Find Your Pastor

Find Your Pastor

(Revised and republished May 30, 2020)

Whether you are newly born again or have been walking with Christ for many years, you must not go “shopping” for a church, asking yourself … does it have this? Does it have that? Instead, you must ask God “who” do you want me to serve with?


Asking the question, “who, instead of what, means:

Who is the particular man or woman that has God’s “vision” for delivering YOU from Satan’s designs upon your life and training you up in the way God would have YOU to go in life?


In the changing scenery of “church” in America, we really have lost our original understanding of what finding a pastor is all about. Amid all the programs, activities, and so-called ministries we busy ourselves in (often not even found in the Holy Bible and its Gospel) … we are conditioned to seek what activities and programs does this group of people have for me and my family to get into?



Perhaps, Jesus is calling you to Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church if your heart is being pulled upon to walk closer, go higher, or change your ways with God.

Perhaps, Jesus is calling you to new reverence for the Pastor He already “set” you with long ago — whether you are a preacher helping a pastor, or a brother/sister helping a particular preacher (your Pastor).

Perhaps, Christ is calling you to repent of attitudes toward the Pastor he has you with or a former pastor you may have sinfully abandoned for conceit, resentment, or coveting another “spiritual experience”

Your only interest should be the Pastor, because he/she is the only person Jesus will judge for what kind of Christian he or she taught you to be. There IS a special place in Hell for pastors who disobey Jesus Christ concerning YOU.



Thank you for your sufferings and sacrifices to obey Him. Let’s grow up … together!