Christ’s Legal Authority


You must know the legal authority of churches in America if we are to restore Christians to courage and power over Satan. Anything Satan can do to shackle our spirit by occupying us with multiple things other than “raw” Gospel preaching that saves from sin … he will. Money has been Satan’s nuisance tool against Pastors in America –but Jesus said the gates of Hell (including  Satan’s money tactics) cannot prevail against the churches.

We must return to Jesus’ perspective of Caesar and Pontius Pilate (civil society) and to relating with civilian law and order in the love and respect for God that is due to Him.



Legal Authority of Your Church In America

God, in Heaven, moves persons into place to give to Jesus the earthly things needed for Him to accomplish salvation for you. We know that he needed a beast to ride through Jerusalem and sent his disciples to get it from a man who owned one.  God moves persons for your pastor, too, and his or her work in your life.

Recently, a vendor wanted to bless this church work with a discount for working for God. They, sweetly, said “Oh, I don’t see that we have your tax exemption letter in your account. Let’s get that in there”. Gently, I educated them in the “Truth” about Church status in America and the road that I am mandated for my church work. My statement was well received and they recorded it in their records to have a statement of how I “do church”, as their legal authority to discount and exempt tax. Vendors choose whether to do so or not to do so. It is up to their own heart, faith, and pursuits toward Christ.



For Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM)/Truth Seekers Church members concerning tax exemption:


Christians choose whether to claim exemptions for their giving to Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ/Truth Seekers Church. You are giving to the Lord, not man! If you choose a professional accountant, you can pray and use their insight for your own decisions. We give to the Lord for His work through a particular preacher. It is between you and Him (Matthew 10:40-42).  There must NEVER be any push, coercion, or intimidating by us — we just let the Holy Spirit move upon OUR LOVE FOR JESUS WHICH IS ALWAYS EXPRESSED IN OUR GIVING.



Tax Exempt Status of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM)/Truth Seekers Church


Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ(TM)/Truth Seekers Church is constitutionally, federally, state and locally a church — automatically tax exempted by the United States Constitution and the Treasury Department Rules of Law — Pub No. 1828

SEE: Tax Guide for Churches & Religious Organizations 501(c)(3,) Publication 1828 (Rev. 8-2015) Catalog Number 21096G, Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service



According to the Treasury Department of the United States of America and its agency known as the Internal Revenue Service, churches are automatically tax exempt. Churches are reverenced in the United States of America because the people feel you must not try to tax the Creator, God Almighty. Also, in a secular sense, the people of this nation do not burden those protecting the spiritual health of its people with taxation. There is never a requirement by the IRS that any church seek, apply for, nor obtain an official letter of tax exempt status — you ARE exempt from reporting and taxation. Any CPA will inform you of this law and constitutional status of churches.


Effects of False Doctrine About Tax Exempt Letters


The tax exempt letter in church formation was a teaching or tradition from men — not from God.

The practice of tax exempt status for starting a church emerged to gain the same recognition as  non-profit social organizations who help our society and it was changed into a “doctrine” requiring preachers to impose it upon themselves and other preachers through systems of organization and affiliation. That was our mistake, because the Church is a creature so much greater and higher in cause and effect than any non-profit organization could ever hope to be. Church is a unique creature from Heaven, even as Christ Jesus the Head is from above — not from down here beneath. His purpose is heavenly good toward earthly creatures. So, too, His churches.

When starting your church work, preachers and/or your organization  leader (denomination) will tell you to, first, apply and get your “501-C3 Letter of Tax Exemption from the IRS”.  You are to do it on your own if independent, or more conveniently by joining into a group exemption that already exists to save you time and money. This “convenience” does, instantly, enlarge a denomination. You will learn, sometimes too late, that it will also cause control over your preaching, how you grow, how your income flows in or out, and your freedom to mature members into what Christ commanded you to.

One of the first things other preachers may ask to help you out or size you up is “do you have your exemption letter”? Your answer will often be taken for whether you are to be regarded “seriously” as a church or blown off as a passing effort.

