Church Meetings


Prayer, Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, and Pastoral Times which Jesus is convening for whoever wants only Jesus! Church meetings when Jesus, himself, by Holy Spirit Visitation or inward anointing WILL meet you!

Tuesday Sanctification and Consecration  Day! 

Every Tuesday we fast during the day and focus prayer all day! At 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. (sometimes lasting until 3:00 pm ) our church family gathers (all who can) for SANCTIFICATION and CONSECRATION PRAYER.

This prayer meeting is special with the Pastor. We all humble ourselves before our Lord and have God, our Father, to take ungodly “junk” out of us! Also, we make requests and do get ANSWERS EVERY TUESDAY!

The junk that gets on our minds just from being being in this world among all kinds of people worshiping all kinds of things can cloud your ability to see from God’s perspective about yourself and circumstances. This hinders your ability to pray effectually and enjoy the results Jesus wants you to have!

  1. We pray for God to empty each of us to fill up more of Christ!
  2. Moses had to take off his shoes to become fit to approach God so he could become useful to God to help Israel.
  3. Isaiah had to have his tongue touched with coals from an angels hand to become fit to approach the Holy One so he could become pure enough to help the whole country.
  4. Jesus had to consecrate forty days and nights in the wilderness to be tried, proven, tested by Satan, so he could be feared when He commanded the devils!
  5. It is impossible to know God intimately, love our church family members (and other people), and become a vessel of honor fit for our Master’s use without seeking to know from God what can, or is “dwarfing you” … and we are ALL DWARFED in some area. We press to the next maturity!

Each Tuesday, the Pastor( and those who choose to yield to God calling them) will forsake something and let God put into her MORE of our Lord Jesus! Tuesday Sanctification and Consecration Prayer Day is when we get “changed” from all the teachings we have been receiving Sunday to Sunday. We grow through the Word, but the power that does the actual change is released, in force, “through sanctification and consecration prayers”!



Friday Night Holy Ghost Prayer Meetings

Every Friday evening starting at 6:00 p.m. for Truth Seekers Church and invited guests. We meet in our homes with one another for individuals, children and families to seek the Holy Ghost! Prayer is the most sacred, holy, privilege we have as the Lord’s brethren. Friday Night Prayer is for …

  1. You who already have received  the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  2. You who are seeking to intercede with our Lord Jesus for others lives according  1 Timothy 2:1-4.
  3. You who are seeking the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  4. Backsliders – former brethren who have rebelled against the Lord and are under his judgment. You’re ready to REPENT?

This is a time for Christians seeking from the Lord JESUS CHRIST to overcome Satan’s attacks upon their lives. If you are committed to obey His word and specific guidance He gives during this prayer time, the Invisible Jesus Christ will meet you here. Expect His miracle power to come, directly, upon you. Expect that He may or may not speak prophetically through others, with scripture confirmation by the Pastor.


Thursday Evening Church Discipleship

Church Discipleship is to root, ground, and establish you in being a Christian every Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m..

Specifically, this meeting establishes you as a Christian and, specifically, as a Christian who is set by Jesus Christ INTO Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church.

The pastor has a mandated responsibility from Jesus Christ (Head of any authentic church) for the calling, direction, and impact of Truth Seekers Church as different than other pastors with their own mandates. See Revelation chapters 1-3 and 1 Corinthians 12:18.

  • Trains you how to follow the Lord in your new life with Him and STRENGTHENS you in obeying the Lord if you’ve walked with Him for a while.
  • Teaches understanding of how you function once Jesus baptizes your heart into Himself, after you repent of your sinful ways to obey the Lord.
  • As taught for Truth Seekers Church and for our specific vision — which may be quite different from other churches.
  • Will, also, set you free if you are a Christian experiencing spiritual, mental, or emotional oppression from an entanglement in Mormonism (but, only if you admit it and obey Christ’s commands to end the entanglement).




Boise Sunday Morning Evangelism

When the Lord Jesus called me and sent me to serve as His prophet, evangelist and pastor, He assigned specific responsibilities and  authorities. Each Sunday morning is the time He sends me to visit various Pastors throughout Boise/Treasure Valley to strengthen them in His plan to refresh their lives.

I never know until He leads, which pastor he has on his heart that Sunday morning. It may be his need to just let them see a new face listening to what they have received from the Lord. It may be their need for a word from Jesus of encouragement. It may be a word from Jesus correcting the direction they have been contemplating or already walking in. It may be they want me to bring the morning message or a testimony of God’s works. I stay available to the Lord and my brethren as needed.



Truth Seekers Church Worship

Sunday Afternoon Church & Water Baptism



Truth Seekers Church worship is every Sunday afternoon for our church family – starting at 1:30 p.m. and by INVITATION ONLY for guests.

“Church” is repented persons choosing to be under the spiritual “responsibility” and authority of Minister Clark for protecting and maturing their lives in the real Jesus Christ  — according to Matthew 10:40-42. 

Click on Glossary menu for “Church”.  

We meet only in our members homes as a standard. It is by invitation for strangers, so we “know” who you are as a guest in our homes.

This is our spiritual family, each person we KNOW, meeting in our homes the same as a family gathers for Thanksgiving Holiday!

As God adds (Acts 2:47) to Truth Seekers Church those who choose to repent of their sins and obey Jesus Christ, I obey Jesus to immerse (baptize) them in water. Jesus obeyed the Father to submit to John (the Baptist) publicly baptizing him.

