Christian Rights and Privileges

Do you realize that as a person who obeys Jesus Christ, you have rights given by Him in His earth, breathing His air!

KNOWING your “rights from God, Almighty” will give you power to overcome the subtle ways that invisible evil spirit beings try to silence you from worshipping Jesus Christ at work, at school, in church, and at home and anywhere you may be. At all times and in all situations, satan works to persuade you to silence even the mention of the name ‘JESUS’ with loving, truthful hearts.

We must worship our Savior, Christ Jesus, without shame or timidity, publicly and boldly — in our subdivisions, in our neighborhoods, on our own streets where we dwell beside neighbors, and in our own homes that Jesus has given to us for this very purpose!

STUDY the page – ‘HOME CHURCHES’ and the brand new page – ‘LEGAL’

… “because NOTHING matters but your soul”!

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