Church Welcome

Welcome, man and woman of God – to a humble voice, a fresh voice sent by Christ as a covenant of rest and revival to Full-Gospel/Pentecostal Pastors.


Jesus is moving to bring rest and revival to Full Gospel/Pentecostal Pastors  and Christians who obey Him and to other denominations and pastors “who choose to PURSUE and OBEY GOD”

He will help us to PURSUE and to obey — so we can receive His rest and refreshing, and bring rest and refreshing to people who are so “unduly” stressed by Satan in this hour of the end-times.


When you want to hear a fresh word from the Holy Spirit, go to the page – “PREACHING” – remembering that when God speaks, it’s time to move with Him or be left out of our blessings!


I am writing only when and what the Lord is commanding to me … so, there is no regular schedule of publication. He may change that, but I don’t know it, yet.


In this new move of the Holy Spirit, Jesus will refresh, renew, and revive us with the miracle powers of His Holy Spirit. Yes! “The Anointing” shall be imparted and increased upon our conscience, our minds, emotions, bodies, and our financial wealth and spiritual “vision”. Jesus knows we need His Anointing of the Holy Ghost to fulfill the works He assigns each of us. We can do NOTHING without Him!

We can, only by “the Anointing” take His people with us —  into their own refreshing, renewal, revival and His Anointing (Isaiah 49:8-11) for each of them.

Additionally, in His new move the real Jesus Christ is judging pastors – whether Full-Gospel or denominational (1 Peter 4:17).

We must re-examine if our fellowship and teachings are still Christ’s “original” Gospel as once delivered to Christians or if we have slipped into a fake Jesus and fake Holy Spirit. (1 John 3-4)



Spiritual Climate In America

False Christs have been accepted in America and EVEN IN THE CHURCHES. These invisible demon spirits are leading this generation — through our fellowshiping with them  by participation in entertainments and attitudes. We have entered into an irreverent, ungodly attitude about God and his holy things!

This is the “spirit” of antichrist working before the actual antichrist person is manifested (1 John 2:18). Through Jesus’ power, we must love those of an antichrist spirit and through the Word of God and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit destroy Satan’s effects that are intended to destroy them (1 John 3:8).

May we each be humbled before our Lord Jesus Christ while at this site. May we feel a fervent love for and from our fellow-laborers and brethren in the faith. May we render due loyalty to our Lord, no matter what it takes, for His all-sufficient grace empowers us even when flesh is tempted to doubt. May we receive the rest He intends for us here (it will position us to receive all His blessings of salvations, deliverances, healings and anointings). Most importantly, may we experience Jesus’ confirming that the words you hear on this site are really His own, for your rest, refreshing and anointing –  not the ideas and personal biases of any human effort. May He confirm this site with signs and wonders of His miracle powers in the Baptism of the Holy Ghost!





All He requires from us is “the heart” commanded in Isaiah 66:1-2 …


Be humble in our attitudes about ourselves (1 Cor 8:2) . This means modesty in thoughts about ourselves, modesty in presentation of our bodies, modesty in presentation of our prayers. Micah 6:8




Modesty is another word for “humility”  – An inward attitude that is “not brazen” in presenting ourselves before a holy God, clothing ourselves and our bodies in an attitude that shows Him we respect how HE wants us to approach him — not how we demand to. Therefore, humility does not come in front of God exposing our boldness of manhood or womanhood. How much more in church assembling?




Be instant to obey and instant to repent the moment we realize that we have not obeyed His Word (John 17:17). This understanding of God’s heart makes us know what He means by “tremble” at His words.




Tremble is an attitude of fear toward God’s words – the HOLY Scriptures and those from His sent preachers. Tremble means — firstly — to maintain a reverential fear to obey scripture INSTANTLY. The Lord has warned in the New Testament  and the Old Testament: ‘in the day that you hear my voice, harden NOT your heart as others did and provoked Me’. See Psalms 95:8, Hebrews 3:8, and Matthew 10:40.




Tremble, also, means we  “hallow” the way we carry the words of God Almighty, and in the way we carry ourselves BECAUSE we carry the words of God! What is the sense in praying “hallowed be thy name” — but, we do not hallow Him?




Tremble means, also, to maintain a reverence which FEARS TO BE CHEAP, LIGHT, LOOSE or COMEDIC in the way we carry GOD’S Holy Words and in the way we handle Jesus, “the Son of God” both in and out of the pulpit (Luke 12:4-5, Lev. 22:32, 1 John 1:1)

Titus 1:8 

But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate;




HONESTY.  Honesty does not hold on to our feelings about ourselves; but chooses to agree with GOD’s observations and feelings about our current attitudes and behaviors toward Him! Let God be true and every one of us are liars (Luke 8:15, 1 John 2:4). Honesty places us into our rest season! God takes it from there into our fullness!


I, am Minister Clark,

  Christ’s “foundation-layer” and




Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ (TM) /Truth Seekers Church


Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ (TM)  — Truth Seekers Church (for short version) is a NEW CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION BASED IN BOISE, IDAHO.


Please, do come to this site with your Bible in hand and with reverent humility toward our Lord — Jesus Christ.

  IF you can feel the sweet touch of His presence upon your conscience while here and the aroma of His holiness upon your flesh, then abide on this site with hope. May we each return from this site a better Christian than when we arrived.


— by Christ  Jesus’ preeminent AUTHORITY and POWER!

Christ’s love, Minister