Christian-Entangled Mormonism, The Way Out

Christians Entangled In Mormonism



If you are a Christian, maybe, you have left the actual faith of Jesus Christ. Maybe you are wavering on the edge, or maybe you are co-mingling your Christian walk with the powers of a demon spirit posing as god in Mormon Worship and Instruction.

THE REAL JESUS LOVES YOU!  He is pouring out his heart to help you get “un-entangled”. Over time, Jesus has been exposing His heart for you and to you –in MANY ways. There are people you’ve talked with, media you have heard, publications you have read, and this website!  What has the real Jesus Christ done this week to reach you, oh entangled one? Give in to his love for you and choose OUT!

Minister (Pastor) Clark




Christian-Entangled Mormonism (LDS): How To Get Out!


You can do a private, soul-searching to reveal to yourself if you are still in your original faith with Jesus Christ .

You can do this private, soul-search to see if you have slipped and are flirting with the extremely dangerous spirit of antichrist oppressing people in Mormonism.

Yes, The antichrist. The secret of Satan’s plot for the spirit of antichrist is to make that demons work appear so much to be Jesus that people think he is!

That tactic has been fulfilled in Satan’s methods of deception and delusion which operate within Mormonism and in Christians who “fellowship” with them as “brethren”.

The spirit of anti-christ, John told us, is already in the earth before the real anti-christ person is manifested to the whole world. There are many antichrist spirits walking in religions all over the earth, but there is no religion that actually, boldly, mimics the name of Jesus Christ like “Mormonism-LDS”. That’s why persons who embrace the fake Jesus in Boise or more dangerous than any other  — many of whom I love. Therefore, I  love to help them see “the Way” — the real Christ Jesus! (John 14:6) They are trying with all integrity to gain approval of God! What a beautiful goal! How sad, that their efforts are detoured from Him.


The real Jesus Christ taught us “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free! Knowing the truth will free your mind and heart from any entangled condition or situation you are in with Mormonism. Choosing to follow the truth is what Jesus means by “knowing”. The Christian or Mormonism Survey will open your eyes to see the truth, but only your heart taking action ON THE TRUTH YOU KNOW will set you free! Then, contact me to follow-up and pursue a new life in the “real” Jesus Christ.

To have a private, personal, soul-search of Truth– Take the survey!

Survey: Christian or Mormonism? 


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