Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ and Truth Seekers Church is a NEW CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION BASED IN BOISE, IDAHO.

Do you believe the Lord Jesus Christ is “calling” you to separate yourself to new heights in your relationship with Him? Is He alerting you to a new path or new church member location?

IS CHRIST MOVING YOU FROM THE LAST THING HE ASSIGNED YOU TO DO? Is He assigning you to new church membership?

Another scenario: Are you a sinner, unbeliever, idol (demon) worshiper, but ready to TURN AWAY FROM YOUR FOOLISHNESS to serve the living Christ? Do you need to, truly, get out of the fake and vain worship you’ve done to obey Jesus and, TRULY, let Him join you to a CHURCH?



It has taken decades of being loyal to live out the fresh words from Jesus Christ that I was hearing and suffering for —  just to learn He wanted a new denomination, proven and confirmed sometime in 2018!

It will take years, in Boise, for the Holy Spirit to develop hearts to move with Him in bringing us Christians back to the heart that Christ preaches in the Old Testament, the New Testament, in Boise, and in America. Praise Jesus!  It is inevitable that it WILL come to pass!



  • What things are happening in your life that make you think there is need for a new over-all direction in churches within America?
  • Are you a Christian tired – by the Holy Ghost – of the status quo, but not rebellious?
  • Do you believe the Lord Jesus Christ is “calling” you and commanding you to plant yourself in a new move of His Spirit in America?
  • Is it possible that Jesus’ next move in your life is to be part of a new DENOMINATION of churches and network of preachers who are sanctifying to hear and obey Him fresh for fresh love and power?
  • Do you have any signs from the Holy Spirit with confirming Scriptures that prove Jesus is “moving” you from the last thing He assigned you to do?
  • Jesus is doing a completely new move for understanding His heart in ways we never have before!
  • Christ is doing NOTHING we are familiar with in the way “church” has been done in America for the past two hundred-plus years! This includes our understanding of “holiness”.


If you are a Christian and have reasons to believe that GOD is “moving you” to a new assignment for your life and His glory — then please review the following foundation knowledge that is “ground” in this NEW DENOMINATION:

1 Corinthians chapters 10 thru 14
John  13-17
1 John 1-5
Hebrews 12:14, Chapters 10-13
Revelation 1-3

Next, let’s sit down together or write me and discuss it, with prayer, seeking to know exactly what His will is for your present and your future. His will may not be with me … but at least I can help! I love helping anybody who is trying to pay the price to have God’s best for their lives! Hallelujah!

Prayerfully His servant and friend,

Minister (Pastor) Clark

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