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The “Church Growth Sin”

Versus God’s Numbers





As I write, tears well up in my throat because of these beautiful words which reveal so deep love Jesus has for each of us on His earth. It’s all about God’s numbers:



Luke Chapter 15 – Focus verse 10

10 Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.



“Never look at numbers. Pour your life into the one, the one soul I place before you … because that is what I did. I would have died for only one person on earth.”  Lord Jesus Christ to Minister (Pastor) Clark, 1985



I have received grace to be loyal to that command from my Lord Jesus Christ.

— Minister Clark




Jesus, for His Father, had that kind of dedication — to love me and give ALL for only me — one soul.

He considered all His sufferings of mockery, spitting, beating, lashing, nakedness, public shame and being reviled daily worth it to save me from the coming wrath of Almighty God!

Yes, “to save my measley little one soul” in a world where nothing is esteemed important unless it is part of something big … He loved me.

Not like religion leaders today, who often value a person only for the bigger picture  — what numbers, fame, glory and money that person will someday bring to them. Jesus loved me exclusively to rescue me from being etrnally cast away from His Father. There was nothing of this world in it for Him.


Lord Jesus did nothing for crowd-pleasing … which brings lots of numbers. Today, church and ministry is all about the numbers — more, more, more for either keeping the building you’ve put so much money into acquiring or for fame — a name that you are great. In fact, the Lord Jesus said some things “to” drive everyone away from Him who was not real so only those who really loved Him would stick and hang around.


Jesus really would have suffered the hideous cross for only me or only you. One soul was worth coming, suffering, dying, rising and coming back for you! Hallelujah!!!


For “just one” He would have come from Heaven and all His worship to put on a body of flesh like you and I have. For “just one” He would have sought you out to overcome Satan for you and give you His own wisdom and power against that Evil one. For “just one” He would have died to prove to you and I that He is the only power over Satan’s death, Hell, and the grave — by rising again! We are that important to Him.



We MUST turn back from the world’s preoccupation with what is big, showy, and crowd-pleasing — away from what Jesus said is “the Church Growth Sin.”

The church growth sin is the lust for big numbers which is the spirit of the world — but, it has crept into the hearts of Christians. Yes, Jesus said the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few. However, He did not mean for us to turn His statement into an organized religious system promoting an “activity” that we call church growth.

Jesus is calling us and warning us to make this change!



Certainly, there is no wrong in Jesus adding to the church in one hour over 3000 individuals! There is nothing wrong with churches having that many learning and training in Jesus Christ today!



Jesus has as an ought with us for our vision, motive and focus to grow the numbers in a church against His own vision, motive and focus being only to CALL PERSONS TO REPENTANCE, then, to train those repented souls in His “way” holy living.

People don’t like that. So the numbers will, typically, be few.


Even after Paul won all of Asia to the Lord, Paul reported that ALL of Asia had turned away! Jesus tells us that as we approach His return there will be a GREAT falling away from Him. The myth of a megachurch filled with holy living converts is just that — a myth. As one looks on the outside at “the numbers”, we get caught up in the spirit of the world, which is after crowds, showy, flashy. We assume, with the world, that it must be right or approved of God because it’s large. WRONG! Sodom large, but God destroyed the entire city off the face of the earth. Egypt, when enslaving the Hebrews, was large — but God destroyed it’s economic position in the earth! Hillsong and others are large, but after repeated warnings, God — NOT a man — destroyed them with judgments … and He continues to do so.


Often, the work man does to try and get more “numbers” is working against God.

He knows you must pay those bills — but He expects that we put His kingdom FIRST and even sit down from being a preacher if that is what you should do. Close the doors if that is what you need to do — to get people on one track of holiness to the Lord! After all, God will do it if you don’t. Remember Ichabod.


Jesus, by reducing numbers, is trying to tell us something about our relationship with Him. Only Jesus knows where He has you in your work. Is He blocking the numbers because he doesn’t want anymore persons coming to the false teaching you’ve been presenting or false direction of HIS churches? Is He adding to the church repentant souls, but only wants a personable number of them who can be intimate with one another — loving one another? Is He blocking numbers because He knows YOU and knows great numbrs will destroy you in Hell with pride and other temptations? Who can know the mind of God, but He will reveal it to a person seeking Him diligently, by His Holy Spirit.




 Sin occurs when the motive and pursuit is to have “numbers”.  Lord Jesus Christ, 1985






When investing money is no longer about the Word of God that Jesus is sending through a preacher and for getting the Word from the Lord Jesus Christ preached into the ears and hearts of persons, then choosing to give your money  is about other things. Choosing how church monies are administered will, also, become about other things!


Investing becomes purposed to create something the crowd-seeking world can “identify” with and can praise as man’s achievement of greatness.  Like investing in stocks, man begins to pass judgment on how you’re running “their” church and you (God’s servant) begin to try and please the “stakehooders”. Investing in the church becomes about preserving something that God is trying to undo! Investing becomes about trying to push forward something Jesus left long ago. Investing in the church takes on more the look and form of a business corporation as we offer more and more things to sell and activities to do!


That sinful pursuit of numbers instead of righteousness is coming under Jesus’ judgement (punishment) in His new move in the earth.



The Lord Jesus Christ said to me when He called me and sent me as one of His authorities:

“Bring my people back to me and away from the big, money-making business that much of church and ministry has become”.




This very same “Bible” Lord Jesus Christ proved what is important to God. He did not pursue building a large and loyal family heritage. He did not pursue building a financially-driven political party. He did not pursue building a conglomerate that shapes what people want to buy and sell as consumers of Christian literature. He kept a one track mind that “NOTHING matters but your soul”!


JESUS is commanding us to return. We MUST return to the simplicity of worshiping Jesus Christ in His holy living. We must re-focus to live “holy” within our own homes, and on our own streets, within our own subdivisions and neighborhoods in the manner that He wants , instead of self-promoting ” join my church”!



Let’s adjust all our living and investing (giving) for the goal of ONE soul turned from their sins to obey the Lord Jesus Christ — living holy! That’s what Jesus did and it is, still, the only thing He is doing today!




Jesus’ love to you,

Minister (Pastor) Clark

Make A Change! It’s Survival





The Lord Jesus has asked me to make myself available to pastors for helping to strengthen you and the brethren through teaching sessions and preaching events. It doesn’t matter which Christian denomination you are in if you have no sin you practice and will obey Jesus.


 I exited the entire Christian religious system Sunday, August 27th 2023. Any pastor with a heart to know the Lord’s “right now” words for us to survive the extra temptations of this age are the kind He would command me to help. Please, call or email to discuss.

Jesus’ love to you!


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