12:14, Matthew 5:43-48).

BLESS is, also, to speak kind things about God, to God, and about God’s holy things (Preachers are holy things, The Holy Bible, Church are a few examples).

The opposite of blessing God is blasphemingHim or his holy things. (Rom 2:24, 2Tim 3:2, Titus 2:5, James 2:7, Rev 13:6)

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BELIEVE is OBEY from the “HEART”.

Believe is obedience. Faith is obedience. Belief and Faith are the same thing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Only He can see in your heart — obedience as an act of work just to say you did it — or obedience from a truthful, loving heart.

(John 14:21, James 1:22, Isaiah 1:18-20).

See Glossary: “What is Faith”?


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2 Peter Ch 2, Romans Ch 2

Backslider (or Backslidden) is a REBEL.

To rebel against Christ’s words is to rebel against the Kingdom of God and is returning to following Satan as your lord and master.

Jesus numbers a rebel as choosing to be part of the kingdom comprised of those who have rejected Jesus Christ as Lord — just as though they never chose Jesus at all.

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The Apostles” are the twelve persons in the New Testament who are “the” authorities sent by Jesus Christ  given authority over what is preached from Jesus, and over those who preach. Apostles, along with prophets, then and now, are responsible to preserve the original Gospel that Jesus lived and preached.

Persons (male or female) who depart from the ORIGINAL Gospel that Christ Jesus delivered are not apostles today, nor back then,

Christ’s preachers, then and now, have rank –first Apostles, second Prophets, third ranking Evangelists and last in rank Pastors (teachers). See Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:18, 28.

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