Jesus had no sin, but Jesus obeyed to be baptized as proof that all persons must, publicly, “align with the Word/Gospel”  that God sends through preaching, acknowledge that we are sinners, and obey God’s righteous ways. 


“Truth Seekers Church” is myself  … first, because the Church began with Jesus … first. Only the founding Shepherd had command and vision from God (the Father) for the people He would give his life to.

God added to Jesus those who heard Jesus preach and obeyed Him. See Glossary on “Faith”.

Likewise, a local church is established (first) in that singular preacher who has the faith, courage, holy boldness, tenacity and Holy Ghost power from Jesus to step out “alone” and do what Jesus has commanded and entrusted.

ALL moves of God begin in Scripture by this way.

Without this kind of brazen loyalty to Jesus there cannot be “raw” Gospel preaching and power that saves the people among whom Christ sets you, from their sins!

Minister (Pastor) Clark


Truth Seekers Church Family Worship

The Lord’s Supper & Foot Washing

6:00 7:30 p.m. so you can get home, have some family or winding-down time, and go to bed!

  • The Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing is given by Jesus as a command that we follow His example. It bonds us to one another and reconciles those broken through hidden sins.
  • Taught by the Pastor, the Lord’s Supper (Communion) is part of your Discipleship training and is held monthly the last Sunday of the month.


Sunday and Weekday Holy Offerings

Money is holy to God. What you do with your money in relationship to Jesus Christ and God, our Father is between you and Jesus. It is, and always has been, a holy and private matter, so there are no online offering buttons on this site. In Truth Seekers Church, your choice to give to the Lord for His work should be well thought out, done with reverence, taking your time, and according to what He empowers you to do — no pressure or shame from trying to keep up with what you think others are doing.

I do not have a word from Jesus Christ, yet, about online giving and I have no judging to do about other preachers who do. These instructions are what the Lord Jesus has given to ME for my obedience in leading his people back to holy awe and reverence for God and his holy things!


How To Give A Holy Offering To God



You must pray over your offering to sanctify it (separate it apart from all other common uses, make it special) as uniquely His, for the Lord to accept it.

NEWSFLASH: God does NOT ACCEPT everything we offer to Him (Isaiah 66). Your offering must be according  to reverence for who He is by offering it to Him with a humble, loving heart for Him and people. There must not be any selfish hate, bitterness, unforgiveness, revenge in your heart toward anybody while you are approaching God with an “holy” offering (Matthew 5:1-24) and for the right reason (James 4:1-17). There must not be any “lightness, trivial attitudes in its presentation, but presented as if given to Jesus  standing right in front of you, watching –because He is — although invisible to us!

IMPORTANT: You mind must be on the Lord’s Kingdom — not trying to co-mingle your  motives with governments’ influence, through laws about income and taxation  on your private covenant between Jesus Christ and you. The only thought you must have when giving is “what is right for me to do toward you and your Kingdom, Lord Jesus”?



Offerings for the work of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church can be done with reverence and praying that God will accept it by two ways:

  1. MAILINGS:  You can mail your offerings made out to Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ or Truth Seekers Church. The pastor’s hands, anointed by the Spirit of Jesus, will be laid upon your offering, with words of authority that impart Christ’s favor and blessing upon it and upon you, in  obedience to the Lord’s direct command to Minister Clark in Matthew 10:40-42.
  2. MEETINGS: You can, also, choose to meet in person. Again, hands anointed by the Spirit of Jesus will be laid upon your offering, with words of authority that impart Christ’s favor and blessing upon it and upon you. This is also done in obedience to the Lord’s direct command to Minister Clark in Matthew 10:40-42.



I have been poor, millionaire-rich, middle-income — all of it — and learned the truth about God’s offerings. Offerings  are “holy” to God. My accountants have all kept to my commitment that I do not look for deductions, only taking what is standard. This keeps my life free to serve the Lord without hindrance, distraction, or unclear motives in my heart. Also, it keeps me from limiting what I want to do for the Lord because of the fears surrounding gift tax if I want to do more than the IRS laws permit! Just give it and take the loss as a sacrifice to God — it is all His money anyway! He has always restored in some manner more than I could ever dream — such as GETTING THE GOSPEL OUT OF MY MOUTH WITH POWER!!!  HALLELUJAH! 

Minister Clark


Community Classes



These Community Classes are lively instruction with question/answer and discussion. They are intended to be non-comparative, non-threatening, non-proselytizing and a positive time of personal growth for anyone interested in equipping themselves to explore their own spirituality over time.

Spirituality is a hot topic — proven by the abundance of new mosques, temples, worship centers, etc. in the Boise region. It is healthy to have information with which to ground oneself for the multitude of approaches to gaining access or relationship with God.

Classes are booked in October 2019 through 2020 year-end at various locations throughout Treasure Valley. The classes are for two hours (or one hour and thirty minutes depending on discussion and question/answer needs.

Watch for the flyers around Treasure Valley and also check this site for times and locations near you. Click the red button on this page if you want to RSVP. I would love to know in advance that you plan to attend. Classes are casual dress or business, but respectful. They have been designed for and open to EVERYONE because the need is so great in Boise and it is such a mystery: Are they the same thing???

Yes, there will be handouts.



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