Each year, you must report and PROVE YOU ARE WORTHY TO KEEP YOUR TAX EXEMPT LETTER STATUS, by showing what community programs and services you are doing that prove you are actively a church or “benefit the public”. Otherwise, you risk losing the status over time.

Proving you are worthy to keep the Exemption Letter is how the false doctrine of tax exempt status has, actually, shaped and defined in our modern time what a “church” is. Shaping your church work to fulfill definitions of the IRS for non-profits and seeking endorsement by man as a true church via tax exemption is, in and of itself, an attitude of blasphemy.  We once knew that we are accountable to only Jesus for our fulfillment and our endorsement!

Through the exemption application process, community services and programs came as a regular activity defining one church as more impacting to the surrounding community. We once knew that our impact was measured only by Jesus and it was from the kind of lives we lived in holiness of love for Him and one another! We once were content to preach the Gospel, win souls, and take care of our own members’ needs and those of other churches (2 Corinthians Ch 8-9).

To keep your tax exempt letter status, YOU MAY NOT DO ANYTHING or PREACH ANYTHING THE UNBELIEVING PUBLIC doesn’t want your nose butting into. If you do, your tax exempt “letter” will be revoked and you will lose the trust factor of the public when you ask the public for money that has the incentive of giving them a tax write-off. People no longer having the proof that you are “tax deductible” can be frightening if your income relies and depends on such donations.

How will we pay for our services and activities? How will we finance many endeavors called ministries? Especially, if a small church with no deep-pocket members must fulfill the call of Jesus from only those few members, can it be done without public solicitation of funds? It really makes us look at what we have turned church and ministry into. If our methods don’t work for the least among us, it can’t be Jesus’ leading. His truth is the same for everybody, in all ages to come!

False Doctrine: ALWAYS Satan’s Weapon To Shackle You

Even the Internal Revenue Service tells you the ONLY purpose for applying for a tax exemption letter is so we can “solicit” (ask) the secular public and others to give us money and things to finance what Jesus sent us to do.

The secular government respects that unbelievers have no business telling you how to do what God Almighty miraculously called you to do AND HOW HE HAS TOLD YOU TO STRUCTURE IT.

Depending on how you look at it, it has been a cooperative, beneficial relationship — but as Jesus told me to warn Pastors and Christian brethren for the times we are approaching:

“If it is not Jesus’ way … then, SOMEWAY, the devil is in it!”


Along with hundreds of other churches and ministries across the country, including at least one well known, decades-long Christian work whom I met here in the Treasure Valley, I have chosen the path that has freed us to worship the Lord however He pleases and by whatever structures He pleases. Won’t you consider doing so, too? The road ahead will prove that you are going to have to forsake the pull of this world for pursuing exemption, anyway. It will, subtily and increasingly encumber your ability to live, preach, and “reach” with the Gospel.

Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ (aka) Truth Seekers Church is legally and automatically tax exempt. I  structured the church as Christ led me to structure it, originally, as a sole proprietorship

See Idaho Secretary of State Form:  Idaho Filing Truth Seekers A0113-7188

All churches begin with only one person — it’s inside the spirit of the Pastor even as Jesus the Chief Shepherd said, “upon this rock I will build MY church”.

Later, I was led to enlarge the vision to “Minister LLC” in the state of Idaho with assumed names of Truth Seekers of Jesus Christ and Truth Seekers Church. This change was to “provide things honest in the sight of all men” and “shun the appearance of evil” lest some evil-hearted person try to imply that the church is just personal. There is a clear distinction for banking and offerings.

Updated Idaho Secretary of State Form  Minister LLC B0219-6518

I am happy the Lord has chosen me as one of many throughout the country and Treasure Valley to lead the way in moving a new era of Christians. We are helping Preachers to preach  Jesus’ message without distraction and encumberance from satan’s number one nuisance — money. The message is REPENT of YOUR SINS and OBEY THE GOOD NEWS — that Jesus Christ is alive to save you from the eternal damnation coming on all who reject it! We pray you in Christ’s stead, “Be ye reconciled to God”! (2 Cor 5:20)






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