Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ is only one part of God’s “new move in the earth” which the Lord Jesus Christ prophesied.
He has chosen to birth a new Church denomination of Private Worship in Homes for strengthening Christians.
His cause is to “purify” expression of Himself,  remove perversions of “the faith” among Christians in our generation, and restore His “light” to those whose lives are unsaved by this Bible Lord Jesus Christ because truth about Him as God, has become obscured.
God’s actions are always targeted, first, to His own pastors. Therefore, He has prophesied that in this new move across the earth, “I am judging Pastors”. Therefore, we see in our time many pastors who are scandaled or backslidden, and sick or dead — not as a natural course of life — but by the judgment of Jesus Christ, Himself! 1 Corinthians 11:28-32
The Lord Jesus Christ is doing many other things not yet known to us, but NEVER beyond the words He has already “set
in His Holy Bible — the Holy Scriptures (66 Books) .

Within this Church denomination, Truth Seekers Church provides families of one individual or more with Christ’s love and the wisdom of JESUS for life.




Concerning this Church Denomination, Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ


The Lord Jesus Christ has said …

“You are the Noah’s Ark of this generation.”




It is crucial that you understand, the word “denomination” is used loosely here because it is a term that “people” use to identify Christians with uniquely different history, emphases, and lifestyles from other Christians. Since childhood, I have hated the term. However, Jesus has taught me that even since Genesis HE is always moving and is the source of all Holy Spirit movements among His people (churches).

To help people avoid stumbling over God’s new moves through the generations, the term they relate to (denomination) is used. If you are a Christian, it is impossible, for you to not be part of what people call “a denomination” of beliefs.

EVERYBODY is following something. Furthermore, there is no suggestion that you are not with Christ or not going to Heaven if you are not joined to this Church Denomination called and named by Jesus, Himself, as Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™. It is a Noah’s Ark for those who have turned away from Christ, are slipping away from Christ, are conflicted or perverted about Christ, and those who are called to a new level of relationship with Christ. Jesus’ normal loving way, in every generation, is that He creates and provides something when He sees what you are suffering through. For that kind of love, He has created and provided for some of you … Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™.








Male and female apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teaching elders are encouraged to explore and confirm if the Lord, Jesus Christ is re-aligning you for Himself at the next level of your usefulness to Him inside Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ. ALL Christians are implored to do so.

Watch His movements in your life and see if the next road in your journey home is Him calling you to plant inside this protective ark to escape and help others escape things that God sees coming against all in the churches, especially pastors. None could have imagined what the sin condition of the churches and the nation would become, but it’s here right in our faces. Survive and conquer the next set of wiles the enemy has scheduled against preachers, first, as we approach the return of the Bible Lord Jesus Christ. He IS coming back!


The phrases “Bible Lord Jesus Christ, Bible Jesus Christ, and Bible Jesus” were created  by the Holy Spirit within Truth Seekers Church worship meetings to distinguish from the Mormonism-LDS Jesus and others. While loving our Mormonism-LDS neighbors, co-workers, employers, employees, medical and service professionals, we obey the Bible Lord Jesus  to protect Christians who have entangled themselves inside Mormonism-LDS thinking it is Christians or Church. The Lord Jesus manifested in a vision-dream and commanded “Undo the entanglement of My people (Christians) in Mormonism”.


The term “Christian” is the unique identifier confirmed by the Bible Lord Jesus Christ for persons who obey Him and his only Testament about Himself, recorded in the Holy Bible as The New Testament. The term “Church” was created by the Bible Lord Jesus Christ in His New Testament Gospel to define the unique “spiritual” entity He created as the holy and only authorized expression of Himself and of his only testimony about Himself.







Truth Seekers Church — within Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ — is implementing the protective measures that fulfill God’s need for a Noah’s Ark that restores Christians of this generation to loyalty to Jesus Christ in “holiness”. Holiness is Christ’s miracle love for God reflected in behavior toward God, one another, and all persons


  • The Church Denomination was created by the Lord Jesus Christ as a home for the Holy Spirit to do a revival among all Christians who want only JESUS — “These are My truth seekers,” Jesus said, “they want only Me” (1999). This does not challenge the relationship of other Christians — but that there are Christians within the Body who seek a different level of obedience and love for the Lord. There always have been and that is why there are Pentecostal denominations, Baptist denominations, etc..
  • The Lord calls Christians coming into Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ™ — “These are My Truth Seekers — they want only Me”.


  • We are purely and completely devoted to holiness and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of miracle tongues (heavenly language) as being always the only means for true revival. Many refreshings God has done through the centuries among Christians in answer to prayers. However, moves that GOD DOES ON HIS OWN reveal a pattern of “Jesus baptizing in the Holy Ghost” which  has been since the first day Christ established the Church in the Book of Acts  — Acts Chapters 1-3.


  • Empowering Christians is what it takes. Empowerment ONLY comes from “holiness” that brings Him (Holy Spirit) increasingly within and upon a Christian life. We understand that Jesus is moving us Christians from everywhere, every denomination, every independent church, etc. — into any new move (revival) He is doing. He always has. He always does.
  • We understand that a new move of His Spirit is alway hidden underpinnings that take years, even decades and centuries — then SUDDENLY. Even Jesus, was “declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead:“. Romans Chapter One




You are wanted and JESUS will survive you and thrive you inside this Ark if you will live only the Bible Lord Jesus Christ. What does that phrase really mean — “if you will live only the Bible Lord Jesus Christ”?


To ever be used by God, anyone must forsake loyalty and prejudices to one’s familiar religious ideas and systems. GOD cannot use you to do anything new in your own life or anyone else’s while you are clinging to the old that you are used to. He never has. You only need to read Genesis through Revelation to prove this.


For some of you, not clinging to old ideas and systems will include being open to, at least, learn of His Baptism and obey His command that you be willing to receive His Baptism in the Holy Spirit as confirmed in the lives of His original apostles and Christians in the New Testament (from Acts throughout the entire Revelation and prophesied about in the Old Testament). DO NOT be deceived by those telling you there are other ways that evidence Jesus baptizing you in the Holy Spirit. That new doctrine is error.


Together, we must be faithful to the Bible Lord Jesus Christ and His own ways, for His own purpose. Forget what you think you know:


“I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”.






Minister (Pastor) Clark 







Under development – A site for preachers who come into this ark

    • For preachers to relate to one another in Christ’s new move and share what Jesus has been speaking to you about directions He is going and what must be forsaken to use us.
    • For strengthening male and female Holy-Spirit-baptized apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teaching elders.
    • This will be a sub-site “within Truth Seekers Church” located on and will not be located on which is reserved for other works.
Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ 
Truth Seekers Church



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Private Home Church Worship


Visitor Requests For Private Home Worship Are Screened And Vetted.

Non- Proselytizing Educational Classes Held at Public Venues


Because NOTHING Matters … But Your Soul!” ™  





“If it’s not Jesus’ way, then

SOMEWAY the Devil is in it.”

— Holy Spirit

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