Truth Seekers Church Phone

Boise, Idaho 208-810-1121

Answered by Minister Clark or her trustworthy and devoted Prayer Warrior who is effective in power of the Holy Ghost!

Truth Seekers Church Postal Mail

For your mail or other matters, the address below has been the address for this ministry for three to four years.

Mail is answered by Minister Clark or her trustworthy and devoted Prayer Warrior who is effective in power of the Holy Ghost!

Plantation Business Center – 6126 W. State Street – Boise, ID – 83703

Every Tuesday and Thursday at twelve o’clock noon, a private Consecration Prayer has been held at this address to purify the Pastor’s heart by the leading and power of the Holy Ghost. Only when God was ready did this website go live on the internet, July 28, 2019, for “public” ministry. Private church meetings were always held in private home meetings all these years.

For visitation, prayer and counsel times, a new office is underway with more soundproofing to prepare for your privacy in counsel and prayer.


Truth Seekers Church Secure Email

Secured and private enccrypted email has been set up in preparation for your prayer needs and all other needs. Your emails cannot be seen or intercepted. Please use the prayer email freely.

Prayer (  )

You know that the @ sign goes between Prayer and, but you can just click on it and you will be taken to a compose email window.

Prayer email is answered by Minister Clark or her trustworthy and devoted Prayer Warrior who is effective in power of the Holy Ghost!





Pastors and Mormonism Entanglement Classes:


Invites To Minister To Your Church Family


For requests about ministering to your church family, please email Pastor ( ) and pray for hearts that have already been faithful in obeying the Word of God, to be opened for God’s next move of refreshing and anointing in the Holy Ghost (Mark 4:23-25). The address is …

Pastor ( )

Again, you know that the @ sign goes between Pastor and

Pastor Email is read and answered only by Minister Clark


Reservations For “Christians Entangled In Mormonism” Classes

To request a seat in the “Christians Entangled in Mormonism” class, email to the same:

Pastor ()

Pastor email is read and answered only by Minister Clark


Business Matters Truth Seekers Church Contact

For all other needs use:

Business ( )

Answered by Minister Clark or her trustworthy and devoted Prayer Warrior who is effective in power of the Holy Ghost!


While searching for a new office location, our goal is that the new office will provide for classes that help Christians who are hurting and increased privacy for prayer and appointments.

If you, visiting this site, feel in your heart to make a “holy” offering of real estate for an office for the work of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ, please contact me, Minister Clark, at the address below or email me, or just call. Thank you in advance and the Lord’s blessing come upon you for your offerings to Him. See “How to Give A Holy Offering To The Lord” on the page”Meet You”.

Plantation Business Center * 6126 W. State St. * Boise, ID 83703



Christians Entangled In Mormonism

Many Christians are suffering demon powers on their homes, families, lives and futures due to their entanglements with invisible evil spirits of divination (deliberately or unaware)  who have entered their lives through “entanglement”, entanglement with Mormonism. A Christian might say, I know Mormonism is not the real Jesus Christ, so how can that be that I am entangled?

This is how! Evil spirit beings have entered through the confusion of Christians mingling their lives, marriages, sons and daughters and even WORSHIP in the spirit realm of Mormonism. Jesus Christ has, specifically, commanded me to undo the entanglement of “His” people – Christians in Mormonism. By His wonderful grace, love and faithfulness, I intend to not be disobedient, but fulfill the work He wants to do of loving you out of your pains. He loves you. The classes are planned for September 2019.


Fake Facebook Page

Sorry, someone was kind to take it upon themselves (or not so kind) to build a Fake Facebook Page for us. WE DON’T DO FACEBOOK. The security breaches, requests for personal id (that are crazy to upload into “Facebook’s” cloud cyberspace) are major reasons why we don’t — such as this fake page built by we don’t know whom — and we are NOT Evangelical. Find us listed on Google and other places under Pentecostal or Full Gospel! Additionally, the merry-go-round of trying to get your information off of Facebook is “grinding” at the least. See the Fake Facebook Page.


Google Church Reviews

Thank you for your considering a review, but please … don’t.

Sorry, we don’t do reviews or ratings of churches. We believe it sets a tone of commercializing, like businesses, and disrespects the holiness God, of the Lord Jesus Christ and of His “holy things”.

Church is God’s “holy thing” — no matter what we have all experienced, done, or seen in church. We can hate what we have seen, done, or experienced; but we MUST STILL RESPECT GOD’S THINGS.  THEY ARE HOLY BECAUSE GOD SET THEM APART FOR HIMSELF! Therefore, we must not confuse the holy thing with its use by people in it!

Satan has done many evil things … but we try to help people to not blame God and mistreat His reverence (or stay away from church) because of the things satan has done in their lives. Amen?

We renounce doing a review of God’s holy things. Church is one of those holy things. Instead, we choose to focus on doing the Lord’s assignment in this church –not looking to the left or right, in hindsight at our backs, nor planning our forward moves to impress folks! We have no visitors who would be providing the world a judgment (review) of how well or poorly we do what the Head of this church, our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus commanded THIS church to do in Boise. How would they know?!!! How would they qualify to review? This may be a just moment to use the truth from Jesus … “judge not”.

We are very content, therefore, to be loyal only to those Jesus “proves” were sent by Him to join with the Pastor in fulfilling the mission assigned to Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church. This means that we are content, to do our job serving a person’s SOUL!  We do not have it in the back of our minds ( and must not) to adjust our behavior or be loyal to wanting a good Google rating or review.

Satan continues to work hard at destroying the “spiritual identity” and spiritual power of “church” by laboring to defile church as “just another earthly social organization providing great customer service, great programming and great motivational speaking.” However, “Church” came from Heaven, not earth and our identity, purpose and mission is from the Risen ONE.

So, please! No more “church shopping” like shopping for a business or restaurant, Find the Pastor that Jesus Christ is requiring you to serve … because He “sets” you permanently with whom He chooses (says 1 Coritnhians 12 verse 18). Find your PASTOR and be loyal — SKIP THE REVIEWS AND HEAR GOD, FOR YOURSELF!

 So, I’ll rate the the Lord Jesus Christ — with a “5” — as are all true churches. Amen? Thanks for your understanding.

Minister Clark