Church Mandate

Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM)/Truth Seekers Church


Church Mandate: Definition “Church”

“CHURCH” is persons who have REPENTED OF THEIR SINS to OBEY JESUS CHRIST, and are under the authority of a born-again, chosen, and anointed Pastor. 


(Revelation 3:9, Jews in this context means Christians).



  • For Full Gospel/Pentecostal Pastors … “Because NOTHING Matters But Your Soul!”


  • A humble voice, a fresh Holy Spirit voice bringing rest and refreshing to Full Gospel/Pentecostal Pastors, Preachers, and Christians.


  • Believing the Word of Prophecy spoken “over” Minister Clark from the Lord Jesus Christ during three decades and in multiple states of the U.S.A., then spoken directly to her from the Lord:


  • “I’m doing a new move in the earth. You won’t be able to comprehend it with your mind. The ways I’m using are not the familiar – NOTHING – you’ve been taught. You have to seek Me for the completely unfamiliar ways that I am doing. You must follow your spirit – not your mind. And stay in My Word, My Word, My Word! And … “I AM judging Pastors in my next move — so keep yourself from all forms of self-promotion”.


DRESS STYLE: Business or Casual, but dress respectable for meeting with the KING of KINGS and Lord of Lords, God Almighty – no shorts, tight body-clinging clothing, exposed chests or bosoms,,”nakedness”, privacy areas (both male & female), no pets/animals and NO CELL PHONES.


CONGREGATION: Seeks to be an oasis of rest and refreshing for pastors wanting to rest and to move into a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit — giving new life.

Labors to provide a luxury rest property and accompanying luxury transportation for pastors and others God chooses. For Christians seeking life and empowerment.

Church Mandate: United Purpose



Truth Seekers Church, as persons who have REPENTED of our sins TO OBEY JESUS CHRIST and KNOWING THAT NOTHING ELSE IS A CHURCH enter covenant with Jesus Christ to worship Him “in the ways He wants to be worshiped” as taught to us through His prophet, evangelist and pastor — Minister Clark. According to Matthew 10:40-42 — by receiving His prophet, evangelist, pastor — we prove that we believe Him. We EXPECT our lives and families will be endowed with a special presence of His Spirit, His interventions, His guidance, and His rewards upon our lives.

We, including Minister Clark, will not cling to our own ideas, opinions,  and habits of worship from elsewhere or past life because the foundation of your life is Jesus Christ. The foundation of your life “in” Jesus Christ is your Pastor. Jesus has a particular way that all works..


Church Mandate: Daily Life

Raw worship and pure praise of Jesus Christ that gives us holy boldness in our HOMES and in our neighborhoods with POWER over Satan’s works against the people of Boise and ourselves.

Church Mandate: Church Independence


Return to the spiritual identity and authority of The Church (as Jesus created all churches to be); while reverencing the interdependent love “required” of Christians everywhere for one another. Jesus Christ holds us accountable to this. Matthew 25:40-46


Church Mandate: Our Special Calling From Jesus Christ

“Undo the entanglement of my people (Christians)  in Mormonism“.

The Lord Jesus Christ, March 2015

The Lord Jesus Christ to Minister Clark in March 2015, arriving in Boise, Idaho and during a prayer meeting second day of arrival. During the prayer meeting came the command to “plant in this soil” (Boise) Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church.

New in Boise, found prayer meetings held by Pastor Brian Harrison of Meridian, Idaho. Pastor(s) Brian and Suzanne serve in a ministry named “Commanded Blessing”, formerly The Father’s House.


Church Mandate: Pastor’s Covenant

To love one another exactly as the Lord has commanded – no opinions, no prior attitudes and beliefs; no compromise.

Pastoral, prophetic, and evangelistic support of your love for your families’ salvation! To esteem you and work together with you in the sacrifices you have made to raise families trained in loving God  and loving people with a holy fear – AS Jesus does.



To love one another exactly as the Lord has commanded – no opinions, no prior attitudes and beliefs, no compromise. This is the “real” JESUS, in the “real” New Testament,  for “real” power over Satan and his devils. We will not counterfeit any of these things.




To love each other with gentleness and firmness JUST as Jesus does (John Chapters 13-17, Matt 5:19-24);

To Encourage, Exhort, and Pray for each other, DAILY, as Jesus does (Heb 3:13, 1 Tim 2:1);

To reprove/warn each other as Jesus does (2Tim 4:2, Prov 9:8);

To restore each other when any of us get off track – as Jesus does (Gal 6:1-9, Matt 18:10-35);

To expect  and require your esteem and respect (love) for the Lord’s pastor, and their sacrifices for the church – as Jesus does (Hebrews Chapters 3-4);

To expect and require your loving obedience to the Lord’s pastor, he chose and graced for your sake – with knowledge, wisdom and power in the Holy Ghost (1Thess Chapter 5);

To cherish –not hate — the Pastor for rebuke and discipline of your disobedience to the Lord’s standards in our church – “only AS Jesus does” (Titus Chapter 2);

To confirm in your own conscience, daily, that you are committed to this kind of Pastor Jesus chose … because you are seeking Jesus to make you into this kind of Christian. You are one of His “Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ” (Acts 8:1-25) … for the times we are living in!

See 1 Timothy 3:1-14



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